9 Fun Halloween Activities for Kids

Halloween Activities for Kids

Halloween is just around the corner! And it’s time to start thinking about what you are going to do for trick-or-treating and parties. If you’re looking for fun Halloween activities for kids – you’re in the right spot!

A fun way to keep your kids and their friends busy is with Halloween party games. You could host a costume contest, where the children get points based on how scary (or cute!) they look in their costumes. Then you can have some spooky relay races or even just play classic pumpkin bowling! Whatever game plan you choose, make sure you have a prize ready for the winner!

We’ve highlighted our favorite Halloween activities for kids below to help get you started on creating a spooky night of fun!

Our Favorite Halloween Activities for Kids

pumpkin bowling

Halloween Pumpkin Bowling

This is a super simple activity and one that can be done just about anywhere. All you need are some small pumpkins and some bowling pins! Then set up the pumpkin “lanes” and let the kids go!

Halloween Bingo

We love Halloween-themed bingo! We love it so much we’ve created our own free printable Halloween Bingo sets for you to download.

Fun Halloween activities for kids don’t have to be messy! A cookie decorating activity is a great way to keep the kiddos entertained, but it doesn’t involve food coloring or frosting. You can purchase some inexpensive holiday-themed sprinkles and use those instead!

Halloween Coloring Book

We love activities that you can reuse year after year. This free printable Halloween coloring book is a great option! Coloring books and sheets can also be great activities for toddlers and preschoolers as well if they’re old enough to use crayons and markers. 

Halloween Card Station

Another activity that you can reuse year after year is Halloween card making. Because who doesn’t look some fall arts and crafts! This is a great way to get the kids involved in your holiday decorating and give them something fun to do on their own or with friends. You could even have a special prize for whoever creates the best spooky cards!

Candy Corn Catapults

Halloween is all about the candy, but that doesn’t mean you have to go overboard. This fun activity involves making catapults from common kitchen supplies like paper plates and straws! You can make these as simple or elaborate as your child wants (or how much time they are willing to spend on it).

halloween scavenger hunt list

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

We love Halloween scavenger hunts! They are a great way to get the kids out and about, but they also give them something fun to do once you have returned home. Plus, these can work for toddlers all the way up through older children (you just need to adjust your list accordingly).

If you grew up in the ’90s and still have a ton of beanie babies – this is the perfect opportunity to put them to good use! Pull out any beanies that are seasonally appropriate and use them for this activity!

Spooky Ball Toss

Kids love games, and this is a great one. All you need to do is set up some empty soda bottles on your porch (or in the backyard) with numbers written on them for scoring points. Then give each of your children four tennis balls and let them try their hand at whacking those bottles!

Halloween Play Dough

This fun playdough recipe uses some unique ingredients like cream of tartar and apple butter. You can make your own pumpkin spice mix to add an extra spooky touch! Then let the kids have at it with this super easy activity that is also perfect for travel or waiting rooms (just be sure not to leave them alone without supervision).

Halloween Activities for Kids – Have Fun This Fall!

We hope the above Halloween activities for kids provide some fun ideas for your little one this Fall! These can be great to do during an afternoon Halloween decorating with your little one too! Have them help you put up a spider web on the mantle, carve a jack o lantern, or shop for Halloween costumes! 

Do you have fall activities you love to do with your kids? Let us know about them in the comment section below!

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