The Law of Assumption: Taking Your Goals from Your Imagination Into This Reality

So you’ve heard of the Law of Attraction. Have you heard about the Law of Assumption?

It’s a manifestation technique developed by philosopher Neville Goddard’s teachings that tell you to act as you’ve already achieved your goal. In doing so, you’ll bring that goal to life in the real world, not just your imagination.

So how does this work? And is it really that easy?

Let’s break down this concept and talk about how you can use it in your own life when manifesting your desires.

Understanding the Law of Assumption

The Law of Attraction relies on you focusing on your goals. Having a positive mindset will attract positive energy and actions. Having negative thoughts will keep you stuck in a cycle with no success.

The Law of Assumption takes this concept one step further. Instead of just thinking about achieving your dreams, you need to act as you’ve already achieved your desire. Neville Goddard talked about how your mind doesn’t know the difference between reality in the physical world and your imagination. Both seem equally real.

So if you act as though you’ve already achieved the goal, you let go of limiting beliefs and your external reality will begin to match your imagination’s reality.

Enacting the Law of Assumption

Now how do you make these dreams a reality just by assuming the feeling of that success? To get your brain to believe that your success has occurred, you need to engage all 5 senses and show your internal state the feeling of your desire coming true.

By experiencing the feeling of your wish fulfilled, you take steps towards fulfilling that wish already. The power of your imagination will convince your body of its truth.

Here are the 7 steps to achieving what the Law of Assumption states.

  1. Have a crystal clear understanding of what exactly you want. Think about every detail of what success would look like. This physical manifestation cannot work if you keep your vision too vague.
  2. Imagine, in the first person, that you have already achieved this goal.
  3. Think about what it would be like to see, taste, touch, hear, and smell that success. What would your five senses experience when this dream becomes a reality?
  4. Use those imagined senses to feel the emotion of what success would feel like for you. You’ve achieved your dream. How do you feel emotionally?
  5. Think deeply about if this emotion aligns with the core desire you have. Does this emotion match your goal?
  6. Now that you’ve imagined it and tasted that success, use that drive to bring that dream into the real world.
  7. Repeat frequently until this dream becomes the truth.

Law of Assumption Affirmations

No universal Law of Attraction is complete without the use of positive affirmations. In between your manifestation exercises, these affirmations remind you to keep your energy aligned with your goal.

Bringing your dream from your imagination into your experience of the world takes hard work and continuous effort. These affirmations can help you stay energized when enacting the Law of Assumption.

  • I have the power to manifest anything I want as truth.
  • I can take my desired reality from my imagination into the experience of the real world.
  • I attract great opportunities with my open mind and drive for success.
  • My success already exists. I just need to bring it into this plane of reality.
  • My thoughts create truth, and that truth informs reality.
  • I expel limiting beliefs and negative thoughts from my center. I only accept positive energies while using the Law of Assumption.
  • I can manifest my desires through concentration and hard work.
  • No one on this earth has the power to prevent my success. I am inevitable.
  • The Universe wants me to succeed. I can tap into the life energies of this world to give myself strength as I use the Law of Assumption.
  • I am on the right path towards bringing my goals into this reality. I have the power to shape my future.

Use the Law of Assumption to Your Benefit

If you keep these affirmations close, you can remind yourself constantly of your strength. You have to believe you are capable of bringing these dreams into reality. If you have any doubt, the Law of Assumption won’t work. It relies on convincing your brain that this success has already occurred.

Make sure you surround yourself with people who support your dreams. They can keep you on track as you bring them into reality. And if you’re looking to grow your inner circle of supporters, join WBD! We’re here to make those dreams of yours come true.

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