20+ Best Friend Tattoos To Celebrate Friendship

Getting a tattoo with someone symbolizes a deep bond of friendship that will never fade. Best friend tattoos come in all shapes, sizes, and designs, so how do you find the best body art for your ride or die?

To get you inspired, here are some great best friend tattoo ideas to narrow down what you and your BFF should get tattooed together.

Best Friend Tattoos

Ready to get BFF tattoos with your number one? If you’re not sure where to start, these best friend tattoos will give you some inspiration.

Best Friend Tattoos

This tattoo by @sillylittleduck shows a beautiful sense of creativity and elegant execution. If you love capturing memories with your best friend, this combination of a camera and film is a beautiful testament to that friendship.

Best Friend Tattoos

Did you grow up reading Frog and Toad? There are no two cottagecore buddies that truly capture the meaning of friendship, and @tattoos.by.teddi represented that friendship perfectly.

friendship tattoo

Do you feel like you and your friend are two halves of the same whole? These sun and moon tattoos done in black ink by @lexxibergger illustrate that dynamic.

Dancing Skelton Tattoo

These dancing skeleton tattoos by @reneeorlandotattoo are spirited and adorable for you and your BFF.

flower tattoo

When deciding on a best friend tattoo, it’s fun to do something similar with a unique twist. These flower tattoos by @nikita.tattoo symbolize how you’re both similar, but you each bring something different to the friendship.

Puzzle Piece Tattoo

Clever tattoos that look awesome on their own and even more amazing together, like this one by @alectronatattoos, are an amazing way to commemorate your friendship. Yeah, you’re both cool on your own, but put you two together? You’re an experience.

Group Friendship Tattoos

Sometimes you aren’t just looking for a tattoo with your best friend; you have a girl gang you want to get ink with to symbolize your group’s bond. Here are some matching friendship tattoo designs that would look amazing for a group that needs friend symbols tattooed on each other.

Group Tattoos

These flower and butterfly tattoos by @angelinaphoenixartistry look perfect together because while they all have matching butterflies, they each have a unique flower. 

Group Friendship Tattoo

Getting quote tattoos is a fun thing to do as a group, because then the quote is only fully united when you all are together. This piece by @garbage_pail_spatz is a great example, because even when they’re apart, the tattoos still make sense on their own.

Best Friend Tattoos

Not all group tattoos have to be exactly the same. If they all carry a common theme, even if they’re in completely different art styles, they’re still best friend tattoos. This crew of manatees by @kaleijawstattoos is a great example!

Best Friend Tattoos

These paper airplane tattoos are small and perfect for a group with someone who’s not so sure about the tattoo process. The simple line art will make it easy to get the tattoo over with quickly, and it looks great when you’re together as a group.

Best Friend Matching Tattoos

Sometimes it’s cute to get corresponding tattoos that don’t exactly match. Other times, you’re looking for a matching tattoo design so you can be identical with your twin flame. Here are some cute best friend tattoos that match each other.


These matching tattoos by @tattoos_bywyn are a great example of how you can get creative; even though they are matching, they are mirror images so when they come together, they make the complete sunflower.

floral dopamine

These floral dopamine tattoos by @an_phu are absolutely adorable!

Semi Colon

Small, simple, and sweet: these semicolon heart tattoos are a perfect reminder of your love for your best friend.

Pinky Promise

Do you pinky promise to be best friends forever? This tattoo by @wildeblumetattoo makes it official.

Heart Tattoo

No need to make things overly complicated. If you love each other, this simple heart tattoo by @megababeink says it all.

Best Friend Tattoo

Do you have a photo that captures a special moment in your friendship? Getting a Polaroid tattoo like this one by @justoab_tattoo is the perfect way to take it with you everywhere.

Sister Tattoos

There’s nothing like a bond between sisters. Why not celebrate it with an awesome tattoo? Here are some suggestions on what you could get if you and your sibling(s) wanted matching sister tattoos.

Nerd Sister Tattoos

Sisterhood isn’t always a walk in the park. So why don’t you pick a pair of siblings to represent the ups and downs of sharing parents? If you and your sister are nerds, this tattoo by @nezuchu_ink of Loki and Thor is the perfect option.

Sister Tattoos

Looking for an elegant flower tattoo for you and your sister? These tattoos by @official100prooftattoo are a lovely source of inspiration.

Time of Birth

Are you and your sister a set of twins? Why not get a super simple and classy tattoo like this one by @kimi.ink that shows each of your times of birth?

Childhood Pet

Did you and your sister have a childhood pet that you both loved? Include them in your sister tattoo, just like this one by @tattoo.julia!


Will you always be by your sister’s side no matter what? These corresponding floral tattoos that say “siempre” (always) and “a tu lado” (by your side) by @erick_the_gentle are a gorgeous choice

Sister Tattoo

If you feel like the two of you represent the classic “big sis/little sis” roles, this simple tattoo by @_sweetmonster_ would fit you two perfectly.

Sister Tattoo

Are you one of multiple siblings? Their heart tattoos corresponding with what number each kid is in the lineup by @celebrityinksurferspara would help you all feel included in the tattoo process.

Picking the Right Artist for Your Best Friend Tattoos

Tattoos don’t fade, and neither do some friendships. Some friends may come and go, but when you’ve found your person, they’re with you for life. If you’re planning on celebrating this friendship with best friend tattoos, make sure you pick a design and artist that you both love.

Your artist will help finalize your design and is a part of this special memory you and your friend will have together, so you want to make sure you pick someone with talent and personality.

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