February Zodiac Sign: The Aquarius and Pisces Connection

february zodiac sign

When only a day separates you from being born under a different sun sign, how different can those two signs be? There are two February Zodiac signs: Aquarius and Pisces.

Of the Zodiac signs that share a month, these two might be the most similar. They both are compassionate creatives who will do anything they can to help someone else.

Let’s take a deeper dive into the characteristics common to these two Zodiac signs.

The February Zodiac Signs

Overview of the Aquarius Zodiac Sign 

If you were born between January 21 and February 18, your sun sign is Aquarius.

The symbol of Aquarius is the constellation of the water bearer, even though it is one of the three air signs of the zodiac.

Aquarius is the sign most known for their eccentricity. These are the idealistic artists who don’t mind being labeled as quirky.

An Aquarius has lofty ideals for what the world should look like, and they demonstrate their desire for a better world through artistic expression.

They also have a deep intelligence, and when they use it in conjunction with their creativity, they can come up with practical solutions no one has ever before considered as solutions to complex, systemic problems.

You’ll never hear an Aquarius say “but it’s always been done that way!” They have a progressive mindset and they have no problem doing away with outdated traditions or corrupt systems in favor of welcoming in something new.

Sometimes an Aquarius can become disillusioned when their big ideas and passionate pleas for a better world are met with indifference or bureaucracy.

Their motivations all boil down to their innate compassion for the people around them. They genuinely love people and want the best for everyone. Doesn’t matter if it’s their friend who’s going through hard times or an orphan struggling to survive on the other side of the world. They believe all people should be treated with dignity and love.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Overview of the Pisces Zodiac Sign

The Pisces sun sign belongs to those who were born between February 19 and March 20.

Although not quite as quirky as your average Aquarius, a Pisces is also creative and kind. They have a deep empathy for their friends and also have a bleeding heart for those struggling around the world. They want to do and give everything they have in order to help other people.

Their generosity speaks volumes for their character. They’re the sign most likely to give their shirt right off their back to the person shivering in the street, even if that leaves them in the cold.

They are deeply in touch with their emotions, and their empathic nature can get the best of them. Because they feel others’ pain so deeply, it can truly overwhelm and consume them. Even to the point where they have trouble caring for their own needs, as they’re too busy trying to help everyone else.

They have the soul of an empathetic artist who uses their creativity to express their desire for a better world. It wouldn’t be out of character for a Pisces to pick a cause, do a painting series on the subject, and hold an artist auction to raise money for their chosen cause.

Their fickle nature can pull them in different directions. While they may volunteer at an animal shelter one month, they may decide the next month it’s more important to raise money for an after school arts program.

pisces sign zodiac

Differences and Similarities Between February Zodiac Signs

Of the signs that share a month, the February Zodiac signs are possibly the most similar in the common traits they display. Both are extremely creative signs with compassion and empathy for other people.


These two signs have bleeding hearts for the people around the world who are suffering. They think the best of others and want to create a world where no one experiences undue hardship.

They both want to help their friends on their path to success, and they also want to help strangers who need a helping hand.


These two signs use creativity both as a sign of artistic expression and also as a way to find new approaches to centuries-old problems. They look at the world from a different perspective, which helps them develop creative solutions to complex issues.

Pisces will especially dive into art as a means to process their deep, profound emotions.


Both signs will give anything they have if someone asks. It’s important that these signs look after each other, because they have a tendency to give all of themselves to others without taking care of themselves.

They need to be reminded that they aren’t helpful to anyone if they can’t prioritize their basic needs first.

Zodiac Sign Dates

Here are the dates of each of the zodiac signs. Since the exact end and start dates change depending on the year, it’s best to check your sign with a birth chart calendar that will do all the work for you!

If you’re looking for more detailed information, use our birth chart calculator to generate a free personalized birth report for yourself.

February Zodiac Signs Are the Signs of a Giver

The trait that most strongly connects the Pisces and Aquarius zodiac signs is their desire to offer all they have to help others. They want to help make the world a better place, both systemically and for individuals currently suffering.

They’re a friend you can always lean on for help, and they will always offer their creativity as a means to find a novel solution to a complicated problem.

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