20 Mother Daughter Tattoos to Represent Your Love

Getting matching mother-daughter tattoos is a fun way to make a memory and have ink that represents your bond. There’s nothing quite like a relationship between mother-daughter duos, and if your mom is your everything, a tattoo is a great way to symbolize that special relationship.

Whether you’re looking for a birthday gift or a Mother’s Day present, here are some ideas to get you started in finding a mother-daughter tattoo that’s perfect for you and your mom!

Mother and Daughter Tattoos

When picking out a mother-daughter tattoo, you need to find something that matches both of your styles. You also need to choose a placement that makes you both happy. However, they don’t necessarily have to match. It could be cute if you both got wrist tattoos, but the matching symbols will be just as meaningful if she has hers on her shoulder and you have yours on your ankle. It just might make it difficult to get a cute Instagram photo of you two showing off your new tattoo design together!

Here is proof that tattoos are a great way to show your love for your mother or daughter.

Mother Daughter Tattoos

Some of the best mother-daughter tattoos aren’t matching. Suns and moons tattoos like the one by @mpu1989 are a great option.

Mother Daughter Tattoos

Not all mother-daughter tattoos have to make it obvious that it is a mother-daughter tattoo either. This example by @5280art shows that as long as the ink reminds you of your mother or daughter, it’s a mother-daughter tattoo.

Heart Tattoos

You can never go wrong with a simple set of hearts like this one from @louisvillebeautyandwellness!

Sun and Moon Tattoo

Want something simple and adorable? These hand tattoos by @trikona.tattoos are a pinky promise that you’ll always be there for each other. Day or night.

Dog print tattoo

If something that bonds you is your love of animals, this tattoo by @brookeandcanvas could be perfect.

Trees Tattoo

If you’re the apple that didn’t fall far from your mother’s tree, this tattoo is a great choice. Have multiple siblings? Try using the same design and switching up the color, just like @rockybonnaside did in this set of four!

Avocado Tattoo

Do you feel like you and your mom are two halves of the same whole? Why not get an adorable avocado together? We love this one from @nat_headstone!

Mom Tattoo Ideas

Not every mother tattoo needs to have a matching daughter tattoo! Here are some tattoos you can get if you just want to celebrate motherhood.

Mother Tattoo

This beautiful floral interpretation of a mother holding her child by @travieguy.ink is a gorgeous line art piece for any mom.

handprint tattoo

This handprint tattoo by @inkut_tattoo_montreux is a beautiful tribute to the day your baby was born.

Mother Daughter Tattoos

Florals are a great addition to motherhood tattoos; they represent new life and growth, just like this tattoo from @isabelporceltattoos.

Mother Daughter Tattoos

If simplicity is what you’re after, this line art piece by @alenagarasayan is a great inspiration.

Mother tattoo

This gorgeous design by @martinkellytattoo is truly a work of art.

mother tattoo

No one comes between a lioness and her cub. This piece by @karo_666 is a wonderful tribute to that bond.

Memorial Mom Tattoo

Sometimes children want to get tattoos to memorialize a mom that is no longer with them. For some, it’s an important part of the grieving process. Even though your mom is no longer with you, you can still carry a piece of her heart with you.

Here are some thoughtful tattoos to get if you pay tribute to your love for a mom who has passed.

Love you tattoo

If you have a sample of your mom’s handwriting, quote tattoos or meaningful messages from her would be a beautiful tribute .We love this one from @inkfinery!

Mother Daughter Tattoos

Elephant tattoos are great to represent a relationship with a mother. Elephant societies are matriarchal, a mom carries their kid for a gestation period of 22 months (can you imagine being pregnant for almost two years?), and they care for their children as part of the herd. This one from @becca.ink is one of our favorites!

Mother Daughter Tattoos

This butterfly and flower tattoo by @moxietattoo is a great tribute for someone missing their mom.

heart tattoo

Is there an animal you felt represented their spirit? You could get that tattooed along with a heart and small message, just like this piece by @albina_tattoo_toronto.

Daughter Tattoo

This piece by @stevenleartattooer is a lovely memorial piece for this person’s mom.

Flower Tattoo

This flower infinity tattoo by @tattoosbynikkirae is a great example of a tasteful, timeless memorial tattoo.

Mother-Daughter Tattoos Should Be as Unique as You

There’s nothing wrong with getting the traditional “mom” heart tattoos. In some cases, working with your tattoo artists to come up with a design that is completely unique to you two might feel more meaningful. It’s a great idea to have reference pictures, but always work with your artist on the final design. They know better than anyone what tattoo design and placement will look best on your body.

Tattoos represent permanence, which is why it means a lot when someone gets a tattoo that symbolizes you. If your mother or daughter asks to get inked with you, it means your relationship isn’t going anywhere. So next time you’re hanging out with your mom, ask to see if she’d want to get a mother-daughter tattoo with you! Her answer just might surprise you.

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