Aquarius Moon: Creative, Introspective, and Thoughtful

Aquarius Moon

Many people know their sun sign, as it’s the easiest to determine and the most commonly used in traditional horoscopes. But did you know that there are two other signs you should be aware of?

Your moon and rising sign correspond to different aspects of your personality and will give you a greater insight into who you are on the inside, outside, and who you will become. If you are an Aquarius moon, you have a deeply creative side that you rarely reveal.

Moon Sign

On the date and time of your birth, the stars, moon, and sun were in a particular place in the sky. Their orientation in the sky will determine your sun, moon, and rising sign.

If you aren’t already aware of your signs, consult a birth chart calculator. All you need to know to get your three signs in your natal chart is:

  • Your birth date
  • Your time of birth
  • Your place of birth

Each sign corresponds to a different element of your personality. Your moon sign reveals your innermost thoughts, feelings, and motivations. This is the personality that emerges when you are alone or with your closest friends and family, and only when you feel emotionally safe. The key to understanding your deepest desires and hopes can be unlocked by analyzing your moon sign.

Since the moon changes its phase every two to three days, someone born one day apart from you can have a completely different moon sign, even if you share a sun sign, because the moon was traveling into a different position.

The Aquarius Moon Sign

An Aquarius moon shares the traits of someone with an Aquarius sun sign, but these are traits they do not share with others. These are the thoughts and passions they feel inwardly, but don’t project outwardly.

An Aquarius moon is quirky, creative, and intelligent, but unlike an Aquarius zodiac sun sign, they aren’t loud and proud about these characteristics. They won’t share their art with many people.

If an Aquarius moon shares their works of art with you, you must be incredibly close. Thank them deeply for sharing this work with you, because they put a lot of thought into whether or not to let you in.

While they may maintain their composure and thoughtful persona by sticking to the status quo in public, they’ve got a quirky, silly side that emerges when they’re alone. If you’re close to them, you might get a chance to see a glimpse of this side emerge.

While they may have deep, intellectual thoughts, they probably won’t share them in class or in a social setting. You might find them deep in thought, being introspective while journaling, but they usually keep those thoughts to themselves.

The Aquarius Moon Sign Traits

If your moon sign is Aquarius, here are some traits you likely possess:

  • Creative: An Aquarius moon expresses their creativity in quiet ways. They might journal or paint when they’re alone. Their art is for themselves, not others.
  • Intelligent: An Aquarius moon is intelligent, but not in a loud, flashy way. They aren’t going to go compete on Jeopardy, but they will excel in the office and thoughtfully introspect with themselves or a small group of close friends.
  • Quirky: An Aquarius moon has a silly side, but they aren’t going to be the class clown. They’ll let this fun, quirky side emerge when they’re alone or with close friends or romantic partners.
  • Progressive: An Aquarius moon is forward thinking and willing to try new things for the good of the world.
  • Introverted: An Aquarius moon keeps the louder, more showy parts of who they are to themselves. They’ll open up only when they feel safe.
  • Compassionate: An Aquarius moon shows their compassion in quiet ways. They do thankless work and don’t expect compensation. They do good deeds just because they know it’s the right thing to do.

Full Moon in Aquarius

When the full moon is in Aquarius, it’s time to dive into that artistic project you’ve been working on. Take time for yourself, so you can fully allow these traits to manifest.

You’re going to feel your Aquarius moon traits more strongly during the full moon, and if you’re spending time with others, you’re going to feel like you’re neglecting parts of yourself if you have to keep them hidden. Let yourself take introverted time to see just how creative and thoughtful you can get.

Try an art form you’ve been too nervous to try. Tackle that writing project you’ve been scared you won’t do justice. Once the full moon has left Aquarius, show your art to the people closest to you. They’ll be amazed at what you accomplished.

The Most Quietly Creative of All Moon Signs

Aquarius moon people are some of the most quietly creative of the signs of the Zodiac. They are passionate, intelligent, and can create some truly incredible works of art, but will only share it with those who make them feel safe.

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  1. Love how you describe Aquarius Moons as being so creative! It’s not something many astrologers recognize, but feels true to me.