How to Make a Vision Board

how to make a vision board

You’ve got big dreams and the talent, know-how, and determination to achieve them. But how do you get started? An excellent technique for actualizing your dreams and desires is crafting your own vision board.

A vision board relies on the power of visualization — if you can tangibly see your dreams, you can achieve them. But how do you make a vision board that works?

Let’s take a look at some successful dream boards to get you inspired on your path to a future you control.

The Idea

All you need for a successful vision board is some creativity, but getting poster board, glue sticks, corkboard, and cutting magazines gives you a great place to start. Peruse through some dated magazines and find images that speak to you.

Ask yourself: if you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do?

The areas of your life you want to work on could reside outside the boardroom, too. If you want to work on your fitness, putting encouraging quotes from runners could help you stick to your workout routine on a daily basis.

The images you choose don’t have to directly correlate with your plans. You don’t have to show interest in perfume modeling to find inspiration in the model’s confidence. Clip her photo and include her on the board.


An important part of creating a vision board is placing it somewhere you will see it frequently. Putting it in a home office gives you visual reminders during the workday to center you on what you’re working towards.

Another great place is your bedroom. What’s better than waking up to the sight of your hopes and dreams becoming reality? Set your sights on a brighter future and keep yourself on track with a board you come in contact with every day.


Strong women stand together. We learn from each other and become the best versions of ourselves when we collaborate with each other, so why not host a vision board party? The law of attraction reminds us that the positive energy and negative thoughts we surround ourselves with brings good or bad into our lives. Surround yourself with positive, high-achieving women and you will inspire yourself towards that success.

When you started gluing, you talked about Miranda’s hope of becoming a CEO. When you wrote out your step-by-step guide to achieving your dream position in marketing, Talia talked about opening up a coffee shop. You learn inspiration and persistence from those you surround yourself with, so keep the strong women in your life close.

Word Association

Vision boards don’t need to just include photos to help you in setting goals. Add words that make you feel powerful. Add adjectives you hope to one day embody. Include quotes from inspiring women.

The language you use when referring to yourself has power, so remind yourself of positive words by pasting them onto your board.

Get Started!

Creating a vision board should be a source of fun, not stress. If you start to feel anxiety when you put your vision on the board, there’s no shame in taking a break. Setting goals is an important part of growth, but you need to make this board on a timeline that feels right for you.

Do you have a vision board you love? What tips and tricks do you have for making a Pinterest worthy board? Let us know in the comments!

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