Our 20 Favorite Halloween Memes

Halloween Memes

As soon as that first fall leaf hits the ground, you know what that means: Halloween. And where there’s Halloween, there are Halloween memes. 

So whether you celebrate with Halloween costumes or just some Halloween decorations, here are 20 funny Halloween memes to get you into the spooky swing of things.

We hope these put a smile on your face as you’re making your way through the week!

1. Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween Costume Ideas Meme

Hey, if the spirit of fall makes you happy, embrace it. This pup’s got it and they’re flaunting it.

2. The Working Witch Halloween Meme

The Working Witch Halloween Meme

I haven’t checked Indeed lately; is anywhere hiring for the position of Local Haunted Witch? I know someone who might want to apply.

She might be me.

3. Halloween Season: May the Force Be With You

Halloween Season: May the Force Be With You

We’re not content with a simple “Boo” sign on the door.

We need more.


4. Hypocritical Halloween Theme

Hypocritical Halloween Theme

Make sure you don’t just respect spiders around spooky season! They help our ecosystem all year round, so give them some love.

5. Romance Is Dead Halloween Meme

Romance Is Dead Halloween Meme

Because who doesn’t want to say “I do” in front of a legion of the undead?

6. Halloween Themed House

Halloween Themed House

I don’t need much of an excuse to start the Halloween decoration process. 

One leaf on the ground? 

More than enough reason to get started.

7. Give Me More Decor

Give Me More Decor

This is me the second I walk into the dollar section at Target in October.

8. Get Into the Halloween Spirit

Get Into the Halloween Spirit

I like to think that Halloween Spirit stores haunt the abandoned locations they replace.

9. It’s Nacho Time Halloween Meme

It's Nacho Time Halloween Meme

I have a limited schedule, okay? If it doesn’t involves goblins or ghosts, I’m busy.

10. Give the Holiday Some Respect

Give the Holiday Some Respect Meme

I don’t disrespect Santa, how about you show some respect to King of the Pumpkin patch?

11. Spooky Retail Therapy

Spooky Retail Therapy

We all need some R&R. It just so happens that walking through the spooky section of stores brings me joy. Don’t judge.

12. Spirit Halloween 24/7/365

Spirit Halloween 24/7/365

Where else am I supposed to get a candle that looks like it was made out of a human skeleton? What about my anatomically incorrect raven skeleton? They don’t have that at Home Goods!

13. I’ve Got Halloween Fever

I've Got Halloween Fever Meme

Oh, well would you look at that, I’ve been diagnosed with Spooky Time.

14. The Best of Both Worlds

The Best of Both Worlds

Why pick one over the other when you can be spooky and cute? Be both! Embrace your adorable inner demons.

15. Real Life Haunted House Halloween Meme

Real Life Haunted House Halloween Meme

There’s only one way to find out, right?

16. It’s the Spooky Meme Police

It's the Spooky Meme Police

I’m not going to apologize for filling your feed with hilarious Halloween memes. You’re welcome.

Don’t be ungrateful.

17. Danny’s Famous Top Hat

Danny's Famous Top Hat

Helena Bonham Carter isn’t the only one who gets the same acting role from Tim Burton time and time again. Good old Danny Devito has a part to play and he plays it with style.

18. Costume Ready

Costume Ready Meme

Halloween is a state of mind, not a holiday.

It’s also an adorable pug in a Gandalf costume.

19. Never Too Early Halloween Meme

Baby Yoda Halloween Meme

Would a meme article be complete without Baby Yoda (sorry, Grogu)? I think not. He wants to decorate for Halloween, too.

20. Bob’s Burgers Celebrates Halloween Meme

Bob's Burgers Celebrates Halloween Meme

Bob’s Burgers consistently delivers when it comes to their holiday episodes, and their Halloween ones are arguably the best. Just the kids’ creative costumes alone are enough to make you tune in!

Let These Halloween Memes Get You in the Spooky Spirit

We hope these “Hallomemes” got you feeling hauntingly happy! If you want to stay up to date on all things Halloween at WBD, check out our Halloween hub!

In addition to our Halloween memes, we’ve got a countdown, ways to throw a fall-themed bash, and different activities for kids! Stay safe, stay spooky.

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