5 Types of Halloween Aesthetic Ideas and Inspiration

If you’re someone who loves autumn and all the spookiness it brings, you’re probably looking for some Halloween aesthetic inspiration to transform your home for the holiday! But there’s so many themes to choose from: do you go classic horror, or just spruce up the home with some artistically-placed orange accents?

To help you find some decor that fits your personal Halloween style, here are five different types of Halloween themes to choose from when making your house just a bit more haunted!

Classy Halloween Aesthetic

Just because you’re decorating for Halloween doesn’t mean you need to go straight to inflatable skeletons and paint your living room bright orange.

There are ways to make your home celebrate the season without losing its classy charm.

Here are some choices that will give your home just a touch of the Halloween season without disrupting your current decor.

Halloween Gnomes

halloween gnomes

We have to admit, we have a weakness for all holiday gnomes from The Rustic Market. Our editor owns them for every season – they’re a mantle-must in her home!

These little guys fit perfectly with any style of decor. But they work especially well with farmhouse decor (think Joanna Gaines)!

Personalized Painted Pumpkins

If you have kids (or pets), these cute, colorful pumpkins can be customized with their names! It would be an adorable addition over their cubby (or food bowl).

Watercolor Pumpkin Prints

These cute, simple prints of watercolor pumpkins are pretty and autumnal!

Witchy Wall Decor

This witchy wall hanging uses neutral colors and simple lines to make for a beautiful, classy design that you could hang up all year round.

Gothic Halloween Aesthetic

Looking for something a bit more haunted and Victorian? Here are some of our favorite pieces from Etsy that could bring some haunted class to your home.

Half Skull Half Rose Wall Hanger

This black, metal piece of a half skull and half rose would look excellent if you want to add a beautiful piece of art to your home. It has a really classy, simple design that will stand out and fit in at the same time.

Skeleton Cameo Wall Hangers

Do you love the vintage look of cameos? Then this haunted twist on the classic design will be a Halloween delight! Instead of living portraits, two skeletons are looking towards each other in the two complimentary pieces.

Real Skull and Bone Pieces

The best way to get a true gothic look to your home is adding artwork that uses real bones or wet specimens. There are plenty of Etsy shops that make one-of-a-kind decor pieces from animal bones.

They’re all one-of-a-kind pieces, so check out what they currently have in stock!

Spooky Halloween Aesthetic

If you’re going this direction, try incorporating well-known, classic Halloween films into your decor. You can choose anything, from a Nightmare Before Christmas snow globe to a Scream movie poster. Having accents in your home inspired by movies that make your hair stand up on its end will certainly give your home a spooky vibe.

If you don’t want to add pieces from classic films, here are some other options to inspire you.

Coffin Planters

Are you a plant mom? Then these coffin planters will be a perfect way to add Halloween to your home. Just make sure you keep the plants living; only the aesthetic should be dead!

Coffin Shelf

Want to add a bit of the undead to your desk? Try out these 10 inch coffin shelves you can add to any surface!

Vintage Bottle Labels

Want to up-cycle some glass bottles to incorporate into your Halloween decor? These vintage-looking poison and spell bottle labels will turn your glass from trash into a centerpiece.

Autumn Halloween Aesthetic

Love Halloween more because of the fall weather than horror and gore? Take your decor in an autumn aesthetic direction.

Choose colors that fit within a palette you could imagine on a fallen leaf. Oranges, browns, reds, and purples of all shades can work really well together. Find ways to incorporate faux leaves into your current decor. 

Here are a couple cute accent pieces you can use to tie the look together.

Pumpkin Books

If you’re a bookworm, you’ll love these little pumpkins made from recycled books! Ecofriendly and adorable.

Hello Fall Porch Sign

If you want the spirit of fall to welcome people into your home, this rustic, farmhouse-style, wooden sign is a classy way to do so!

Halloween Pillows

halloween aesthetic

Another must in our editor’s home is seasonal pillows. She switches out the pillowcases with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas to bring a little extra magic to the holiday season! You can find some really cute options here (we’re big fans of the Hocus Pocus ones)!

Knitted Pumpkins

If you want something cute and small to adorn your table, this set of three colorful, hand-knitted pumpkins will look great.

DIY Halloween Aesthetic

Want to decorate your home in a fall aesthetic of your own creations? Here are some ideas to get you started!

A Haunted Mirror

Make the most of a mirror, fake spider webs, and black construction paper.

Using a stencil, cut out small bat silhouettes with construction paper. Cover a mirror in a spiderweb and mount the small bats across the web.

Wicked Cool Skeleton Candle

Want to make something awesome that only costs $3? This YouTube tutorial shows you how to make a fake mirror with a skeleton hand holding a candle with objects you can find at the dollar store!

Spooky Wreath

For your next trick, you can turn this ordinary wreath into a Halloween hit! The blog “A Pumpkin and a Princess” walks you through how to make your own black crow wreath! Perfect to haunt your front door with.

Make Your Halloween Aesthetic Fit You

No matter what direction you choose to go in, your Halloween aesthetic decor will fit the best in your home when it has a touch of your personal style.

Try choosing decor that matches your current space, rather than choosing something conflicting. However, if a piece makes you happy but doesn’t match your home at all, display it with pride! It’s all about what brings a smile to your face, not what looks like an Instagram post.

Need more inspiration, head over to Amazon (we’ve saved our favorite search for you here!)

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