July Zodiac Sign: Understanding the Cancer and the Leo

July Zodiac Signs

When only a day separates two signs, how different can they really be? With the July Zodiac signs, the differences are stark. While a Leo is brave and adventurous, a Cancer is more emotional and reclusive: even though they both share the birth month of July.

However, with a bit more investigation, you can find that under the surface the two signs do have shared characteristics. Let’s take a look at the individual signs, examine what sets them apart, and see what links the two signs.

Overview of the Cancer

Cancer is the fourth sign of the Zodiac, and a water sign represented by the crab. Cancers are probably most well known for their emotional nature. They feel things deeply, and you must be gentle with them when discussing difficult topics. They are highly sensitive, which can make it hard to bring up a tough conversation around them.

With this sensitivity comes empathy. They are natural empaths and can feel, sense, and understand other peoples’ emotions well.

They have a natural intuition that helps them process and understand why and what others are feeling. This trait helps them to be excellent listeners and shoulders to cry on in a time of crisis.

However, this ability to sense those emotions can become exhausting for Cancers if they’re exposed to too much emotion at once. They already are tasked with caring for their own emotions, and when they feel deeply for others as well, it might become too big a burden for their shoulders.

While they can offer this empathy to those close to them, they generally stick to themselves and rarely venture outside of their comfort zones. They are reclusive and introverted, guarding their hearts from the unknown. The Cancer symbol of the crab makes sense, as they hide behind a hard exterior.

If you are friends with a Cancer, treat them with care. It was difficult for them to let you in, and you should value that place of trust you hold in their heart.

Cancer Zodiac Sign

Overview of the Leo

On the other hand, a Leo has no problem showing their true colors. With the heart of a lion, they are bold, brave, adventurous, and daring. They’re always looking for their next adventure; a night in with Netflix just isn’t going to cut it for a Leo’s Friday night.

This boldness lends itself well to their trademark leadership skills. In the office, you’ll find them spearheading projects and leading teams, and in your friend group, they’ll often lead the pack. They’re adept at making decisions and have no problem encouraging the group to try something new.

If you have a Leo leading your friend group, make sure you have a cup of coffee before a hangout session, because they have an awful lot of energy!

They are generally very hard workers, putting their all into any project put in front of them. They are deeply passionate and will put a lot of effort into pursuing and furthering those passions. Whether they love protecting the environment or helping victims of abuse, they’re going to be outspoken about the causes that are most important to them.

Leo Zodiac Sign

The Differences and Similarities Between July Zodiac Signs

The July Zodiac signs are one of the more dissimilar monthly pairings of astrological signs. However, if you look at them more closely, they have similar traits that they express in very different ways.

Here are some of their common similarities and differences.


Both a Leo and Cancer care deeply about the people and causes most important to them. However, they will both express this passion very differently.

Let’s say that a Cancer and a Leo both care a lot about environmental conservation. Here are some things a Leo will do to show support to their cause:

  • Post articles about geological catastrophes online, urging their friends to take action
  • Going to protests and demonstrations
  • Bringing up the topic in conversation whenever possible

Here are some things a Cancer, the sensitive sign, would do for the same cause:

  • Write letters to their senators asking them to take action
  • Going to beach clean up days, sometimes on their own
  • Making small choices to eliminate sources of waste in their own lives

All of these activist approaches are important, so it’s great when different signs all care about the same cause. They will each contribute in their own way.

Introverted vs Extroverted

One way that a Leo and Cancer differentiate is the way they recharge.

A Leo needs to hang out with others and go on adventures to feel rejuvenated. A Cancer needs to take time to themselves in order to feel recharged to tackle the next day. While a Cancers personality enjoys spending time with the people they care about most, they’ll need alone time to recover from interpersonal hangouts: especially if that person is as energetic as a Leo.

cancer moon

Zodiac Sign Dates

Due to leap years, the exact start and end dates of the Zodiac signs vary from year to year. The only way to be completely sure of your sun sign is through the use of a birth chart calculator. By inputting your birth date, time of birth, and location of birth, you can learn your sun, moon, and rising sign.

Here’s a general idea of where the sun signs fall each year:

leo sign

The Sign of Passion

While a Leo and Cancer will likely show this passion towards different things, the two signs have a tendency to become emotional when discussing what matters most to them. Even though Leos are more vocal about their passion, a sign of Cancer feels just as deeply and keeps that passion to themselves and their inner circle.

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