The 5 Best Motivational Podcasts for Inspiration and Empowerment

If you’re looking to hop onto the trend of listening to podcasts, there’s no shortage to choose from; throw a stone and you’ll likely hit a bearded guy wearing a beanie talking to his buddies about starting a podcast. While true crime is all well and fine, motivational podcasts can give you a mood boost and set you on the path to empowered productivity and personal growth.

But with so many to choose from, where do you start? Here are some of our suggestions on the best podcasts out there to get yourself motivated to be your best badass self.

Hurdle Podcast


Hosted By: Emily Abbate

Ever wondered what the most accomplished people in the world faced on their journey to success? What did a win feel like? What about crushing defeat? Do they ever experience doubt?

Emily Abbate, a veteran journalist and wellness coach, gets the thought-provoking answers on her podcast Hurdle. She started the podcast in 2018. And since then,  she talks with everyone you would consider successful, from CEOs at the top of their game to athletes at the height of their physical performance. She gets them talking about topics including the toughest moments in their lives, what it’s like to be on top, how they pursued their own personal development and all the messy stuff in between called life.

Her website says the podcast’s mission is “to inspire you to be your best self, move with intention — and have some fun along the way.”

The New York Times called it “addictive.” Maybe you’ll agree.

Dare to Lead Podcast

Dare to Lead with Brené Brown

Hosted By: Brené Brown

Well-known as a thought leader in the mental health space, Brené Brown started a podcast inspired by her book Dare to Lead. The New York Times also praised this bestselling author as Dare to Lead premiered at the #1 spot on both their bestseller list and the Wall Street Journal’s.

When describing her podcast, Brown says, “The Dare to Lead podcast will be a mix of solo episodes and conversations with change-catalysts, culture-shifters, and as many troublemakers as possible. Innovating, creating, and building a better, more just world, requires daring leadership in every part of our daily lives – from work to home to community. Together, we’ll have conversations that help us show up, step up, and dare to lead.”

Her guests include familiar faces like actress, producer, and director America Ferrera and scholars at the top of their field.

A Slob Comes Clean

A Slob Comes Clean

Hosted by: Dana K. White

Are you someone who has it all together in the office but as soon as you get home it all falls apart? Dana K. White is here to get down and dirty about how to truly reorganize your life with this inspiring podcast.

She gets real with her audience. She’s honest about how she hates to clean, too. She owns her past as a “slob” and uses her vulnerability to show others that no matter where they’re coming from, they can get their house decluttered and recentered. She calls it your “personal deslobification process.”

In her About Me section on her website, she talks about how she felt held back from becoming a writer by her “disastrous home.” She started casually blogging as “Nony” – as in “Anonymous” – about her cleaning process and people were drawn to her raw, authentic voice.

If the spark joy method feels too perfect for you, White gives you an option that makes space for imperfections. She wants her listeners to know that “this is a safe place to know you are not alone in your housekeeping struggles, to gain hope that you, too, can change, and to learn from someone who understands what it is like to feel completely overwhelmed in her home.”

Happier Podcast

Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Co-hosted by: Gretchen Rubin and Elizabeth Craft

Another show by a New York Times bestseller, this podcast features Gretchen Rubin and Elizabeth Craft. Rubin is considered one of the most influential voices when it comes to the methods you need to adopt to achieve happiness.

Author of The Happiness Project and Better Than Before, she shares with her readers and listeners how our human nature combined with the habits we adopt impacts our happiness. She believes “there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for becoming happier, healthier, more productive, or more creative; when we know ourselves and what works for us, we can change our habits and our lives.”

How I Built This Podcast

How I Built This with Guy Raz

Hosted By: Guy Raz

Ever wanted to watch a version of the show How It’s Made? But about the most successful companies in the world? The podcast hosted by Guy Raz has got you covered.

He explores the stories of how some of the most well-known companies came to power. He talks about the inventors, entrepreneurs, innovators, and creative minds behind these companies.

The New York Times also has a few words to say about him, calling him “one of the most popular podcasters in history.”

He works closely with NPR on projects like Wisdom from the Top and How I Built This. He used to host TED Radio Hour, a show he co-created where he interviewed TED Talk speakers. This show would also make for a good candidate on a list of motivational podcasts.

In 2017, he became the first person to ever have three shows in the top 20 spots on the Apple Podcast charts.

Your Favorite Motivational Podcasts

If you are someone who speeds through podcasts while working, we’d love to hear about some of your favorites.

What motivational podcasts do you love? What makes a podcast motivational to you?

Everyone feels motivated by different things, so it makes sense that not everyone would feel empowered by the same podcast. Do you like hearing about other people’s success stories? How about getting specific tips on how to organize yourself?

Do you want to learn more about how to live a happier life? Tell us all about your favorite podcasts in the comments, and join WBD to talk more in-depth about motivational podcasts you love in our forums section!

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