Work Anniversary Memes to Make You and Your Coworkers Smile

Work Anniversary Memes

It’s always fun to celebrate a milestone at work, and your “workaversary” should certainly be a cause for celebration! If you’re getting close to the one-year mark at your job, work anniversary memes can be a fun way to remind your coworkers of the upcoming milestone.

Here are some work anniversary memes that should make you smile just as much as hitting that one-year mark.

Congrats Memes

When you’ve worked at a company long enough to celebrate a work anniversary, you get all the benefits of being a valued employee: respect, a consistent paycheck, and positive work relationships. Here are some work anniversary memes that celebrate all those things.

1. Season 1 Energy

Once you’re an established member of the team, you become a main character, not an awkward recurring newbie. Congrats on the upgrade!

2. I Don’t Want to Join Your MLM, Thanks

No MLMs here. We have a job we love and a paycheck to prove it, thank you very much.

3. Zoom Pets

You’ve been around for a while, so you’ve probably seen everyone’s animals on Zoom a million times. It doesn’t make it any less special when Dave pulls out Mr. Mittens for the weekly recap.

4. No More Replying to Job Postings!

You know who’s not getting ghosted after 8 million job interviews? That’s right! You! You’re happy and thriving where you are, so no need to scroll through Indeed until midnight.

Coworker Memes

If you’ve stayed with a company long enough, you’ve probably developed close friendships with some coworkers. Here are some memes that those with a BCF (Best Coworker Forever) will relate to.

5. Hot Office Goss

Hot work goss with the coworker babes just hits different.

6. Favorite Coworker Moment

Let’s admit it, we all pick favorites when it comes to our coworkers. And when you get a shift with them? It’s the best feeling.

7. Teamwork Forever

Teamwork makes the dream work, right?

8. Love My Coworker

There’s nothing like a good work BFF to take your job from good to great.

9. “Don’t Tell Anyone But…”

Give me the tea. I’m ready.

Happy Funny Anniversary Memes

Happy anniversary images come in all shapes and forms. Some of them celebrate our growth, and some involve the appreciation we receive from our efforts. Here are some work anniversary memes that celebrate all those things.

10. The “I Did a Project Without Crying” Award Goes to…

We are growing, changing, developing, and thriving. True boss babe energy.

11. You Make the Office Complete

Work anniversaries come with work anniversary gifts! It’s nice to feel appreciated.

12. The Boss Babe-ification

One day we wake up and only speak boss babe. And that transformation is beautiful.

13. The Awkward Coworker Half Smile

Guess who officially isn’t the new kid on the block anymore! You’ve upgraded from awkward half-smiles to “How’s it hanging?” and “working hard or hardly working? banter. We’re so proud of you.

Work Anniversary Memes For This Nostalgic Moment

Completing another year at your job should be cause for celebration. If you’ve spent that much time there, it probably means you enjoy the work and your coworkers.

Take this time to celebrate how far you’ve come in your career and make goals on where you want to be professionally in another year’s time. We hope these work anniversary memes help you celebrate where you are in your career.

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