20 Friday Memes Because TGIF!

Friday Memes

We survived Monday, made it through hump day, and once we get home, there’s only one day left: Friday.

Because of its popularity with school kids and working professionals alike, there are more than enough Friday memes to share. You’re never too old to rejoice on this day of the week.

Whether you’re dreaming of that sacred day’s arrival or you just want to celebrate TGIF, here are some classic Friday memes to send to your peers for a good laugh.

Happy Friday Meme

It’s Friday, so celebrate! Here are some Friday memes you can send someone to wish them a happy Friday.


Nothing turns my resting angry face back into a smile quite like hitting 5:00 on a Friday.


Catch my Friday look. Please do not perceive me on Mondays.


Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, it’s Friday!

Friday Work Memes

No matter how much you love your job, it’s tough to focus when all you can think of is the weekend. Here are some Friday memes about work.


Sandra, I know you meant well when you wanted us to get together for work time fun time on Friday. But my mind is already on the couch and the snuggly post-work PJs I’m going to wear.


I know I’m getting paid for today, and trust me, I love my job, but you expect me to get things done today? As if.


Again. How could you? 

Doesn’t Baby Yoda make the best meme material?


Hey. Hey, you. Don’t send me an email at 4:00 on a Friday. Unless someone’s dying, it can wait until Monday.

And if someone’s dying, please choose a form of communication more urgent than email.


That voice in your head that says you should make a task Friday’s problem? Don’t listen, babe. She’s lying.


Here are some Friday memes that make you shout “TGIF!”


I will accept congratulations from Paul Rudd any day of the week, but Friday works.


Ah, Friday morning. I’m so full of hope, as the weekend is so close I can almost taste it. 


Hey, 4:15 is real close to 5:00. Only 45 minutes to Friday night relaxation.

It’s Friday Meme


This is literally my dog. Friday night snuggles are essential.


It’s Friday. Be free.

Funny Friday Memes

These Friday memes are sure to make you LOL.


It’s Friday, I got plans, I’m out of there, traffic be damned.


Looking, looking, looking…

Nope, don’t see it.


I don’t have work tomorrow, right? So I can stay up all night binging Netflix, right?

Friday Night Memes

Sometimes your friends want to spend Friday night out on the town. Sometimes you’re down to party, and sometimes you just want a quiet night in. Both are valid.


I know on Monday I said I’d hang with you. I was a different person then. Someone who wasn’t more excited about Netflix and snacks than adventures outside of my house.


How am I supposed to find something that’s cute enough to wear but comfortable enough for me not to be miserable all night? It’s a delicate balance.


I know you think I’m cool, but I guarantee you you’re gonna catch me falling asleep to Netflix more often than you’ll see me partying on Friday night.


This Friday, we’re dedicating ourselves to rest and relaxation, as God intended.

Have a Happy Friday!

If you made it to Friday, congrats on making it through the week. If you’re getting close and just daydreaming about its arrival, you got this. We hope these Friday memes put a smile on your face and give you the inspiration to give your all at work until that beautiful day dawns.

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