25 Wednesday Memes to Brighten Your Hump Day

Wednesday Memes

The way you look at Wednesday defines whether you are a glass half full or glass half empty person. That’s why there’s such a variety of Wednesday memes to appreciate.

Do you get to Wednesday and think “Yay! We’re almost to the weekend!” Or do you think “Oh my God, how is it only Wednesday?”

No matter how you see this particular day, here are some Wednesday memes that will brighten your day.

Funny Wednesday Memes

If Wednesday is causing you stress, take some time to laugh at these funny Wednesday memes.

1. Looking for The Weeknd on Wednesday


A double cultural reference meme to enjoy on Wednesday. Never thought I’d see The Weeknd’s face superimposed on Wednesday Addams’s face, but hey, the braids really work for him.

2. I’ll Be a Little Late


Just a tiny bit late, no biggie.

3. Late Again?


Sorry, we couldn’t resist another Wednesday meme featuring Wednesday Addams. Waking up early is hard! You can’t expect me to be on time EVERY time.

Happy Wednesday Memes

If you’re a glass half full person when it comes to the middle of the week, here are some Wednesday memes you’ll enjoy.

4. New Spelling Suggestion


Got to love a person who’s open to new ideas.

5. Bon Jovi Brings In Wednesday


If you need some inspiration, pop on Living on a Prayer and dance out the Wednesday worries.

6. Wednesday Taco Self Care


Who said Tacos are only for Tuesdays? It’s called self care, okay?

Cute Animal Wednesday Memes

Whose day doesn’t brighten when they see animals? That’s why there are service and therapy dogs, right?
I’ll wait.

Make your Wednesday a little better with these adorable animal Wednesday memes!

7. Bulldog Waiting for Friday


How can you resist that face? Just tell him it’s Friday.

8. Angry Cat Face


If I’m making this face, it’s time to give me some space.

9. Surprised Cat Face

When I make this face, my coworkers know it’s time to give me space.


That moment when you remember what day of the week it is and it isn’t Friday.

10. Puppuccino to Go, Please


“I’ll have a double puppuccino. Definitely need the extra caffeine today.”

11. OMG It’s Only Wednesday?


Gotta love a good old fashioned kitty pun. And that face is something I truly relate to.

Happy Hump Day Memes

Geico famously popularized the phrase Hump Day with their insurance commercials featuring a talking camel. Whether you love it or hate it, here’s some hump day memes.

12. Move Over Hump Day


While some people enjoy the playful term “Hump Day,” some people are sick of Dave at the office impersonating that Hump Day camel from the Geico commercial. It wasn’t funny the first time, Dave.

13. Guess What Day It Is!


Speaking of which…

What? You didn’t think we could make a Wednesday meme article without including the OG Hump Day commercial?

Wednesday Struggle Memes

Sometimes Wednesday puts you in the fast lane to Struggle City, population: you. Here are some memes about one day of the week that might be kicking your butt.

14. Not the Email Responsibilities!


To be fair, I should have checked my email before Wednesday, but I was putting off this very emotion.

15. Just Let Me Survive This Week


Let me focus on surviving this week before we ask big picture questions, mkay?

16. The Struggle Side Hustle


Sometimes we crush the hustle, sometimes the hustle crushes us.

Wine Wednesday Memes

Whether you’re popping the cork to celebrate making it to Wednesday or you want a bit of bubbly to help you relax in the evening, always drink to Wednesday responsibly!

17. Celebrate Wednesday 


Hey, getting halfway through the week is something to celebrate!

18. Sunday Sobriety


I’m not the same woman I was on Sunday. Let me have my margarita in peace.

19. Capri Sun on the Rocks


This girl is me once I hit 5:00pm on Wednesday.

What Day of the Week Is It?

Sometimes, we get so lost in work that we completely forget what day it is. Here are some Wednesday memes about realizing you’re only half way through the week.

20. Crying Because It’s Wednesday


This photo conveys an emotion I feel deep in my soul.

21. Relaxing Sunday



22. Tomorrow’s Thursday, Right?


If you think this week was brutal, wait until you hear that tomorrow is actually Thursday…
I’m not telling her, you tell her!

23. OMG, It’s Only Wednesday?

Wednesday Meme

Here I was, cruising along, excited that I made it to Thursday and only had Friday left. 
And you’re here to tell me that it’s only Wednesday?

Be a Boss Every Day of the Week

Even if it’s only Wednesday, look at it this way; you have two more days to rock it out in your career. Take Thursday and Friday by storm and be the best business babe you can possibly be. We hope these Wednesday memes gave you a chance to laugh if you’re struggling to get through Hump Day!

Here at WBD, we always believe in you, so go believe in yourself and knock Wednesday’s socks off.

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