Zodiac Self Care: How to Perform Self Care Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Your zodiac sign can tell a lot about you: your personality, your temperament, your likes, and your dislikes. Did you know that your sign could show you how to relax? Great self-care is extremely important, but it looks different for everyone.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what will truly bring you the rest, relaxation, and restoration you truly need. Your sign might be the key! Take a look at this list and see how you can get some Zodiac self-care practice based on your sign!

Zodiac Sign Dates

Not sure what your zodiac sign is? Your sun sign is the easiest of the three to figure out. It’s just based on the day of your birth.

While the exact end and start dates change depending on leap years, here are the dates of each of the zodiac signs. If you fall on a start or end date, check the specific calendar from the year you were born.

  • Aries Dates: March 21 – April 19
  • Taurus Dates: April 20 – May 20
  • Gemini Dates: May 21 – June 20
  • Cancer Dates: June 21 – July 22
  • Leo Dates: July 23 – August 22
  • Virgo Dates: August 23 – September 22
  • Libra Dates: September 23 – October 22
  • Scorpio Dates: October 23 – November 21
  • Sagittarius Dates: November 22 – December 21
  • Capricorn Dates: December 21 – January 20
  • Aquarius Dates: January 21 – February 18
  • Pisces Dates: February 19 – March 20

Aries Zodiac Self Care

Dates: March 21 – April 19

Best Self Care: An adventurous activity that sparks your wild side

As an Aries, you are brave, energetic, and a risk-taker. You won’t be content to spend time alone at home; to feel good, you need to be out there, trying new experiences with a bunch of friends.

As a fire sign, you’ll need to find something exciting that ignites your sense of adventure. An Aries shares very similar traits to a Leo zodiac sign; make sure you have some Leos among your crew, because they will certainly enjoy the same activities as you.

Here are some activities that will make you feel alive!

  • Ziplining. Conquer your fear of heights and soar! You’ll get a rush of adrenaline, and you’ll get to see the world from a whole new perspective.
  • Rock climbing. You can find a facility near you that offers rock wall climbing, or you could go out and free climb on a mountain!
  • Backpacking. If you’re looking for a multi-day challenge, try back-country or primitive camping in the unmarked wilderness, far from civilization. Spending time alone with just you and the elements would be quite the adventure.

Taurus Zodiac Self Care

Dates: April 20 – May 20

Best Self Care: Take it slow and do something that makes you feel cozy

As a Taurus, you are intelligent, hardworking, and honest. You put everything you have into your job and into your friendships. You’re a giver and find solutions to problems using your intellect.

As a sign ruled by Venus, you’re prone to not trusting authority, and you enjoy all things cozy. After a long day of hard work, you aren’t afraid to indulge in some luxury.

Here are some cozy activities you could do to recharge.

  • Bathtime and skincare. Grab a glass of wine, turn on your favorite playlist, put your phone on airplane mode, and sink deep into a bubble bath. While you’re at it, add a face mask to your self-care routine!
  • Cuddling with animals. Getting some good snuggles in with your favorite pet (or someone else’s pet) will certainly give you a sense of peace and help you slow down from your hectic life.
  • Snuggle under a blanket with a campfire. Look up at the stars and enjoy the heat from the fire. Watching the crackling flames will help you unwind from any stress and just focus on the here and now.

Gemini Zodiac Self Care

Dates: May 21 – June 20

Best Self Care: Going on a thrilling adventure

As a Gemini, your traits are tough to pin down. Considered the “chameleon sign,” Geminis fluctuate and change themselves on a whim.

As an air sign, they are extremely adaptable, can be whimsical, and are likely adventurous. They have plenty of exciting stories to tell.

Your best choice for self-care will be creating a new story to share at your next get-together. Try something you’ve never tried before, and try to push the boundaries of your comfort zone.

  • Clubbing. Try to find some nightlife you can be a part of! Check out popular clubs or hole-in-the-wall hidden gems; whatever fits your style. This sign rules the night, and you can get a dance workout in at the same time!
  • Blind date. Trying something brand new: meeting someone you’ve never met for a date! To stay safe, have your friends pick someone they know.

Cancer Zodiac Self Care

Dates: June 21 – July 22

Best Self Care: Spend some alone time to recharge your emotions

As a Cancer, your life is deeply entrenched in your emotions. You’re likely an empath thanks to your emotional and nurturing character. However, be careful not to get too involved in other people’s emotions; you have enough of your own to take care of, and you have a deeply sensitive side.

Feeling all these emotions can be exhausting. To truly recharge, you need to separate yourself from other people and their emotional states to only focus on yourself.

You’ll want to find something soothing to do; something with repetitive motions so you don’t have to think too deeply. During this time, make sure you don’t check in with social media. Focus only on yourself.

  • Puzzles. It’s hard to get emotional while puzzling. Focus on the pieces, their shapes, and their colors, rather than any thoughts going on inside your head.
  • Meditation. A good way to manage your thoughts and emotions is by participating in meditation. You can conquer any overwhelming feelings and just exist in the moment.
  • Yoga. Follow along with a video, take a class, or just listen to your body and stretch whatever feels like it needs to be stretched.

Leo Zodiac Self Care

Dates: July 23 – August 22

Best Self Care: Something active and adventurous

As a Leo, you are daring, adventurous, passionate, and energetic. You’re a natural-born leader that loves a good challenge.

You won’t be content to sit in your room and read a book. You need to be out there doing something exciting, probably with a group of friends. You’re willing to try anything once, so the more unique, the better!

Put together a team of friends and find an exciting venue for your night out. Here are some suggestions!

  • Escape room. Since you love being a leader and trying something new, try to beat the clock and figure out a tricky puzzle! This will definitely tap into your sense of adventure.
  • Laser tag or paintball. This activity will keep you all active, but you get to use strategy as well. These activities are certainly exciting!
  • Ropes course. These courses will test your ability to handle heights and tackle obstacles. It’s thrilling and a challenge!

Virgo Zodiac Self Care

Dates: August 23 – September 22

Best Self Care: Spend time with someone you love

As a Virgo, you are a perfectionist and a sensible, loyal partner. You are level-headed and deeply passionate about achieving your goals. You take into account the needs of your partner and you do everything you can to help them and bring them back to the center.

You spend a lot of time working and you use your logical intellect to your advantage. For your self-care, walk away from work and spend time with the person most important to you. This does not have to be a romantic partner; you can invest time in someone like a friend or parent.

No matter who you choose to spend time with, just enjoy their presence rather than trying to fix their problems.

  • Go out to dinner. Instead of making food, let someone else take care of it. Just focus on your time together and enjoy your meal.
  • Plan a day trip. What do you both like to do? Find something that fits your mutual interests and plan a day together.

Libra Zodiac Self Care

Dates: September 23 – October 22

Best Self Care: Creating balance

As a Libra, you are someone in search of balance. You like your world to be organized, aesthetically pleasing, and sensible.

You bring balance to the workplace and friend groups, as you are good at managing conflict and finding solutions. While you enjoy finding resolution, the pursuit of this balance can be tiring for you.

It’s best to spend some time alone, doing things that make you happy. Make something beautiful or organize a space that needs some love.

  • Art. You can find a craft to fit almost any skill level. Whatever you choose, make sure it is something within your comfort zone. If you pick something too complicated or above your skill level, you could become frustrated with your results.
  • Organize a living space. Do you think the flow of your living room could be improved? Do you think you could organize your bookshelf in a more sensible way? Do you think your bedroom would feel more soothing with a fresh coat of paint? Follow this organizational flow, as it will bring more comfort to your home and peace to your mind.

Scorpio Zodiac Self Care

Dates: October 23 – November 21

Best Self Care: Spend time with the person you love: yourself and your closest friends

As a Scorpio, you have an intensity about you: your emotions, your passion, and your work ethic. You’re intense in the office, with your partner, and with those you love.

You crave intimacy and attach your emotions to other people. You care deeply for those you love and want them to feel secure. You know what you want and you’re determined to make your dreams become reality.

You have two ways you can engage in self-care: spending time with the one you love or spending time with yourself.

  • Spending time alone. You’re so used to investing so much in others, it’s important that you take time to invest in yourself. Do something that calms you and minimizes your emotions.
  • Spending time with one other person. Take some time and spend it with the person you love most. Turn off your phone, remove all distractions, and dedicate time to building your relationship with them.

Sagittarius Zodiac Self Care

Dates: November 22 – December 21

Best Self Care: Try something brand new

As a Sagittarius, you are intelligent, independent, and compassionate. Anyone would be lucky to have you as a friend.

You’re balanced, and enjoy the freedom to pursue whatever you find fascinating. Innovation is something that happens when you’re around. You don’t have clouded judgment or fear standing alone in your convictions.

You aren’t a friend who needs a lot of social support; you’re around for others, but you don’t depend on them yourself.

For your self-care, pursue whatever you find fascinating but haven’t had time for yet. Do something exciting on your own.

  • Go hiking. Try a new trail you’ve never tried before. Watch for birds. Take note of the trees. Try to see what’s swimming in the stream.
  • Take an online class. What have you always wanted to know how to do? Whether it’s macrame, taekwondo, or slam poetry, learn something new and see where the new skill takes you.

Capricorn Zodiac Self Care

Dates: December 21 – January 20

Best Self Care: Doing something creative with few or no rules

As a Capricorn, you are hardworking, diligent, and responsible. You like things to go your way, and you’re one of the most tenacious people at work.

For your self-care, you need to take the responsibility off of your shoulders. Do something freeing, without rules. You’re prone to stubbornness, so try to do something that has no formula and few restrictions.

Here are some creative activities you can do that range from some rules to no rules.

  • Cooking. Creating a home-cooked meal is a great way to destress. Not only do you get to relax while cooking, you get to eat something delicious at the end! This activity can have as many rules as you want. You could follow a recipe step by step, or you can forgo the cookbook and do variations on your favorites.
  • Poetry. Depending on if you’re partial to formal or informal poetry, writing a poem can have as many or as few rules as you want. You could just write free verse, which has no conceivable rules, or you could write a crown of sonnets, which has many restrictions to consider.
  • Painting. When you’re painting for fun, it’s just you, the canvas, and your paint. Do whatever you want! Who cares what it looks like. If you enjoyed making it, then it’s perfect.

Aquarius Zodiac Self Care

Dates: January 21 – February 18

Best Self Care: Spending time alone solving puzzles

As an Aquarius, you are quirky, idealistic, and introverted. You spend your time building a brighter future and fighting to make everyone’s lives better.

You are creative, thinking outside of the box to find a new solution to an old problem.

Since you are always so focused on helping others, you need to find time to recharge by focusing on you.

An Aquarius is generally introverted, so spend time alone doing something that will stimulate your mind. Try to pick something that will make your brain work in a way it normally doesn’t have to.

For example, if you’re a writer, don’t write for fun. Try a puzzle instead.

Here are some choices to pick from!

  • Video games. Choose a video game that requires puzzle-solving and strategy. Even better if you pick something story-driven!
  • Crafting. Try a craft that relies on logic and planning. Instead of painting, try needlepoint.
  • Riddles. Like a good puzzle to solve? Look up some brain teasers and riddles to think about!
  • Mystery novel. Love a good whodunit? Find a mystery novel and try to guess the end as you go along.

Pisces Zodiac Self Care

Dates: February 19 – March 20

Best Self Care: Invest in yourself

As a Pisces, you are full of creativity, generosity, and compassion for the people around you. You’re one of the most selfless friends someone can have.

You go out of your way to make people smile, and you’d do anything for people in your closest circle.

For your self-care, it’s important to use all those wonderful traits you give to others as a gift for yourself. Be creative and be generous with yourself.

  • Buy new supplies. Whatever you enjoy as a creative venture, treat yourself to an upgrade and then use your new tools!
  • Give yourself a gift. Gifts don’t have to cost money. While you can certainly buy yourself that weighted blanket you’ve had your eye on, setting aside time for yourself to do whatever you want is also a gift.

Finding the Self Care that Works Best for You

Just like the position of the planets, your Zodiac self-care will change. For example, during the full moon, you need to be conscious of your moon sign, because that’s when this sign comes most strongly into play.

Your body and mind’s needs are constantly changing, so make sure you are in tune with what you are truly feeling and what your body is telling you. The form of self-care you need most can be known to you if only you take the time to know yourself.

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