The 12 Best Dog Christmas Presents for Pups and Pet Lovers

Dog Christmas

A dog truly makes a house a home. It only makes sense that during the holidays, you include them by getting the best dog Christmas presents for your best friend.

Another great option while Christmas shopping is thinking about what you’ll get the dog parent. Getting them something that allows them to show off their pet parent pride makes for great Christmas presents.

Here are some options on what to get the pet lover in your life, and what you can get your dog this Christmas.

Gifts for Dog Parents

For some people, their dog is their baby. So of course one of the best things you can get pet parents are gifts that show off their pet parent pride!

Here are some dog Christmas gifts that pet lovers will love.

Personalized Pet Gifts

Nothing shows you care quite like a personalized gift. Here are some ideas when you want a gift customized with your friend in mind.

Custom Pet Stickers

Who wouldn’t want a sticker of their dog’s face? These personalized pet stickers are hand-drawn to make for a beautifully illustrated gift. Then, they can put stickers of their pet’s face everywhere!

Custom Pet Stickers

Custom Pet Shirts

If custom pet stickers aren’t enough, this shop also offers custom pet parent shirts! Because what dog mom or dad doesn’t want to walk around wearing their pet’s face? They’re handmade with Bella+Canvas shirts, which are some of the comfiest, and most sustainably manufactured, tees on the market.

Custom Pet Shirts

Custom Pet Necklaces

If you’ve ever wanted jewelry with your pet’s face on it, this Etsy shop has you covered! They engrave the pet’s likeness onto a silver, rose gold, or gold disc. You can order multiple discs if you have multiple pets!

Custom Pet Necklaces

Functional Pet Gifts

Sometimes the best gifts are ones that serve a utilitarian purpose. Here are some to choose from that will help the dog parent enjoy more quality time with their pet.

Dog Backpack

Going hiking with a small dog who doesn’t love walking as much as you do? You can still bring them along with this doggie hiking backpack (affiliate link)! Great for long walks or even carrying them on the subway.

Dog Backpack

Dog Travel Bag

If this person loves bringing their dog with them on trips, this is the perfect doggie suitcase (affiliate link) to carry all the dog essentials. It’s the perfect gift for someone who never leaves their dog behind, as it has room for everything from the dog bowl to their favorite toys.

Dog Travel Bag

Gifts for Dogs

When shopping for the family, you can’t forget about Fido! Dogs are an essential part of the family, so you don’t want to miss out on getting your four-legged friend something special this Christmas.

When looking for gifts for dogs, think about the dog’s preferences. If they’re a super chewer, make sure to get toys they won’t shred in 30 seconds.

If they’re a couch potato, getting them a dog bed won’t make much sense, since they’ll never use it. Why use a dog bed when you can snuggle with your human on the couch?

Here are the best dog Christmas presents to grab this year for your extra special pup!

Dog Beds

If your dog loves having their own comfy spot, here are some great dog beds to choose from!

Large Dog Bed

One of the first things I ask when looking for gifts for my dog: “How easy is it to clean? Is it machine-washable?”

This large dog bed is (affiliate link)! And it looks super comfy.

Large Dog Bed

Small Dog Bed

Does your small dog have a bit of anxiety? This calming donut bed (affiliate link) could help! It’s meant to replicate a mother’s fur and the shape allows them to curl up into a position that makes them feel safe.

Small Dog Bed

Dog Toys

What’s the perfect gift for your pup? More playtime! Here are some great dog toy options for dog Christmas presents.

Tug of War Stuffed Animals

If you have two dogs that love playing tug of war, or just one that likes to play with you, this set of three (affiliate link) is perfect. They’re soft, so they aren’t hard on their teeth, but they’re durable enough to get some good pulls in. If your dog is a super chewer or stuffie shredder, however, these might not make the cut.

I actually own these, and my two dogs love playing with them together. Highly recommend!

Tug of War Stuffed Animals

Puzzle Dog Toy

If your pup needs some intellectual stimulation, make them work for their treats! This type of toy is great to keep them occupied while they work on their puzzle-solving skills.

Dog Puzzle Toy

Hide and Seek Dino Toy

Another great way to get your dog thinking is a hide-and-seek toy. They need to figure out how to remove the fun toys from within the bigger toy.

Their reward? More toys to play with! My dogs have three hide and seek toys from Chewy, including this one, and they’re always a fan favorite.

Hide and Seek Toy

Doggie Clothes

Who says dogs can’t be fashionable too? Here are some dog Christmas gifts that will keep them warm and fly.

Dog Bandana

If you’re looking for a soft, cute bandana for your dog, the Walker Weares Etsy shop has you covered! All their stuff is handmade with the softest material imaginable. And 10% of their proceeds go to Maggie’s Wigs 4 Kids of Michigan!

I would be lying if I didn’t have too many of their products in my house. They even have matching bandanas and headbands so you can twin with your dog!

Dog Bandana

Dog Sweater

Whose dog doesn’t need an argyle dog sweater (affiliate link)? It will keep your pup warm and it comes in a variety of colors!

Dog Sweater

Dogs Always Make the Season Bright

This holiday season, bring joy to the dog that brings you happiness all year long. Holiday gifts that center around someone’s love of dogs will always be a Christmas favorite. You’ll find that dog Christmas gifts truly feel personal and thoughtful.

So when you’re considering what to get someone for Christmas, think about what pets they have at home. If you give them something that honors that bond they have with their pets, you’re sure to get them a great gift.

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