The Best Crystals For Wealth and Manifesting Prosperity

Crystals For Wealth and Manifesting Prosperity

People commonly use crystals as a way to start manifesting abundance in their lives. When used properly, you can use crystals as a focal point for a powerful mantra or as a reminder to stay focused on a particular goal. If you have specific money goals, you might want to try using crystals for wealth manifestation in your own life.

Here is a great list of crystals to use and ways to use them to get started on your journey of abundance and prosperity.

Crystals For Wealth and Prosperity



Commonly referred to as “Fool’s Gold,” this crystal presents itself as an obvious choice when it comes to listing money crystals.

The word pyrite comes from the Greek word pyr, which means ‘fire.’ They chose to name the powerful crystal this way because when struck with metal, pyrite sparks. So while it’s used today for aesthetic purposes, crystal healing, and crystals for wealth, it was originally used as a fire starter.

It’s a perfect metaphor for how you can use this crystal to spark a fire within yourself.

Known for its gold, metallic sheen, this crystal would make an excellent addition to your workspace. When you see it waiting on your desk, you can empower yourself with the reminder that you are capable, strong, successful, and working towards a larger goal.

Mantra: I am capable of achieving my vision of success. Nothing stands in the way of the success I achieve through my hard work and perseverance. I am worthy of the success I achieve. 

Citrine Crystals

Citrine Crystals

Used in civilizations dating back to Ancient Greece, this money stone is known today for its calming honey color. The name comes from the French word citron, which means lemon, another food that comes to mind when appreciating its yellow hue. Perhaps that’s why the stone also goes by the name “Light Maker.”

Ancient civilizations commonly kept the stone close by using it in jewelry, and that is still a great way to apply its powers as a crystal for wealth to your own life today. Seeing its bright color on yourself can remind you to be confident, bright, and positive: a reminder that you deserve the best that comes your way.

Symbolically, this light stone reminds you to bring sunshine to all areas of your life. Perhaps if you own a business storefront, you could keep the stone in your cash register to remind yourself after every transaction that you are one step closer to your vision of prosperity. This confidence goes a long way in multiplying that success.

Mantra: I am the light of my own life. I am bright, I am sunshine, I am a positive force for good. My future is within my own grasp if I work towards my goals.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine

This stone is one of the lesser-known crystals for wealth out there, but since it’s known for its luck in bringing financial prosperity, it certainly belongs on this list.

As Thomas Jefferson famously stated, “I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.” So while the stone alone can’t change your life, having a physical reminder to make your own luck just might.

The name itself refers to luck, as it comes from the Latin word aventura, which means chance. It’s most commonly mined in India, which gives it the nickname “Indian Jade,” but other varieties may come from Chile, Russia, or Spain. Those types come in colors other than its classic green hue.

Mantra: I create my own luck. I am in control of the success I achieve. I give myself opportunities to change my future when I invest in myself.

Green Jade

Green Jade

While jade today can be commonly found as a semiprecious stone in jewelry or as the raw material for sculptures, it used to have a more practical purpose.

You could easily polish and sharpen it, making it an excellent candidate for knives, axes, and other practical weapons. Because it was believed to heal and protect, some cultures chose instead to carve it into likenesses of their deities, rather than using it for destruction.

It’s tough, sturdy composition can remind you to also stay strong and confident in the face of danger or anxiety.

With an understanding of its practical and spiritual histories, keeping this crystal for wealth near you while you make difficult decisions can remind you to stay self-assured and certain when making decisions about your personal wealth. While the stone alone cannot attract money, you can use this physical reminder to keep yourself confident when opening yourself up to new experiences that could start attracting wealth.

Mantra: I am worthy of the confidence I invest in myself. My choices are powerful, and I am in control of my own destiny. I attract the wealth I seek when I take chances, and I believe in my autonomy to take those chances.


Aligning Your Chakras

Crystals for wealth work best when used in conjunction with specific chakras. Chakras refer to the seven energy centers in your body, and we operate at our healthiest when they are all aligned and unblocked.

While all chakras could relate to money management, your solar plexus chakra is a great example of a place to focus your energy.

The solar plexus chakra centers around your sense of control and forward momentum. If you aren’t feeling in control of your finances, using crystals to unblock this chakra could help bring abundance into your life.

You may find yourself stuck with limiting beliefs such as “I am not in control of how much money I make” or “I don’t deserve to have more money than I currently have.” By using the following crystals as stones for manifestation, you can focus on gaining the clarity you need to attract abundance.

Ways to Keep Crystals Close

The only thing limiting you from finding ways to incorporate crystals for wealth into your life is your creativity!

Some great ways to use crystals include:

  • Wearing them as jewelry. When you wear them, you have a constant, tangible reminder of the mantra you assigned to them. Sunmer Cat Macrame weaves these powerful stones into their jewelry using macrame!
  • Buying art that features them. Having art that weaves crystals into the piece is a subtle, beautiful, calming way to remind yourself of their power. The Bees Knees Creativity uses crystals in their wall hangings!
  • Using them in candles. When lighting the flame, you can take a moment to inhale the refreshing, calming scent, and repeat a mantra to yourself.
  • Using them in an intention garden. This placement is a beautiful metaphor for your own opportunity to grow and flourish.

Cleaning Your Crystals

Cleaning crystals is not difficult, but it does require a little bit of time. But, it’s worth the effort because if you don’t give them an annual cleanse, your crystals’ energy can become imbalanced or polluted.

We have six methods for how to cleanse crystals we’ve put together to help ensure you’re doing all you can to keep the negative energy away.

You Are In Control

The most important part of successful crystal usage doesn’t come from the beautiful crystal itself; it’s the mindset you bring to the practice.

You are in control of your money and wealth mindset. The crystals are just a conduit or a focusing point in manifesting money you need to live your best life of abundance.

For example, if you keep a small piece of citrine in your purse, you use that token as a reminder of your financial goals and use that mindset to save for future purchases, rather than engaging in immediate gratification with purchases you won’t ultimately need.

Just make sure that when you’re buying crystals, you don’t spend all the money you’re trying to save!

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