April Horoscopes

April Horoscopes

Get ready for your April Horoscopes and get a sneak peek of what each sign can expect from this month!

Along with the spring season and warmer weather, April is bringing some changes, and we are SO glad. This month brings a time of growth – just as the plants and flowers are blooming, each of you will, too!

You may not relate fully to your horoscope and this could be because you don’t know your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs. Knowing all three is important and can be a factor as to what your month will bring. Don’t know what your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs are? Check it out here.

April Horoscopes

Horoscopes 2020 Aries


Nothing is stopping you this month, Aries! Whatever it is that you’ve been pushing to finish will finally come to fruition. This month will be rewarding for you in many different areas of your life. Aside from reaching a major goal, your romantic life might just prosper as well. 

The full moon on the 2nd will be a strong start to the month for you. You’ll finally start seeing results in love, business, and more. Get ready because you’re going to have one great month!

Horoscopes 2020 Taurus


As Saturn exits your sign, positive changes will be seen! You’ll start to see improvements in your finances, health, and relationships. Past friends and new friends will make their way to you, so be sure to keep your mind open!

Around the middle of the month, things of the past will likely come back to the forefront. Keep your options open and don’t let the planet of thought, Mercury, sway your emotions.

Horoscopes 2020 Gemini Gemini

Money is flowing for you, Gemini! The planet of good fortune, Jupiter, is playing in your favor right now and promises an important month. Your levels of confidence will also be boosted by Saturn and your love life may just benefit from it. 

An old idea may come to you in the middle of the month, but stay focused! You have a busy, yet exciting month ahead of you.

Horoscopes 2020 Cancer


Passion is high and relationships are burning up! With Mars in your zone, the energy for love is quite high at the moment. Don’t ask for too much, though, as this can push people away, but make your own plans! You’ll feel the need to get close and do something fun!

The beginning of the month will bring a want for something new – whether that’s trying something new with your partner or your friends, getting a new hairstyle, or changing your wardrobe – the need will be high!

Horoscopes 2020 Leo


Leo, your month is all about positivity! With the planets shifting this month, other people will play an important role in some of the decisions you make. Stay open and stay positive. Good things are headed your way.

At the beginning of the month, you will feel extra creative and maybe even have an extra spark of energy! Do something to celebrate this – and create something new!

Horoscopes 2020 Virgo


Although you may overanalyze situations sometimes, this month you will feel a sense to just go with the flow. Act on this emotion, because you’ll feel much more understanding and your friends will notice! 

The middle of the month may bring up an old flame, Virgo! They may not come back to play a special role, but they will bring an important message. Good things are to come! Be sure to listen.

Horoscopes 2020 Libra


Romance is peaking for you, Libra! With your creativity on the rise, you’ll be reminded just how fun and exciting life really is. You may feel the sense to do something creative and you totally should! Let your ideas flow, whether it’s making art, changing your look, or just partaking in some much-needed self-care.

You’ll find good luck towards the end of the month, and this may just lead to some financial or romantic highs!

Horoscopes 2020 Scorpio


This month is looking good for you, Scorpio! The planet of attractiveness, Venus, is in your alignment and people will notice. Someone from your past may also notice as they come back into your world, don’t worry – you’ll know exactly how to handle it! 

You may feel the need to make some drastic decisions, but don’t let the feeling fool you! Next month is your time for big decision-making.

Horoscopes 2020 Sagittarius


You may feel like luck has not been on your side, Sagittarius, but that is all about to change! The planet of good fortune, Jupiter, is in your path! You won’t have to work extra hard for this luck, but you still should, as it will bring out the best in you.

As Mercury goes back, you may start to think about the past, but try to keep your head looking forward. Good things are coming!

Horoscopes 2020 Capricorn


Capricorn, you will be full of energy this month! Use this to your advantage, don’t just stand by and waste it. You’ll feel a great need to do things like travel and spend time with friends – while that may not be possible in April. Try to get outside. Go for a hike or a jog!

The middle of the month will bring out your best days! It’ll be a time of reflection and any decision you need to make, you’ll be able to do so with a clear mind. Your goals are ready for you to be completed, and you’ll be able to with your newfound energy.

Horoscopes 2020 Aquarius


You’ll have some decisions to make this month, Aquarius! A lot of great ideas will be circling your head, but don’t commit too much. This is a good financial time for you, so treat yourself this month! 

The new moon will bring you a day of peace with a chosen person – whether that’s in a romantic way or with your best friend! This will be a great time for you, so enjoy!

Horoscopes 2020 Pisces


You know exactly what to do and say this month, Pisces! The ideas are flowing this month and you’ll have some decisions to make. Your aura will be glowing and the invites will be rolling in! This will be a fun month for you!

Enjoy this month because it’s going to be a fun and exciting one!


We hope these horoscopes push you in the right direction this month! Have an awesome April, and be sure to keep checking back for your monthly horoscopes!

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