Capricorn Rising: The External Pragmatists

Many people know their sun sign, but did you know that two other signs play a role in your personality? If you are Capricorn rising, your external personality could be more pragmatic and determined than you are inwardly. It all depends on your moon, rising, and sun sign combination.

Let’s take a look at what it means to have the earth sign that Saturn rules as your ascendant sign.

Understanding the Role of Rising Signs

Before we dive into what Capricorn rising says about you, let’s talk about the different signs and what they each mean. Even though they have the same traits, a Scorpio sun and Scorpio rising will apply the traits to different facets of their persona.

When studying astrology, there are three primary signs to know: sun, moon, and rising. Some people call rising “ascendant” instead.

The sun sign is the Zodiac sign most people with rudimentary astrological knowledge know. It’s the easiest to determine, as you only need to know your birthday to figure it out. This sign’s traits will pertain to who you were born to be. Characteristics of your sun sign describe who you are at your core.

You determine your moon sign by knowing your birth date and birth time. The moon sign changes every few days, unlike the sun sign, which takes a month’s time to change. People born one day apart could have different moon signs. The moon sign corresponds with who you are inwardly. The softer side of yourself you only show to those closest to you. Some people never reveal the characteristics of their moon sign to others.

The rising sign gets determined by the time, date, and location of your birth. It tells you what sign was along the eastern horizon when you were born.

This sign pertains to your external facade. This is the face you show the world, before you let someone get too close. It’s who you try to look like on social media, the face you put on during job interviews and first dates.

The easiest way to determine all your signs is by using a birth chart.

birth chart calculation

Capricorn Rising

So if you are Capricorn rising, what face are you showing the world?

Capricorns are hardworking, dependable, and realistic. Since a young age, they’ve done their best to show the world they’re put together. They did the best they could in school, whether or not their room was a mess at home. In the office, they use their determination to set themselves apart. Even if they aren’t the shining star, they’re working the hardest. They don’t need things to come easy to them. If they aren’t naturally gifted, they’ll use their growth mindset to become the best they can be by working hard for a long time.

Some consider their attitude to be pessimistic, but it isn’t really. They’re just going to tell you the truth how they see it, regardless of others’ points of view. They aren’t going to sugarcoat anything for your benefit. It’s more practical just to rip off the bandaid and tell the truth. They lead level-headed lives and choose to make practical choices. They rely on logic when making decisions, rather than letting their heart make public choices.

They bring this practicality to the workplace. They can easily fall into workaholic patterns. If they have a sun sign that is fun-loving and can relax easily, they could successfully live the “work hard, play hard” lifestyle. But if their sun or moon sign also has a tendency to dive deep into work, they’ll struggle to make room for self-care.

In order to get all this work done, they keep themselves organized. Since they have this organizational trait as a rising sign, they might make themselves look organized in ways others can see. Their desk at work and car might be spotless, but their house could be a disaster zone depending on their moon sign.

Capricorn Moon

Traits of Capricorn Rising

Here’s a quick breakdown of the most common traits of Capricorn ascendant people:

  • Hardworking: You always give your work your all. Especially when you’re working on a project where others will see you and know exactly how much you contributed.
  • Organized: In the office and in public spaces, you present yourself as organized. If you’re having friends or family over, you will make sure the living spaces look spotless, even if that means just shoving all your dirty laundry into a closet.
  • Practical: You make choices that make sense. You’re going to rely on your head rather than your heart when making decisions.
  • Honest: It just makes more sense in the long term to tell the truth. Why waste time tiptoeing around an issue?
  • Realistic: Some might see you as pessimistic. But you’re just going to share the facts. You aren’t trying to be negative, you’re just telling it like it is.
capricorn sign

Capricorn Rising: The Zodiac Sign External Pragmatism

If you have Capricorn as your ascendant or rising sign, you’ll make public choices that make the most logical sense. You won’t make rash decisions at work, even if you take risks in your public life. You put long-term satisfaction over immediate pleasure. You’re willing to put in the hard work to show the world what you’re capable of. How much Capricorn rising people contradict externally with who they are on the inside will depend on their sun and moon signs.

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