25 Funny Retirement Quotes and Memes

Retirement Quotes

Hitting retirement is a huge life milestone that many look forward to. It’s a time to enjoy all the wonderful fruits of your life’s labor. So why not celebrate that moment by sending funny retirement quotes and memes?

If you’re in charge of putting together a celebration for someone in your office who is retiring, here are some quotes and memes to include in the festivities if they’re known for their sense of humor.

Retirement Memes and Happy Retirement Images

When someone in the office retires, you not only think about their transition from a full-time job into retirement. You also start to think about how close you are to retirement. It’s easy to feel jealous, thinking about how they get to move into a relaxing part of their life while you’re still stuck behind a desk.

Here are some retirement memes for you and for the person that is retiring. These could be a great addition to an email alerting everyone about the retirement party you’re planning for the office!

1. So Can I Retire Yet?

Funny Retirement

Yeah, I know I’m only in my twenties, but I’m still salty that I can’t retire yet.

2. A Long Retirement

Retirement Meme

Checking the 401K can sometimes be more depressing than inspiring.

3. Dad Retirement

Retirement Quote

I always say that when my dad retires, his full-time job is going to be bothering my mom.

4. I’m Re-Tired


Who doesn’t love a good retirement pun?

5. Retirement Spending


Hey, that seems fair to me.

6. Dark Retirement Card


I love how elementary school children have no concept of age. Anyone older than them is immediately ancient.

7. Retirement Budget

Retirement Meme

Look, I know it’s only been 5 minutes, but please, can I just retire already?

8. Florida Retirement

Retirement Quote

If your coworker is retiring to Florida, this retirement meme is a great look into their future.

9. The Retirement Sleep Schedule

Retirement Meme

Grandma, I love you, but the oatmeal can wait.

10. Dog Dad Retirement


Catch me matching my fits with my dog on our daily walks once I hit retirement.

11. Retirement Vacation

Retirement Travel

Honestly? A gondola nap with my husband doesn’t sound like a horrible way to spend a vacay.

Retirement Wishes

A retirement card is a great way to share your thoughts, advice, and thanks to someone reaching retirement. This is the only time you get to truly thank them for all the years of wisdom they’ve provided you.

If you’re not sure how to word your retirement wishes, here are some quotes to get you started. These thoughtful and funny words could help you find your special way to say “enjoy your retirement” to someone who means a lot to you.

Inspirational Retirement Quotes

  1. “Retirement, a time to enjoy life! A time to do what you want to do, when you want to do it, how you want to do it.” – Catherine Pulsifer
  2. “As human beings, our job in life is to help people realize how rare and valuable each one of us really is, that each of us has something that no one else has – or ever will have – something inside that is unique to all time. It’s our job to encourage each other to discover that uniqueness and to provide ways of developing its expression.” – Fred Rogers
  3. “Retirement’s the most wonderful thing. I get to enjoy all the things I never stopped to notice on the way up. After an extraordinary life, it’s time to enjoy my retirement.” – Patrick Macnee
  4. “Retirement is a blank sheet of paper. It is a chance to redesign your life into something new and different.” – Patrick Foley

Retirement Jokes

If the person retiring is known for being the resident jokester, you’ll want their “congratulations on your retirement” card to reflect that humor. Here are some humorous quotes to include in your card.

Funny Retirement Quotes

  1. “The trouble with retirement is that you never get a day off.” – Abe Lemons
  2. “I found out retirement means playing golf, or I don’t know what the hell it means. But to me, retirement means doing what you have fun doing.” – Dick Van Dyke
  3. “Working people have a lot of bad habits, but the worst of those is work.” – Clarence Darrow
  4. “What do you call a person who is happy on a Monday? Retired.” – Author Unknown
  5. “Retirement: When you stop lying about your age and start lying around the house.” – Author Unknown
  6. “Retirement is wonderful. It’s doing nothing without worrying about getting caught at it.” – Gene Perret

Retirement Messages for a Boss

When it’s time to wish your boss a happy retirement, you want to walk the line of personal and professional. You want your sentiment to resonate with the personal experience you had with them, but you don’t want to cross a professional boundary. They are your boss after all. Here are some great quotes to include in a card to your retiring boss.

  1. “Retirement: That’s when you return from work one day and say, ‘Hi honey, I’m home forever.'” – Gene Perret
  2. “I see retirement as just another of these reinventions, another chance to do new things and be a new version of myself.” – Walt Mossberg
  3. “Don’t simply retire from something; have something to retire to.” – Harry Emerson Fosdick
  4. “Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else.” – Fred Rogers

Funny Retirement Quotes & Memes Help You Celebrate

While retirement is exciting, it can also be a time for mixed feelings. Retirement is a blank sheet of paper for you to rewrite the next chapter of your life, but you’re closing a chapter as well.

Some people will have a hard time letting go of their working years, or they might feel old now that they’re starting retirement. Funny retirement quotes and memes could bring some joy back into this bittersweet moment.

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