Christmas Aesthetic Ideas for Holiday Cheer

When do you decide it “tis the season?” By the time the clock strikes 12:01 on November 1st? Right after you carve the turkey? Once you get sweet Black Friday deals on Christmas decorations? Or does the Christmas aesthetic not hit your house until December 1st?

Whenever you decide to switch your fall aesthetic to your Halloween decor and finally switch it over to Christmas, it’s important to decide on what fits within your chosen Christmas aesthetic.

Do you celebrate Christmas as the birth of Jesus or do you see it as more of a Hallmark holiday where you get to enjoy the company of friends and family?

Whatever the Christmas season means to you, we’ve got a bunch of options to fit any style of celebration.

Home for the Holidays

Does your holiday revolve around family gatherings and engaging in cherished family traditions? Here are some options to fit that homey aesthetic.

Christmas Blessings Platter

If your holiday traditions revolve around food, then you need some adorable, festive platters to put it on! This Christmas Blessings platter would look perfect with Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes or homemade cookies placed atop it.

Personalized Family Christmas Ornament

If family is the focal point of your holiday, you definitely need some ornaments that celebrate your unique family. This one even has a paw option so you can include your four-legged friends in the holiday celebration!

Personalized Reindeer Sign

Reindeer Sign

Staying on the personalized theme, check out this adorable sign where you can put each member of your family’s name under an adorable 3D reindeer! Each piece is cut from wood, so it’s perfect for a farmhouse aesthetic.

Hallmark & Holiday Movies

Is one of your favorite parts of the holiday all the classic and cheesy movies you get to enjoy guilt-free? Here are some home decor pieces that celebrate some of your favorite stories and cinematic classics while creating a fun Christmas aesthetic!

Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal Ugly Sweater

Holiday Sweater

Got an office ugly Christmas sweater party coming up? Grab a sweater with the iconic A Christmas Story line!

A Christmas Carol Book Ornament

Christmas Aesthetic

Do you love the classic Charles Dickens tale? This vintage-looking book ornament will be a great addition to your Christmas tree!

Twas the Night Before Christmas Sign

Christmas Sign

If you love the classic poem, this vintage typeface sign with the iconic words will be a classy addition to your home.

Personalized Movie Theater Sign

Movie Sign

If the best part of watching Christmas movies is the fact that you get to enjoy them with your family, then this sign is for you! You can personalize this vintage-looking movie theater sign with your family’s name, established date, and location.

Christmas Around the World

Christmas is celebrated in many different parts of the world, and it’s beautiful to bring some of those unique traditions into your home. If you want to support artisans around the world, Ten Thousand Villages has some beautiful, fairtrade, handcrafted pieces made by international artists. It’s a beautiful way to bring a handmade touch to your Christmas aesthetic.

Sinamay Tree Topper Angel

Christmas Angel

Made in the Philippines

Want something beautiful and unique on top of the tree? This angel that was handcrafted from sinamay, a natural woven fiber crafted from stripped fiber that comes from the abaca tree.

Cinnamon Bark Nativity


Made in Vietnam

If you love rustic, minimalist decor, this beautiful, hand-carved nativity scene is perfect. It’s crafted from cinnamon bark, making it a truly unique piece.

Arctic Family Nativity


Made in Peru

Looking for a truly unique nativity? What if instead of ox and lambs, polar bears were at the birth of Jesus? This nativity is crafted as an arctic family, so Mary and Joseph are bundled up to stay warm and polar bears and a penguin look over the family.

Christmas Aesthetic for Kids

Celebrating Christmas with kids in the house adds a whole new layer of fun to the festivities. Whether your family has the Christmas tradition of leaving out cookies for Santa Claus on Christmas eve or counting down the days until Christmas with an advent calendar, here are some home decor ideas that will get your kids in the holiday spirit.

Wooden Christmas Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar

Nothing builds up the excitement for the coming holiday like an advent calendar. This beautiful wooden advent box gives you the opportunity to fill it up with goodies that your kids will love as they wait for Christmas to come.

Personalized Hot Chocolate Mug

Holiday Mug

Does your kid love coming in from the cold and downing a cup of delicious cocoa? With this personalized mug, they’ll have their very own cup to use every time they enjoy their hot chocolate.

Personalized Santa Gift Sack

Christmas Aesthetic

Want a cute way to display Christmas presents? Fill up your child’s Santa sack with their gifts! It makes the gifts look like they came straight from the North Pole, from Santa himself.

Create Your Own Christmas Aesthetic

No matter how you choose to spend December 25, pagan traditions or a blend of religious and secular all should be celebrated with joy. Your Christmas aesthetic should focus on the parts of the holiday that are most dear to you.

If you enjoy spending the Christian holidays with reverence for the birth of Jesus, focus on adding nativities that hold significance to you. If you spend the holiday season focusing on the joy of family togetherness and exchanging gifts, get personalized items that truly represent your family.

Don’t wait for Saint Nicholas to bring your holiday decor; get started the moment you want to bring the spirit of the Christmas season into your home. 

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