Pisces Moon: Meaning, Characteristics, and Personality Traits

pisces moon

In astrology, the moon is the sign of your emotional self. It has to do with aspects of your life that are concealed – your anxieties, aspirations, and longings. The Pisces Moon is highly sensitive to energies around them, picking up strong feelings off others which can be upsetting. They are not aware of the origin of their anxiety, but they know it’s there inside them somewhere.

Those born with the moon in Pisces are dreams who are heavily influenced by the more romantic and idealistic aspects of life. They also tend to have great talent in artistic areas – such as music, painting, or performing. They are incredibly creative and love being able to express this side of themselves.

Moon Sign

The sun, moon, and stars were in a specific orientation in the sky when you were born. This orientation, along with the time and place you were born, helps to define your birth chart (or natal chart) as well as your rising sign, sun sign, and moon sign. All of these pieces work together to describe who you are astrologically.

The Moon’s position at the time of your birth determines your moon sign. To figure out your moon sign, you must first know the day, time, and place of your birth. This sign represents your true feelings and self on a deeper level, according to astrologers, since the moon sign represents your subconscious, emotions, and basic needs.

Because the moon changes phase every two to three days, people born two to three days apart may be completely different, even if they have the same sun sign.

The Pisces Moon

The Pisces moon is the twelfth sign of the zodiac. Those with this placement are interpreting the world through an imaginative, dreamy perspective.

In addition to having a vivid imagination and a tendency toward escapism, those with Pisces as their moon sign might even seem to have psychic abilities. This is because they are so in touch with their emotional side and are quite sensitive.

These individuals also tend to understand things quickly, even before they have all the facts. They’re also gentle and compassionate, but also empathetic to a fault – taking on other people’s stress as though it were your own.

For this reason, Moon in Pisces can experience moodiness or depression which stems from others problems.

They’re also highly romantic but can quickly feel let down if their imaginative tendencies turn into reality. They excel at understanding the needs of others and love to get lost in a good book or movie.

The Pisces moon is one that craves connection and affection in their personal relationships – to the point where they might take it too personally when someone withdraws. Because of this, they need to understand that relationships are a two-way street and learn how to not allow their emotions to get in the way of what is really there.

Pisces Sign

Pisces Moon Personality Traits

As with all moon signs, the Pisces moon has both negative and positive traits. They can be:

  • Romantic – Pisces moon signs are incredibly romantic and seek constant romance in their lives.
  • Closed Off – On the flip side, however, they can be overly sensitive and withdraw easily if hurt or rejected by someone they care about. This makes them appear closed-off or shy at times.
  • Easily upset – As is true for most moon signs, Pisces people can be highly emotional and might withdraw emotionally if mistreated by someone they care about. They tend to take things personally.
  • Spiritual – Pisces moon signs are incredibly spiritual and love to spend time meditating or learning about new religions.
  • Artistic – They’re also very artistic, which works well with their compassion towards the needs of others.
  • Imaginative – They have a vivid imagination and love to escape into daydreams, movies, or books.
  • Empathetic – Their romantic and empathetic nature can often work against them. They tend to believe the best in people, which makes them easy targets for those with bad intentions. They also take on other people’s problems as though they were their own and quickly become stressed or depressed as a result.
  • Easily influenced – They’re also easily influenced by those around them and allow others to take advantage of their kind natures.

Full Moon in Pisces

The Pisces full moon is a significant moment for evolution and change. If you know what to anticipate, this time can be a wonderful opportunity to focus on your dreams and set new ones.

When the moon is Pisces, there is less stimulation and more receptivity. This is an excellent moment to get in touch with your emotions, spirituality, and cosmic nature.

Because the moon is passing through this sign at the time, you can use it as a marker for change. For example, if there’s something in your life that needs to be addressed – it would be best to do it now. Pisces is a very emotional sign and those with Moon in Pisces may likely respond to waves of emotion and sensations.

The Most Sensitive of All Moon Signs

Pisces Moon people are the most intense of all moon signs. They feel more deeply than others and can easily get hurt by even a casual remark or look.

This emotional intensity is wonderful in some ways. However, it also makes them more sensitive to their environment. And they may worry about what others are feeling and thinking about them. This means that they’re at risk for taking on too much stress from others. And this can lead to depression and a negative self-image.

If you were born with your moon in Pisces, we hope this article helped you to understand your emotional self a little better. And if you’re looking for how to channel that intensity into a successful career – you’ve come to the right place!

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