Fall Aesthetic Ideas for a Cozy Autumn

fall aesthetic

Even if you’re only pretending to feel a slight chill in the air, it’s okay to start looking forward to autumn! And what is a more perfect way to welcome in the season than by giving your home a fall aesthetic makeover?

Finding Fall Aesthetic Inspiration

A great place to start with planning your fall home decor is by finding a good source of inspiration! We’re big fans of The Rustic Market for that! They do a fabulous job at visual merchandising – and their seasonal displays will have feeling all the cozy feels. Visit them in Marietta and Acworth, Georgia or online!

Your home’s fall look can be as simple as some well-placed decorative squashes and gourdes to a full-fledged crimson and orange takeover. Here are some ways you can bring the spirit of fall into your home.

Fall Aesthetic Color Palette

While orange and brown are probably the first colors you think of when you’re looking for autumn colors, there’s a wider range to consider. Orange itself has a wide variety of choices. You can go Philadelphia Flyers orange, but if you’re looking for something more subtle, a burnt crimson would work better.

The fall color palette could include deep purples, greens, and reds in addition to the orange and brown. A successful fall color palette will look like a collection of fallen leaves. Choose colors a seasoned leaf peeper would deem worthy of inspection.

Incorporating Leaves Into Your Home

Nothing says fall like a colorful array of leaves. You can buy any number of items that incorporate leaves into their decor, but what if you tried adding leaves to the decor you already have?

Places like Michaels sell faux leaves in a variety of colors. You can buy them as individuals or in chains. Here are some ways you can make your home more festive by adding faux leaves to the apartment or house.

  • Try wrapping a chain of leaves around your entry table.
  • Drape a chain of leaves over a doorway or around artwork.
  • Make a centerpiece with individual leaves and autumnal flowers for a bouquet.
  • Make an autumn-themed wreath for your front door.
  • Add leaves to your indoor hanging plants.

Want to try using the real thing? Gather some leaves from outside and get creative. You can use leaves in all sorts of DIY projects, like when making a watercolor leaf print. The only limit is your imagination, and if you can’t come up with anything crafty on your own, Pinterest is always there to help.

Do you like seeing the real thing? Go out and take photos of incredible autumn views. Get them printed and hang them up in your home to enjoy. For a special flair, hang the photo in a gold frame.

Fall Aesthetic Etsy Finds

Not much of a crafter? That’s okay! Trust the professionals to come up with amazing autumn decor to make your home just a bit more cozy.

Succulent Pumpkin Centerpiece

What’s more adorable than a succulent inside a white pumpkin-shaped ceramic pot? If you’re an autumn-loving plant mom, this is a must-have.

Small Wooden Autumn Signs

These little wooden signs are simple and cute addition to your current decor. They have different options, including “It’s Fall Y’all,” “Hello Pumpkin,” and “Hey There Pumpkin.”

Pumpkin Push Pins

Need to spruce up your office corkboard? Grab these adorable pumpkin push pins! They’re the perfect subtle accent to make your workspace a bit more autumnal.

Autumn Wire Art

Looking for something artsy for your wall? These wire pieces shaped as a leaf, flower, or pumpkin would be the perfect addition to your home!

Ornamental Resin Leaves

If you want leaves with a classy, artsy feel, these handmade creations are perfect! They’re hand painted resin furnished with a plaid bow and small acorns.

Large Metal Leaf Decor

Looking for something large, classy, and autumnal? These metal wall hangings made to look like dried, crumbling leaves are a polished way to bring the fall aesthetic into a minimalist interior design.

Personalized Vintage Family Pumpkin Patch Sign

Want something that comes with a personal touch? This pumpkin patch sign can be customized to include your family name and gives a rustic, farmhouse look to any room. It has a vintage, distressed look, and you can have it printed on canvas, metal, or wood.

Make it Spooky

Let’s be real: some of us love fall for one thing and one thing only: Halloween.

If you’re someone who’d rather be pretty scared than sipping a pumpkin spice latte, here are some finds to make your home a little more cute and haunted.

Cute Ghost Stories Print

More into the cute than creepy? This print of little ghosts trading stories around the campfire is the perfect in between.

Skull Mug

This skeleton drinking their morning coffee is the perfect design for your own cozy mug! Death before decaf, am I right?

3D Printed Ghost Figurines

These little ghost figurines are an adorable addition to any counter or table! They’re 3D printed and come in options of matte or gloss.

Spooky Starry Night

Love Vincent VanGogh’s Starry Night? This Halloween take on the painting is perfect! It features the same art style but focuses on a black cat sitting on a pumpkin and looking up into the sky.

Human Skull Planter

Love the macabre and you’re also a plant mom? What about using a human skull planter as a home for your succulents?

Floral Skull Print

If you’re into creepy and cute, this black and white print of a skull wearing a flower crown would be an excellent addition to your wall. You can also buy it as a two-pack with a floral vine figure print.

Your Fall Aesthetic Is All About You

However you choose to decorate your home for fall, you should make your decisions based on whatever decor brings a smile to your face. If you love corny signs with autumn puns, don’t be ashamed to buy those!

Your fall aesthetic is completely up to you, and you should get whatever makes you feel cozy and ready to welcome in the season.

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