Aries Sign: Meaning, Characteristics, and Personality Traits

Aries Sign

Learning more about your sign of the zodiac can be a fun way for you to learn more about yourself. Even if you find that the sign doesn’t really connect with what you know about yourself, it’s still important to spend time reflecting on who you are as an individual. If you were born between March 21 and April 19, you were born as an Aries sign.

But what does that mean for you?

We’re going to take a look at some of the classic Aries personality traits and you can see how close you are to a traditional Aries.

Understanding the Sun Sign

Even if you only have passing knowledge of zodiac signs, you probably still know your sun sign. But did you know that there are two other major signs you should be aware of?

They’re called your moon and rising, or ascendant, signs, and they correspond to different aspects of who you are as an individual. In order to learn all three, you need your birth date, time of birth, and the location of your birth.

Knowing the exact time and place you entered the universe gives you an idea of who you are at your core, the parts of yourself that you hide, and the mask you wear for the rest of the world. This applies to all signs – not just those born under the Aries sign.

The Sun Sign, Moon Sign, and Rising Sign

  • Sun Sign: These are the zodiac signs most people are familiar with. This sign gives a basic understanding of who you are and is determined by the date of your birth.
  • Moon Sign: This sign reveals who you are internally at your core and how you feel emotionally: the parts of yourself you don’t openly share with the world. You determine this sign through the date and time of your birth on your natal chart.
  • Ascendant, or Rising Sign: This sign reveals the exterior façade you show the world. It’s the mask you wear before you feel comfortable enough to reveal what your moon sign says about you. This is determined by the date, time, and location of your birth.

Say you look at your sun sign and really don’t identify with any of the listed traits. That’s okay! That’s why you need your moon and rising signs to give you a more nuanced look into who you are as a whole.

The Aries Sun Sign

The Aries zodiac sign is represented by the ram constellation and is in league with its fellow fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius. As you would expect, this alignment lends itself to a fiery personality as seen in many Aries people.

It is also a cardinal sign, which is a sign meant for rational leaders. Its ruling planet is Mars, which should come as no surprise to people familiar with Roman and Greek Mythology. Mars was the Roman God of war, just as Aries is the Greek God of war.

Just as their namesake God, those with the Aries sign are known for their bravery. They do not back down in the face of danger and will fight fiercely for what they believe in, no matter the cost.

When championing a cause they feel strongly for, they can become powerful leaders. Just be careful that their power doesn’t go to their head.

Those with the Aries sign are fearless and do not shy away from new experiences. They are generally extroverts and constantly need to try new things in order to stay entertained. They won’t be satisfied spending Friday night watching Netflix alone in their pajamas.

While their passion and creativity make them electric, it can also become all too overpowering in the long term. Left unchecked, people born as an Aries can take over a project and refuse to listen to others. They’re so excited by their own skills that they don’t want to share the decision making process with anyone else. They can grow quite hotheaded if challenged.

While their willingness to take risks makes them exciting and open to new experiences, it can also be dangerous. They might engage in reckless behavior, like driving too fast or betting too much, and it can ultimately put them in danger.

Aries Sign Traits

If you are an Aries sign, you most likely identify with these core traits:

  • Brave: If you need someone that won’t back down from a fight, you want an Aries on your side. Whether they’re battling it out on the 50 yard line or in the courtroom, an Aries will champion their cause without fear.
  • Exciting: Because they are unafraid, spending time with an Aries is exhilarating. There’s never a dull moment when an Aries is around.
  • Creative: All of their energy gets channeled into their creative passion, and they need an outlet to express themselves in a healthy way.
  • Passionate: If an Aries decides to care about something, they won’t back down or let it go. They care deeply.
  • Risky: An Aries’s bravery can lead them to taking unhealthy risks. It’s best if they spend time with a sign that can act as a voice of reason.
  • Optimistic: Even when all seems bleak, an Aries lets their passion lead them and they will pursue their goals, no matter how unlikely it may seem that those goals can be accomplished.

The Sign of Bravery

Aries are undoubtedly known for their bravery. If you need someone to stand up for you, you can certainly trust an Aries to stand by your side and stand up for you when others won’t. They are fierce friends and their passion will certainly make you feel loved.

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