19 Over It Memes: Memes to Make You Laugh When You’re Just Done With Everything

Over It Memes

We’ve all been there: work is overwhelming, your personal life is out of control, and you just need to be done with everything. When you’re feeling this way, stumbling upon an “over it meme” could be just the breath of fresh air you need.

“Over it memes” can be anything from a wish for your vacation to begin or an office meme that you relate to. Here are some funny memes that will hopefully help tide you over until you can finally take that well-deserved vacay.

Vacation Memes

If the stress is mounting and your to-do list seems like it will never stop growing, a vacation sure sounds like it would hit the spot. Here are some over it memes for someone looking forward to a vacation.

I am trying to de-stress. Selfies are stressful. Please let me enjoy this sunset without Snapchat.

Okay but what if there is an occasion that calls for a fedora? What am I supposed to do now?

Trying to have a good time and trying to make sure children are having a good time without dying is a delicate art.

It’s definitely a sign you’ve been working too hard if even your kid is starting to say “Let’s circle back.”

I Need a Vacation Memes

There’s a difference between “yeah, a vacation would be nice right now” and “oh my god if I don’t get out of this zip code right now I’m going to lose my mind.” These over it memes are the latter.

“Ma’am, I’m sorry, I need to see a ticket so we can seat you.”
“No, I’m fine up here, really, take off whenever you’re ready.”

You know you really need a break when you can’t even enjoy your break because you’re too tired from a lack of a break to enjoy your break.
Make sense?

It’s called work-life balance, Dave, let me live.

Have you ever relaxed so hard that you just forgot how to perform the basic functions of your job? Vacation just be like that sometimes.

Please respect my space in this time of need. I’m starting a GoFundMe called “I Need a Week at the Beach,” donations of all sizes are welcome.

Holiday Memes

When you get close enough to a holiday, it’s almost impossible to focus on anything else. Here are some over it memes if you’re getting close to the holiday season.

When I said I was excited about the holiday, I meant for my break from work, not Aunt Deborah asking if I’ve found “the one” yet.

You know one thing I’ll never get over? This holiday spirit!

This is me between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Office Over It Memes

No matter how much you love your job, sometimes you just hit inevitable burnout and you’re just over everyone’s garbage, whether that be customers or coworkers. Here are some over it memes for when you’re just not feeling the whole work thing.

But like, what would really happen if I just hopped in my car and went home right now?

Customer service just is like that sometimes.

The joke is on you, I work from home and can cry whenever I want.

I’m sorry I’m letting you down, Dolly. I’m better than this.

Is there a fast-forward button I can use for tomorrow’s shift?

It’s called Pre-Stress, where I stress about things before they even happen, which ruins the fun thing I’m doing currently. It’s really fun, you should try it sometime.

Please do not bother me. I am doing all that I can to just exist now, thank you.

Over It Memes to Enjoy With Coworkers and Friends

We’ve definitely all had that moment where we feel like all we can do is throw our hands in the air and say “I’m over this.”
If you’re feeling burned out, there’s a good chance that the people around you are, too.

If you feel like someone around you is facing a stressful time, sending them a quick over-it meme and a word of encouragement could make their day just a bit brighter.

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