Leo Sign: Meaning, Characteristics, and Personality Traits

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When you meet a Leo, they’re impossible to ignore. Their traits mimic that of the lion they’re named after: strong, courageous, bright, and true. They’re loyal to their pack and will lead the pride to victory. The Leo sign is one of power and strength; could it be to a fault?

Let’s take a detailed look at the traits of this sun sign to discover more about what makes a true Leo tick.

Understanding the Sun Sign

Some people look up to the stars to find answers to the question of who they are. They track the movement and placement of celestial bodies in the solar system, specifically the sun, moon, and planets, to know how they’ll be impacted by the forces of the universe. According to them, your birth chart gives insight into who you were born to be, who you are outwardly, and who you are inside. Different factors of your birth determine each of these three signs.

  • Sun Sign: These are the zodiac signs most people are familiar with. This sign gives a basic understanding of who you are. And the date of your birth determines this.
  • Moon Sign: This sign reveals who you are internally at your core and how you feel emotionally: the parts of yourself you don’t openly share with the world. You determine this sign through the date and time of your birth on your natal chart.
  • Ascendant, or Rising Sign: This sign reveals the exterior façade you show the world. It’s the mask you wear before you feel comfortable enough to reveal what your moon sign says about you. Your date, time, and location of your birth determines this.

Now that you understand where these signs come from, let’s take a look at what your life will look like if you have Leo as your sun sign. People born between July 23 to August 22 fall into this category.

The Leo Sun Sign

It’s no coincidence that Leo means lion; the Leo sign is just as fierce, courageous, and self-assured as the mighty creature.

A Leo associates with the element of fire and is ruled by the sun, so naturally, Leos are bright, bold, and intrepid.

This sign is associated with a lot of traits people look up to or wish they had themselves: confidence, boldness, intelligence, energy, intensity, and drive.

Don’t be surprised if your boss is a Leo; Leos are natural-born leaders. However, Leos aren’t ones to supervise and delegate. They are dedicated and will do their fair share, or even more than their fair share, of the work. They delight in a job well-done and will be the first to congratulate themselves on a job whose completion is worthy of celebration.

While they work hard, they play hard, too. Most Leos are extroverts, meaning they draw energy from social interaction. They like being the center of the crowd, making friends and having a good time. However, for better or worse, Leos aren’t good at putting on a happy face. They won’t just grin and bear it if they aren’t having a good time. They’ll let you know they’d rather do something else, try to steer the festivities in a different direction, or will just leave.

While these tactics might seem rude or abrasive, these people are committed to honesty, and if they’re spending time with you, you can feel confident that they truly want to be there. If they didn’t enjoy it, they wouldn’t spend time doing it.

Friendship with the Leo Sign

Whether it’s a platonic, work, or romantic relationship, once a Leo decides to befriend you, you’re fast, close friends for life. They have a deep passion for people they care about and are obsessed with making the other person feel loved. They enjoy surprising their friends and partners with grandiose gestures or gifts which to some might feel overwhelming. However, if you enjoy being actively and loudly loved, Leos will make sure to always make their feelings known.

Even though they are passionate about making those closest to them feel extremely loved, the Leo zodiac sign shows kindness to everyone.

Leo Traits

The Leo personality is best known for these traits. If this is your sign, you are:

  • Adventurous: Leos are willing to try anything once. They’re courageous, which makes them feel bold enough to try things most people wouldn’t feel comfortable attempting.
  • A leader: It isn’t uncommon to see a Leo ruling the office or spearheading efforts to lead the friend group. They thrive in positions of power, because they genuinely want the team to succeed and believe they know the best way to access that success.
  • Talented: Leos are good at what they do. Once they’ve determined their primary skills, they work hard to develop them and become the best they can be. Leos can be their own worst critics.
  • A hard worker: While Leos typically find themselves in leadership positions, they aren’t going to be content working only as a supervisor. They prepare to do whatever will help the team succeed, even if it means they’re doing the grunt work with everyone else. This makes their leadership extremely inspiring.
  • Passionate: A Leo’s love is fiery, focused, and grandiose. They care deeply about their partners, but they also care deeply about their work. Everything they do, they do with passion.
  • Energetic: Leos typically have a lot of energy, which helps them in their wide variety of professional and personal pursuits. They are extroverts, which means they draw energy from spending time with other people, so a Leo will only become more excited and the center of attention throughout the course of a party.

The Sign of a Leader

A Leo is the king or queen of their own universe. They lead with passion, love others deeply, and follow their truth.

You won’t find them doing something they don’t want to do, so if they’re doing something or spending time with someone, you know it’s because they have a true passion for it.

With their kindness and hard work, Leos are generally liked by all they come in contact with. The only thing that might be off-putting is just how successful they are. But if someone doesn’t want to get to know a Leo sign because they find success intimidating, that isn’t someone a Leo would want to surround themselves with anyway.

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