Are you ready for your March horoscope? On March 13, the moon in Pisces will help to heighten your intuition. And with Venus and Neptune meeting on March 14, it’s an especially romantic time of year.

The Spring Equinox arrives on March 20, as does the Aries season. It’s the perfect time to add fuel to the fire for your current passions.

The month ends with a full moon in Libra on the 28th. This shift will be all about balance – work/life balance to be specific.

See what the new month will bring each of the signs with these March Horoscopes!

March Horoscopes

Horoscopes 2021 Pisces


Treat yourself! You’ve been stuck in quite a number of daydreams lately and it’s time to make those a reality. Buy the thing you’ve been eyeing or take yourself out on a date. It’s your month!

You’ll start thinking too hard in the middle of the month, but don’t overanalyze. Towards the end of the month, you’ll feel more focused and people will notice, too.

Horoscopes 2021 Aries


You need a little rest and relaxation this month, Aries. Don’t be afraid to take a step back and give yourself a break. Whether that means traveling or trip to the spa, now is your time!

Love is on the rise for you, too! It may be an old flame ready to be sparked, or you might just meet someone new. Let it happen!

Horoscopes 2021 Tarus


This is the month of your career, Taurus. With the start of Aries season on the 20th of March, you’ll begin to think boldly. Opportunities will arise for new income – whether a side hustle or a promotion. Take it!

If you are feeling unsure about something, turn to a friend or family member. They will have news for you that may just sort out your confusion.

Horoscopes 2021 Gemini


Gemini, it’s time to go after your dreams! A big opportunity will arise and you may feel tempted to stay put – don’t! This is your sign to go for it.

This could be a new love interest or an opportunity to travel. Whatever the case, it’s time to go forth with it and enjoy whatever it brings.

Horoscopes 2021 Cancer


You may be getting mixed signals this month, Gemini, but don’t worry! A deep heart-to-heart will help you to see clearly and pass the bump in the road.

Your talents will inspire others in work or friendships! In the middle of the month, Mars will give you the initiative to excel. Take this as an opportunity to grow and/or move forward.

Horoscopes 2021 Leo


Leo! You may be reigniting some old flames this month and find something new within them. You’ll be calling the shots this month, though.

On the 8th, it’s time to celebrate! A travel plan may be coming back to fruition for you (maybe a summer vacation?), but you have time to plan and decide. Make it happen, though. It’ll be well worth the wait.

Horoscopes 2021 Virgo


The Virgo full moon is bringing you new energy. Those projects you left incomplete are waiting for you and this month you’ll have the energy and money to finish those up!

You may begin to feel tired towards the end of the month, but realize that you can’t do it all alone. A new friendship or relationship may be coming to you and with your mid-month spark, you’ll be all about it! Embrace your social life, even if it is virtual due to COVID.

Horoscopes 2021 Libra


You’re a social butterfly this month, Libra. There’s a possibility of a short trip with family and/or friends that will come to the forefront. Don’t miss out on the opportunity!

There’s a chance for you to mend any past experiences this month, as well. Communication will be more open in March, so it is the perfect chance. We enter Libra on March 28, which will round out the month with you feeling more balanced with your home and family life.

Horoscopes 2021 Scorpio


Changes are coming your way, Scorpio! Your energy will be higher than usual and you will be given the advantage to get things done in new ways!

You may feel worried about these changes, but trust the way things are going because they are in your favor! Don’t settle for the regular ways in work, home life, and love! Aim for something higher and watch it unfold to your advantage.

Horoscopes 2021 Sagittarius


This month is all about communication for you, Sag! You’ve proven yourself at home and work and will finally see it pay off this month. A well-learned lesson is also coming your way so keep lines of communication clear and open.

You may face an unexpected setback in the middle of the month, but don’t let it get you down. A fun connection of the past will come back to you. Get ready for an exciting rollercoaster of life this month!

Horoscopes 2021 Capricorn


Capricorn, this month is all about your goals! Even if you think you don’t know what you want, you do! Think deeply about this and start reaching for those goals. A path will open for one of your goals and take priority above all others.

You may see competition arise, but this will give you the opportunity to see how others get things done! This will only push you forward more to attaining those New Years Resolutions you set back in January.

Horoscopes 2021 Aquarius


The beginning of the month may seem like it’s flashing by you and you might feel rushed. This will only prove how much you can do, though.

Your creative juices will likely be going into overdrive as Aries season arrives with the Spring Equinox on Friday, March 20. Right now, you have people’s attention, don’t be afraid to share your ideas with the world!

Zodiac Signs – March Horoscope

We hope that this monthly horoscope gives you a little extra motivation and encouragement for making the most of this month! Have a wonderful March, and be sure to check back in April for your April Horoscope!

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