Libra Rising: What It Means If Your Rising Sign Is In Libra

Libra Rising

Whether you casually check your horoscope for fun everyone once in a while or you religiously follow the movement of the stars, knowing your three signs is a fun and interesting way to learn more about yourself. If you fall into the category of Libra rising and still aren’t quite sure what that means, this article will help you get your bearings on how to use this information to get to know yourself better.

So let’s dive in by learning more about what the three different signs mean and see what this air sign says about you!

Understanding the Role of Rising Signs

People who closely follow astrology know that everyone has three signs: sun, moon, and rising or ascendant. Your sun sign is your zodiac sign, the one most people are familiar with. This is determined by the time of year you were born.

What not everyone knows is that you actually have two more signs, which give your horoscope and personality more nuance. The moon sign is determined by the exact time of day and date you were born. While the zodiac sign, or sun sign, has a wide range of dates that fall under the same sign, the moon changes position every two or three days, so someone born only two days away from you could have a completely different moon sign, even though you have the same sun sign.

Your rising sign is determined from the date, time, and location of your birth. From that information, your birth chart can determine what sign was along the eastern horizon when you entered the world, which dictates the rising sign.

The sun sign shows who you are, the moon sign shows who you are inwardly, and the rising sign is all about how you present yourself to other people. Your ascendant or rising sign gives you information about the façade or mask you show the world. When you meet people for the first time, such as in a job interview or on a first date, you are showing them your rising sign.

You could be a completely contradictory person between the face you show the world and who you are when you’re alone, which is why it’s important to have all three signs. They give you a more well-rounded sense of who you are from all perspectives.

Libra Rising

Libra rising people are known as peacemakers. Libra is not a fire sign, so instead of lashing out in conflict, they choose to be the diplomat and friend, helping others reconcile by finding a middle ground. They crave balance in their soul and harmony throughout the world. They appreciate balanced beauty, in whatever form it comes in, whether that be through a relationship, in a masterful art piece, or in the splendor of nature.

Since your ascendant astrological sign pertains to how people perceive you when you initially meet them, people who come in contact with you will see your sweetness, your compassion, and your charm. This face you assume could be completely different from your inward self, but it could also be a true indication of who you are. It all depends on your moon and zodiac sign.

Libra falls under the category of an air sign, which explains the diplomacy inherent in their nature. They are intelligent, detail-oriented, natural leaders, and never stop “doing.” They take an intellectual perspective, rather than letting emotion overcome them and blind them from the logical answer.

The only thing that makes Libras indecisive is when they try to make sure their decision will make everyone happy. They’ll feel conflicted when they have to choose between making one group happy over another, because it contradicts with their diplomatic nature.

Libra Ascendant Personality Traits

Here is a quick review of the most dominant traits of a Libra rising.

  • Diplomat: This person considers all points of view and tries their best to please everyone with their ultimate decision.
  • Leader: Due to their intellect and diplomacy, this person will amicably and successfully fulfill a leadership role.
  • Kind: Whether or not they inwardly want to, this person will present themselves as kind to those they only show their masked self.
  • Intelligent: This person is thoughtful and will not let emotions cloud their objective judgments.
  • Compassion: This person wants the best for everyone around them. They try to offer help to those close to them who find themselves in need.
  • Active: This person never stops working. They enjoy staying busy, whether it’s a work project or having a full social calendar.
  • Social: This person is probably an extrovert because they enjoy spending time with others. If you are a Libra ascendant and identify as an introvert, you enjoy spending quality time with those you consider close.
  • Collaborative: The diplomacy trait that comes with this birth chart helps tremendously when they are tasked with collaborating with others.

Playing the Role of the Diplomat

More than any other trait, Libra Rising signs are natural-born diplomats. This trait can be extremely helpful in a friend group that has a lot of strong personalities; if you have a sign Leo and Sagittarius going head to head, your services as the peacemaker will be essential!

However, you need to be cautious; if you’re a Libra rising in a situation where you have to make a decision, you might perseverate too long over a decision when you can’t make everyone happy. Sometimes you just need to accept that there are no clean solutions where everyone walks away pleased. Don’t let yourself get so caught up in making everyone happy that you end up making yourself sick with worry.

Uncovering What Your Signs Mean for You

When you go too far down the astrological rabbit hole, you might feel pigeonholed into your signs, like you can’t be anyone other than what your horoscope tells you. Or you might feel confused, because what you’re reading doesn’t match who you are at all.

At the end of the day, your ruling planet or sun moon doesn’t determine who you are: only you can do that. These are just meant to be guides to help you get to know yourself better, not concrete, unchanging commandments for where your life is headed.

Remember that you are in control of your destiny, not the stars.

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