May Horoscopes

May Horoscopes

Get ready for your May Horoscopes! Summer is right around the corner, and along with the upcoming change of season – May is bringing some changes of its own. This month provides the opportunity for growth, reflecting, and some much-needed self-care.

If you don’t fully relate to your horoscope and this could be because you don’t know your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs. Knowing all three is important and can be a factor as to what your month will bring. Don’t know what your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs are? Find out here.

May Horoscopes for 2020

Horoscopes 2020 Taurus


Taurus, slow down! This is not the month to be speeding through life! Pace yourself. Slow down and enjoy the scenery a bit. You may be a little overwhelmed with all of the decisions you are being forced to make, but take a deep breath and take things one at a time. Stay focused!

If you are looking to make changes in your life, this is the month to make it happen. It will be up to you, however. Not everyone will be open to change. It will be up to you to change their minds or simply move forward on your own.

This month is a good time to reflect on your life. What is working? What isn’t? Create some goals and then start taking the necessary steps to complete them.

Horoscopes 2020 GeminiGemini

Surprises await you this month Gemini! Expect the unexpected! New opportunities are on the horizon in almost every area of your life. Now is the perfect time to give your dreams some substance!

Take a close look at the goals you have set for yourself. Are you still pursuing them? If not, figure out why. Make a few changes so they better fall into line with where you are going. Be patient but be persistent. Be wary of conflict with those around you. It’s fine if they disagree, but stick to what is right for you!

Luck is in the air but in order to take full advantage of it, you need to embrace each new opportunity. Look around you. Your next big adventure may be right around the corner. Who knows? It may open doors you never thought you would be able to go through!

Horoscopes 2020 Cancer


If you fall under the sign of the crab, you may feel a sense of peace and calm during this month. Explore your secret desires and embrace what your intuition tells you. Now is a good time for inner growth and contemplation.

Take stock. Eliminate clutter from both your environment and your mind. Get rid of the excess baggage and see what opportunities for new adventure coming your way. Explore your world! Learn as much as you can about the world around you. You will be able to use that knowledge to your advantage.

Minimize conflicts and focus on being there for your family. Appreciate them and the gifts they bring to your life. Take an extra few minutes to show each one just how much you love them!

Horoscopes 2020 Leo


Leos should be ready for a busy month! Stay focused on your goals and try not to stray too far off course. Persistence is the key to reaching your goals. You may experience a bit of conflict, but keep a positive attitude and don’t stress over it

When it comes to money, be thrifty! Don’t overspend. May is not the month to go overboard when it comes to buying unnecessary items. Follow your budget and continue to buy within your means.

Opportunities are coming your way if you stay focused on your projects at work. Even when it comes to work, take things one step at a time. Although things may be a little overwhelming, take it slow and steady and your goals will be within your reach in no time.

Horoscopes 2020 Virgo


May is the month for money Virgo! The opportunities are there all you have to do is reach out and take advantage of them! Commit yourself to each of your tasks and positive results will follow close behind. Take the time to check your work and move forward at a steady pace.

When it comes to your life in general, balance is essential. Find the delicate balance between family, work, and recreation. Work hard, play harder, and love with everything you have. Balance it all with steady resolve and you will find the peace you are looking for.

May isn’t the best month to be traveling if you are a Virgo. Make vacation plans next month to avoid any obstacles you may face. If you must travel, take precautions and make sure you have everything you need when you leave home.

Horoscopes 2020 Libra


The planets are lining up for you Libra! Positivity abounds! Your communication skills and intellectual nature is on point during this time. Growth is yours if you choose to take advantage of the opportunities in your path.

Focus on your professional goals! Follow your instincts when it comes to working with people. Take a few seconds before you answer any questions. Your ability to shine is there, all you have to do is put your best foot forward and know exactly what you want.

Do everything you can to improve yourself on all levels. Give your home a deep cleaning. Get rid of clutter and focus on making your home the best it can be.

Horoscopes 2020 Scorpio


Scorpio, things are looking up for you this month! Financial opportunities will be in places where you least expect them offering you the chance to increase your cash flow. Don’t be afraid to explore opportunities that seem out of your normal scope. Take a chance if it feels right!

In your personal life, things may get a little on the rough side but keep your wits about you. Don’t act carelessly. Stay focused on doing the right thing and keep a smile on your face. Things will eventually work themselves out!

Trying to make some positive changes? Now is the time to get rid of those bad habits and work to create new ones. It will take time for the changes to become second nature, but you can do it!

Horoscopes 2020 Sagittarius


Sagittarius, May is the month for contradictions. While you may experience a few difficulties, especially in your personal life, remember that it will only last for a little while. Focus on caring for those you love and avoid confrontation as much as possible.

When it comes to your finances, keep it toned down. Overspending right now could lead to financial difficulties in the future. Know your budget and stick to it. Your work may be slow or not what you expect, but keep your chin up. It won’t take long for things to turn back in your favor.

Be open to change. Both your work and home situations may experience a variety of changes. Don’t be afraid or resistant to change. Embrace it and get ready to see what your future holds!

Horoscopes 2020 Capricorn


If you’re a Capricorn, your stubborn nature may rebel against compromise. When it comes to your work, however, cooperation and compromise are essential if you want to get ahead. Being willing to work as a team and opportunities will begin to appear.

May is the month for taking care of your home. Do some deep cleaning. Rearrange and redecorate each room. Take care of any repairs that need to be made. Make your home a safe haven for your friends and family.

Take some time to enjoy the relationships you have with your family. Embrace your loved ones and let them know you care. Be social! Even if you have to do it on social media. Interact with your friends and family.

Horoscopes 2020 Aquarius


When it comes to money matters in May Aquarius, your problems will be few. If you find the right opportunity, you may want to invest a little for your future. Take a close look at your budget and send some money into savings if you have a little extra that is just sitting there.

Love and friendship will go stronger this month. Show your family you care. If you have had a dispute with a family member or friend, now is a good time to try and mend the break. Be the bigger person and take a chance. You might be pleasantly surprised.

If you are starting a new relationship, take care to protect your heart. Stay balanced and always be true to your heart. It’s yours to keep or give away, so choose wisely. Take your time and move slowly.

Horoscopes 2020 Pisces


May is your month to focus on family. Go on an adventure or have a game/movie night with the kids. Spend quality time with your children now. The memories will last a lifetime. Go the extra mile to give your kids the attention they need.

Others may not be on your side, but keep your head high and don’t let their talk get to you. Stay focused on what matters most. Speak clearly and be as eloquent as possible when stating your position. Think rationally and focus on the goals you have set for yourself, both personally and professionally

Take care of yourself as well. Change your diet and focus on getting a little more exercise. Spend some quiet time reading a book or meditating. It will allow you to recharge and focus on the good things in life.

Horoscopes 2020 Aries


If you are an Aries, this month could find you improving your financial status. The opportunity for financial growth is there, you just have to take it. Look for new ways to earn money. One may turn out to be especially lucrative.

May is all about self-improvement! If you want to spend money, put it toward self-improvement. Get a gym membership or buy something that makes you feel special. Self-confidence is key right now if you want to succeed.

Communication during this time can be emotional so be as tactful as possible. Stay positive. If you are dealing with family issues, be wary. Try to find ways to strengthen your relationships, not to break them down.

We hope these May horoscopes give you a little extra motivation and encouragement for the month ahead! Have a marvelous May, and be sure to keep checking back for your monthly horoscopes!

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