April Zodiac Sign: The Authentic Aries and Taurus

april zodiac sign

The order of the 12 Zodiac signs on the astrological calendar wasn’t created by chance. Wouldn’t it stand to reason that an astrological sign would have similarities to the signs closest to them on the calendar? The two April Zodiac signs prove this theory true, but only to an extent, as their personality traits are similar but motivations are different.

While they share key characteristics, their motivations and passions are different. Let’s take a deep dive into each sign and see where they connect and how they differ.

The April Zodiac Signs 

Overview of the Aries Sign

Aries might be the best known sign of the Zodiac, simply because of their shared traits with their namesake; they are a sign represented by the Greek God of War, mighty Ares.

Similar to the God, Aries are brave, passionate risk takers who need a thrill to stay engaged. Part of these traits can be attributed to the fact that they are a cardinal sign, a fire sign, and have the ruling planet of Mars. A quiet night at home won’t cut it for an Aries hangout.

Get ready for something exciting that you’ve never tried before; whether they’ve booked your crew for zip lining or ax throwing, you’re in for an adventure.

Depending on the situation, an Aries’s deep passion can turn to hotheadedness quickly. If they keep a level head, they can use this passion as a force for good, but they can lose that focus if they let that anger consume them.

Despite their tendency towards anger, they have an undying optimism. When they take risks, they truly believe everything will be alright, because of that optimism. They also are deeply creative, and use it as an outlet for all their pent up passion or frustration.

Aries Zodiac signs live loud, bold, and brash. They will never shy away from a challenge or put up a front; they are who they are. You accept that, or you hit the road.

Overview of the Taurus Sign

A Taurus’s primary trait is intelligence. As a grounded earth sign, they let their level head lead them in all their decision making, instead of a water sign that goes with the flow of the universe.

This can lead to a profound stubbornness; because they are intelligent and think things through, they only trust their judgement. They believe they know best, so why would they listen to anyone else and change their ways?

In addition to their intelligence, they are responsible and dedicated. If you need someone to trust, find a Taurus. Whether you need someone to handle a difficult project at work or you need to lean on someone in a personal time of need, a Taurus has got your back.

Another one of their admiral traits is their tendency to persevere. When the going gets tough, you don’t need to worry about a Taurus flaking or abandoning you. They have the tenacity to push through trials and won’t leave your side in your darkest hour.

Their logical intelligence, responsibility, and dedication all coincide with their honest, truthful nature. They are true to themselves and true to others. They aren’t going to change who they are to make others happy, and they aren’t going to lie to someone just so they can hear what they want to hear.

If you need to hear some honest truth, get a Taurus’s perspective.

Differences and Similarities Between April Zodiac Signs

While on the surface, it may seem like a level headed Taurus and a hot headed Aries have nothing in common, they have core similarities that link them.


An Aries and a Taurus don’t just tell the truth, but they live a life that is true to themselves. They aren’t going to put up a front or a brave face if they are feeling weak inside. They’re going to be real with the people around them, and they won’t shrink themselves to make others feel strong.

They are who they are, and you either accept that, or you move along to someone different. They aren’t going to change themselves just to make you comfortable. They have to be true to themselves, and they’re too stubborn to change.


Both Aries and Taurus are signs that know what they want, know the best way to get something done, and know that they know best. They aren’t open to people coming into their circle and telling them they need to change the way they plan on doing something.

They have difficulty opening up the floor to other opinions. Whether it’s in a professional meeting where they’re trying to make decisions or in a friend group where they’re trying to pick a place to get take out, they’re going to struggle with accepting other opinions. They have an idea of how they want things to go and don’t want to deviate from that.


A Taurus and an Aries are both passionate, but in different ways.

Aries are loud, proud, and fully devote themselves to whatever lights their fire. Their passionate spirit is what leads them to make decisions, and even if they change their minds erratically, what is constant is that they let their passion lead them.

A Taurus is led by a different kind of passion. Their passion is more concrete and heartfelt. They rely on logic and intelligence to decide where their passion lies. Once they’ve determined their passions, not much can change their minds.

Zodiac Sign Dates

While there are general start and end dates to each astrological sign’s season, they vary a bit depending on leap years. To know for sure what your sun sign is, input your information into our birth chart calculator.

If you know your birthday, time of birth, and location of your birth, you’ll be able to find out your moon and rising signs in addition to your sun sign!

April Zodiac Signs Are the Signs of Authenticity

Both a Taurus and Aries aren’t ashamed of who they are and won’t change for anyone. They have a deep understanding of who they are, what they care about, and what drives them, and they aren’t going to pretend to be someone else just to make other people happy. They are who they are and they’re comfortable with their individuality.

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