4 Incredible Scholarships for African American Females

Scholarships for African American Females

To combat the systemic inequality, Black women in America face when applying for colleges, many organizations have put together scholarships specifically for African American females. Even Beyoncé developed a scholarship to help and inspire Black women to follow their dreams!

It’s no question that industries improve when they have access to a variety of viewpoints. A diverse population of employees helps companies gain a greater understanding of the world around them. It also helps in creating a welcoming, inclusive office culture that strives to lift up the voices of women and underrepresented populations helps them flourish. To have more Black women in roles of authority and leadership in the workplace, our society needs to strive to make higher education easily accessible and affordable for them.

Finances play a significant role in where students can attend colleges. Making scholarships available for students gives them a chance to attend the schools of their dreams, saddling them with less debt when they leave.

We’ve put together a highlight of the scholarship opportunities available for African American women who aspire to further their education and obtain a college education.

Essence Scholars Program

This scholarship program run by Essence magazine gives five female African American students in their sophomore or junior year attending a college within the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) a chance to earn up to $10,000 of aid.

You must have at least a 3.0 GPA and FAFSA information that demonstrates need. To distinguish your application, you must represent yourself as someone with a strong desire to learn with a deep understanding of current African American culture. Additionally, you should be familiar with UNCF’s work.

Learn more about the Essence Scholars Program here: https://scholarships.uncf.org/ or Call (202) 810-0258

The UNCF/Koch Scholars Program (UKSP)

For those with an entrepreneurial mindset, the UKSP presents itself as an excellent option. The program aims to teach and encourage Black future business and professional women to adopt an entrepreneur’s mindset and skills through study, creativity, and innovation. Scholars explore their own unique ideas for themselves individually, the communities they come from, and the societies they are a part of. They also gain the technical applications to understand both the economic and applied skills necessary to run a business.

Those who apply could receive up to $5,000 a year, in addition to the learning experience gained from the program.

Learn more about UKSP here: https://uncf.org/programs/uncf-koch-scholars-program

The National Scholarship

The National Association of Business and Professional Women’s Club Inc. (NANBPWC) offers this scholarship to involved, high-achieving African American female senior high school students.

To apply, you must submit:

  • Two letters of recommendation: One from the guidance counselor, the other from a math, science, or English teacher.
  • Your high school transcript: Must show a GPA above a 3.0.
  • A 300-word essay: You must answer the question “Why Is Education Important to Me?”

Leadership skills demonstrated in extracurriculars play a significant role in the selection process. The NANBPWC wants to help African-American women achieve their business-oriented scholastic dreams through financial assistance. So they’re looking for students who make significant academic achievements and involve themselves in the community.

The amount of money offered and the number of winners varies from year to year.

Learn more about the National Scholarship here: http://nanbpwc.org/

Ron Brown Scholarship

This $10,000 award aims to assist African-American high school seniors who can communicate to the program that they have the skills to make a significant contribution to society. You need to possess an exemplary academic record, show your leadership potential through past experience, prove financial need, and illustrate your record of service to your community.

The scholarship fund is named for the late Ron Brown, Secretary of Commerce. Black students involved in the program gain more than just financial aid; they get to make connections, serve their community, and achieve academic excellence.

You can renew the scholarship each year for a total of $40,000 while attending any American four-year college or university.

Learn more about the Ron Brown Scholarship here:  www.ronbrown.org

Higher Education Opens Doors

Students from minority populations face additional challenges when it comes to applying for colleges. Scholarships aimed at helping Black and minority students can make a big difference when finances play a significant role in deciding whether or not they can attend colleges.

Hopefully, more businesses in the future will create scholarships to help fund students attending historically Black colleges. You help change the business culture by offering positions to underrepresented populations. Giving individuals an equal chance at higher education can help make that possible.

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