Virgo Sign: Meaning, Characteristics, and Personality Traits

What if you could learn more about yourself based solely on when you were born? Some people believe you can! Your date of birth determines your sun sign of the zodiac, and if you were born between August 23 and September 22, that means you have the Virgo sign.

But what does this mean for your life in particular? What parts of your personality are controlled by your sun sign? We’re going to explore the common traits of a traditional Virgo and how that can impact your approach to life as an individual.

Understanding the Sun Sign

The most commonly recognized zodiac sign is the sun sign. When you look up your horoscope, you’re probably only looking at that one sign. But did you know that there are actually three signs? Your sun, moon, and rising sign give you the full picture when it comes to who you are on the inside, the outside, and who you are destined to become. So why are people only looking at the sun sign?

Well, for starters, it’s the easiest one to figure out. You only need your birthday to know where you fall among the 12 signs. To learn the rest, you need your exact location and time of day of your birth.

Knowing the exact place and time you arrived in the world will give you a better sense of who you were born to be. Let’s break down what each of these signs means and how to figure them out.

The Sun Sign, Moon Sign, and Rising Sign

  • Sun Sign: These are the zodiac signs most people are familiar with. This sign gives a basic understanding of who you are and is determined by the date of your birth.
  • Moon Sign: This sign reveals who you are internally at your core and how you feel emotionally: the parts of yourself you don’t openly share with the world. You determine this sign through the date and time of your birth on your natal chart.
  • Ascendant, or Rising Sign: This sign reveals the exterior façade you show the world. It’s the mask you wear before you feel comfortable enough to reveal what your moon sign says about you. This is determined by the date, time, and location of your birth.

If the description of your sun sign doesn’t really resonate with you, try determining your moon and rising sign. Looking at all your zodiac signs together might give you a more accurate reading on who you are on the inside and the mask you wear on the outside.

The Virgo Sun Sign

Virgo is the sixth sign of the Zodiac and its ruling planet is Mercury, a commonality it shares with Geminis. A Virgo is an Earth sign along with Taurus and Capricorn.. However, it’s also one of the mutable signs, which makes for an interesting combination. Earth signs, as you’d expect, are grounded, but a mutable sign is changing, which is something you’d expect from one of the water signs. These contradicting traits can manifest themselves in a variety of ways. They can give into one and abandon the other, or they can continuously change, but wherever they land, they stand firm until they choose to move or change again.

Their categorization as an earth sign makes perfect sense with their most recognizable trait: they are organized and in need of structure. Whether this structure is self-imposed, like a strict exercise regimen, or dictated, like a job that requires a lot of rules, they require this structure to function. This structure makes them feel safe, as chaos makes them feel anxious and uncomfortable.

Virgos are blessed with a servant’s heart. If a friend is in crisis or someone is struggling at work, Virgos are the first to offer to help. They want what’s best for everyone and feel joy in bringing a smile to other people’s faces. They are thoughtful and compassionate, and want to help everyone from a dear friend to a stranger on the street.

If you give a task to a Virgo, you can guarantee that no aspect of the task will be forgotten. They have a strict attention to detail and make sure the final result is up to their high standards.

Virgo Sign Traits

If you are a Virgo, you most likely identify with these core traits:

  • Organized: Everything has its place and the world operates the most smoothly when there are rules in place. Both your material world and social world need to be organized. You feel best when your home is decluttered and when your social life is free from drama.
  • Grounded: You need to feel centered in order to stay calm. You are uncomfortable when plans are up in the air and you like to know where you stand with people.
  • Giving: Virgos give everything of themselves to help other people. They are kind, giving, and compassionate. If it’s within their power to help someone, they will drop everything to make sure the task is done.
  • Detail-oriented: When they finish a task, not one single thing will be out of place. They’ll be sure that not a single detail is forgotten and will attend to even the smallest part of the project to make sure it’s done right. If something is missing, people come to you first: a Virgo rules at their attention to detail.
  • Particular: As someone who needs the world to be organized, you have your methods that you decide are correct and don’t respond well when people deviate from those techniques. There’s a certain way things should be done, and you’re going to make sure they happen that way.

The Sign of Organization

A Virgo has the personality traits to help them excel in a wide variety of careers. Their attention to detail would serve them well as a wedding planner, and their servant’s heart and thoroughness would make them an excellent assistant to a Hollywood star. As a methodical planner, you would excel as a social media strategist, as long as you had a creative artist by your side to execute your vision.

If you want to use your Virgo sign skills to excel in the professional world, join WBD! We have the resources and community to help you find your calling and pursue it with passion. Check out our membership page to see what we’re all about!

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