From Party Favors to Fashion Staples: The MyAleph Journey with Fanny Marcus

The spark of a business idea can sometimes come from the most unexpected sources. Take Fanny Marcus, for example, and her brand, MyAleph. Fanny began her journey rather charmingly—creating unique phone straps as party favors for her daughter’s birthday party. Little did she know, this thoughtful gesture would evolve into a successful enterprise addressing a gap in the market for high-quality, aesthetically pleasing phone accessories.

Her story is not just about launching a product but also fostering a brand that resonates with her values and vision. From the design philosophy that guides her to the significant role of customer feedback in shaping future offerings, and so much more, check out our interview with her below.

Can you share what initially inspired you to start MyAleph and enter the phone accessory industry?

Fanny Marcus: My daughter had a party three years ago, and I created a crossbody phone strap for every guest as a party favor. For months after, I was stopped out and about when wearing mine, and party guests asked me to make them another.

Through the process of making and wearing the crossbodies, I realized there was a complete gap in the market for phone accessories made of high-quality materials. I made it my passion project to source and create the highest quality phone accessory on the market.

What challenges have you faced while establishing a brand that combines jewelry with functional design?

Fanny Marcus: The main challenge has been creating a sturdy product that is also fine jewelry.
Your phone is the object you touch & hold the most in your day, and our product
is made of gemstones, which already lends itself to being more delicate. Figuring
out the proper formula was definitely our biggest challenge.

What do you consider the most important factor when designing a new product for

Fanny Marcus: Intention – Behind every color, every charm, and every gemstone, there is a conscious decision being made. Every type of Quartz I hand picked for its properties. I also make sure I am designing a product that not just I, but my whole team will love to wear.

Fanny Marcus: Finding a balance between staying true to our brand mission and always listening
to our customers.

Fanny Marcus
Fanny Marcus

What role does customer feedback play in the development of new products at MyAleph?

Fanny Marcus: We are actually about to launch jewelry that matches our phone straps per many customer requests. We are so excited to share it with everyone, but even more excited to branch into more “conventional” jewelry to match our phone jewelry.

Can you describe a particularly memorable moment or milestone in the growth of

Fanny Marcus: We are very early on in our journey. However, our most memorable moments are
when clients reach out, expressing how much they love our brand and the product they receive. An upcoming milestone we are looking forward to is the launch of our necklaces and bracelets!

How do you source the materials for MyAleph products, particularly the gemstones?

Fanny Marcus: We source the best gemstones from all over the world.

Are there any exciting upcoming projects or collaborations for MyAleph that you can share with us?

Fanny Marcus: We are super excited to share that we just launched a Mini version of our phone
wristlets (on May 30th….yay!) as well as our jewelry collection. Stay tuned 🙂

How do you balance your roles as a founder, designer, and businesswoman in managing MyAleph’s daily operations?

Fanny Marcus: Don’t forget that I am a mother, wife, and dog mom! Haha! It’s beautiful chaos
and no two days are the same. I try my best to stay calm and organized.

Looking forward, where do you see MyAleph in the next five years, and what are your long-term goals for the brand?

Fanny Marcus: Our goal is to be on the must-have lists of all fashionistas. We want to be the go-to
accessory brand for women all around the world. MyAleph is the epitome of
good energy, and we would love the women who support us to feel that energy
when they wear our brand.

Lastly, is there a specific mantra, quote, or affirmation that you hold close to your heart?

Fanny Marcus: “I radiate positive energy, embrace each moment with gratitude, and inspire
others with kindness and strength.”

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