September 19 Zodiac Sign: Horoscope, Personality, and Compatibility

September 19 Zodiac

The September 19 zodiac sign is Virgo. Virgo season officially ends on September 22, giving way to the season of the Libra. Being born so close to this date means that those with a September 26 birthday actually fall on the cusp of Virgo/Libra.

The Virgo-Libra Cusp

Individuals who were born on September 19th fall under the Virgo-Libra cusp. They are sharp-minded and creative, with excellent taste in music and art.

They are an important asset to their community, as they are compassionate and innovative. These Virgos have a rare ability to see the beauty in life (one of their most positive traits).

They can do this even when life is far from perfect. They can spot problems as well as opportunities and are able to work their way through them with ease.

It’s not always easy being on this cusp though. Because those who fall under it tend to be somewhat indecisive about their future paths (a Libra trait). Virgos have so many wonderful qualities that could benefit society if they pursued a certain path. For example, they are likely to excel in medicine or politics.

However, the Virgo-Libra remains undecided throughout much of their young adult years. This can sometimes extend into adulthood as well.

It’s possible individuals born on this day may wander between several different professions before finally choosing one they feel passionate about. This is one of the more negative traits.

Famous People Born On This Day

People born on September 19, you share a birthday with actress Alison Sweeney, singer Trish Yearwood, and Astronaut Sunita Williams.

Zodiac Horoscope: Love and Compatibility for September 19 Zodiac Sign

Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury, which rules communication in many forms. People with this zodiac sign are often witty and clever when it comes to verbal banter with others.

They have a way of turning things around on people that can be quite humorous at times. Even if their wit has been used as a weapon against them in the past.

They tend to go out of their way for those they love most deeply. And sometimes they put others’ needs before their own without thinking twice about it. They also don’t expect anything in return for doing so (also known as selflessness).

Most Compatible Partners

People born on September 19 are most compatible with Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces.

  • Scorpio: Virgo is a great balance for the intense Scorpio in many ways. They make excellent companions, and both signs are ruled by Mercury. The one difference between them is that Virgo may have difficulty understanding the depth of emotional connection associated with Scorpio sexuality.
  • Cancer: In some cases, this pairing can be explosive due to their shared emotions and feelings about life. Cancer needs someone who understands how they feel almost constantly while Virgo would rather look at things from a logical perspective instead of letting their heart lead them astray when it comes to making decisions regarding relationships or friendships (and sometimes even business).
  • Pisces: Pisces shares an ability to understand others on an emotional level like no other sign; therefore, these two zodiac signs are often drawn to one another. Pisces can get through Virgo’s tough exterior, which is something that not every sign has been able to accomplish since this zodiac sign tends to be very guarded about their feelings for the world at large.

Least Compatible Partners

People born with a September 19 birthday are the least compatible with: Aries, Gemini, and Leo.

  • Aries: Aries is a very independent sign that doesn’t like relying on others for anything. They want to know Virgo will be able to stand their ground and not rely on them in any way if they’re going through tough times together.
  • Gemini: Gemini can find themselves confused by the depth of feeling associated with Virgo sexuality, which makes it difficult for these two signs to connect at all levels. This pairing may also experience communication issues due to both individuals’ personalities; as well as their differences when it comes time to make decisions about how best to move forward as a couple or as friends/business partners (and sometimes even family members).
  • Leo: People born under this zodiac sign often prefer to be the center of attention. They also like things their way and don’t understand why Virgo must always have a say in how they handle or approach certain situations, even if it has nothing to do with them whatsoever (and especially when it comes to romantic relationships).
Virgo Zodiac Sign

Zodiac Horoscope: Career and Money for September 19 Zodiac Sign

Virgos have a charming personality and can be found in a variety of different careers. They tend to do well when they are put into leadership roles. And they also enjoy finding ways to help others grow personally, mentally, or emotionally.

They may also find themselves interested in working with animals or children due to their nurturing nature when it comes time to take care of others (or students).

People born on the 19th tend to be very successful financially if they choose a career that fits them well; especially one that allows them the freedom for creativity and/or artistic expression.

The Importance of Self Care for Virgos

Virgo’s are often prone to pushing themselves too hard, which can lead them to neglect their own needs for the sake of someone else. They should try to make time in their day-to-day lives for hobbies they enjoy and activities that help them recharge after a long work week or a stressful period at home with family members (or pets).

Virgos born on September 19 need time to relax and recharge after a long week of work; this will not only make them happier but it will also allow their partners to get the attention they deserve when times are busy at home (or in other situations).

Because of that, one way for people born on September 19 to take care of themselves is by carving out some alone time during each day or week so everyone can feel better overall about their lives together. This may mean taking up hobbies like yoga or meditation, signing up for art classes.

Virgo Characteristics

People born on this day are often very independent and self-sufficient. They tend to take criticism badly but they don’t want pity either, which can make expressing their feelings a challenge for them sometimes.

Virgos find themselves drawn to people who care about others as much as they do. The Virgo zodiac sign is also attracted to those with minds that work in the same way theirs does because there’s no point of view these individuals will not be able to understand when it comes time to discuss problems or issues at home (or within a relationship).

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