How to Stay Energized When Working Crazy Hours

Stay Energized

We’re all busy, but if you’re working to beat a deadline or you’re an entrepreneur – you have a little more on your plate. Late nights, weekend work days, whatever it may be, you probably feel your energy slipping. And it shouldn’t come as a surprise, constantly working without “you” time can be draining and even depressing.

To help with the craziness of it all, we’ve put together five tips to help keep you focused and energized so you can make it to the light at the end of the tunnel.

Tips to Stay Energized

Stay Organized

The easiest way to become overwhelmed is to not have a plan of attack. Not knowing where to start, or what your milestones are can cause you stress out. Taking time to create a game-plan for yourself will be a huge help. List out not only your deadlines, but also milestones along the way. Checking these goals off your list will leave you feeling accomplished and with a visualization of what all you have left to do – which will help you realize it’s totally manageable.

Take “You” Time

Even if you don’t feel like you have spare time to take for yourself, make time. It’s hugely important that you don’t forget yourself in the madness. Wake up early, make breakfast, go for a short workout where you can be alone with your thoughts, and then dive into the workday. That extra time of zen will help power you through the day.

Reward Yourself

Been eyeing that super cute dress? Maybe a piece of jewelry or a stylish new handbag? Rewarding yourself can help give you that little extra push you need to make it to your next milestone and help you feel like it’s all worth it at the same time.

Find An Accountability Partner

You’re not alone. Your co-workers, your friends and your family all have goals and deadlines they’re trying to meet too. Schedule a dinner with them on Friday night to celebrate your progress during the week, and to define your goals for the following week. Outside support and motivation can be a great source of fuel when you feel like you might be about to hit empty.

Stay Positive

Complaining can be toxic. While it’s good to vent and voice your frustrations, too much negativity can take its toll on you and everyone around you. Feel like you’re ready to break and nothing is working right? Take a walk to get a fresh cup of coffee and return back to your desk and watch a few funny videos online. The caffeine boost and the laughs will have a smile back on your face in no time.

I always like to remind people that the definition of crazy is doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results. If you want to stay energized, and quite frankly sane, during your crazy schedule – then it’s important to find what works best for you. Make changes and stay motivated.

How do you stay energized when life and/or work gets crazy? We’d love to hear your tips!

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