Virgo Rising: The Sign of External Organization

Virgo Rising

Sure, you know your sun sign; doesn’t everybody? But did you know how different being a Virgo rising is to having Virgo as your sun sign?

Each of the three sign types – sun, moon, and rising – all reflect different aspects of your identity. So even if you don’t much identify with your sun sign, you might feel more validated by your moon or rising sign.

Let’s take a look at what it’s like to have Virgo as your rising sign.

Understanding Rising Signs

If you’re only familiar with your sun sign, it’s important to examine what your three primary signs say about you.

Each sign – sun, moon, and rising – all refer to a different aspect of your personality.

Your sun sign is who you are at your core: the person you were born on this planet to be.

Not everyone will identify with their sun sign. Maybe they haven’t become who they are at their core quite yet. And rising signs are much easier to see than sun sign traits.

An ascendant, or rising, sign refers to who you are on the outside. It’s based on the sign that was along the eastern horizon at the time of your birth. This is the facade you put on for others. When you’re in a job interview, on a first date, or meeting someone for the first time, you’re showing your rising sign. This rising sign might conflict with who you are inwardly.

Your moon sign refers to who you are when no one is around. This is the person you become when you let your guard down. You might reveal this identity to a few people: your soulmate, your twin flame, your closest friend. But very few have the privilege to experience this side of you.

The best way to determine each of your signs is by inputting your date of birth, time of birth, and location of your birth into a birth chart calculator.

Fun fact: if you discover that you’re Virgo rising, you share an ascendant sign with actress Helen Hunt!

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Virgo Rising

If your rising sign pertains to who you are externally, Virgo ascendants will appear organized in public. Even if their home and private lives are a mess, someone with Virgo rising as their sign will look completely put together at work.

And this polished, organized exterior in public spaces could be genuine. They really could be a very thorough, detailed person in the office. But the emphasis on organization will only be in places that could garner public attention. Unless their moon sign also has organized as one of their traits, they’re likely disorganized and messy at home.

Virgo is an earth sign, which means those born under that sign are grounded. As far as a Virgo rising sign, these people will seem centered in public. They’re the voice of reason at work. They never blow their top in a crowd. They’re polite and unassuming with customer service professionals. 

If their moon or sun signs are fire signs, this calm, grounded state is a mask. They’ll smile and wave in public, but when they get home or call their best friend, it’s time to vent. An action that would best illustrate a person with this combination of signs would be giving a bad driver the finger, but held below the steering wheel so no one can see it but you.

Virgo rising also likes to make sure they get every detail correct. Again, this translates to a detail-oriented person at work, but their moon sign could make them more of a big picture person at home. At work, they’ll want every single contingency accounted for. For a night out, they could be okay with getting dolled up and just seeing where the night takes them.

Because of the detail-oriented and organized nature, a Virgo rising has a way in which they want things done. They’re particular. They want to make sure things happen the “right” way. So if you mess with their filing system at work…watch out.

At the end of the day, one of the most core traits of a Virgo is their giving nature. People with Virgo as their sun signs will give freely to friends, family, and even people they’ve never met. They don’t need thanks or external praise.

A Virgo rising might give in ways that are more public. They will donate to fundraisers on Facebook so it pops up on their profile that they donated. They’ll help out a struggling coworker if it gets their name on a project. They’re willing to help, they just want to make sure they get recognition for it.

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Virgo Rising Traits

If you’re a Virgo rising, you’ll find that you identify with these main traits:

  • Organized: In public spaces, you’re going to look put together. Whether you have a fastidious appearance, shiny car, or organized filing system at work, you’re going to look like you have it all together.
  • Grounded: As an earth rising sign, you’ll be calm and collected in public. Even if you’re passionate, fiery, and even angry on the inside, no one will see that. They’ll just see a calm, collected person.
  • Detail-Oriented: In those spaces where you want to appear organized, you’ll also have an eye for detail. Little gets past you, because you’ve got it all under control. You’re paying attention to everything and solving problems as they arise.
  • Giving: Unless giving is a trait of your moon sign, you’ll express your giving nature in ways that get thanked. You’ll volunteer at places where there’s a photo-op. You’ll share causes you donated to on Facebook so people can see that you gave.
  • Particular: When you’re organized, there’s a specific way you want things done. You have a specific organizational system, and you’re going to be unhappy if someone deviates from it.
Virgo Zodiac Sign

The Sign of Grounded Organization

People with Virgo as their rising sign will lead different lives than those with Virgo as their sun Zodiac sign. How much your rising sign matches your sun sign will depend on what your sun sign is. You could have compatible signs and have an organized facade and stay organized in your home. Ascendant signs tell us more about the facade we show the world.

If you’re a Virgo rising and love to stay organized at work, that could help you determine the right career path for you. If you’re trying to discover a career that excites you, join WBD! We’ll give you the tools to find the position that’s perfect for you and your signs.

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