5 Morale-Boosting Ideas for Your Team

morale-boosting ideas

Employee morale is directly linked to productivity and performance. If you boost the mood at work, you’ll be able to increase employee retention and create a committed, happy team. It’s always essential to build a positive environment as it will benefit both your staff and your business. You’ll cultivate more valuable, trusting relationships, and strong company culture. If you’re looking for ways to lift the mood in the office, or remotely, here are five morale-boosting ideas for your team.

Invest in wellness training

Many companies are investing in virtual wellness programs in order to increase overall awareness. There are different aims according to the program you choose. Subjects can include, encouraging openness about mental illness, stress-relief techniques, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. These programs are designed to help you prioritize the general health and wellness of your staff.

Organize fun team-building activities

Team-building activities are the classic choice to boost morale, but you want to organize ones that are actually fun. There are several factors to consider when planning team-building activities. As well as being enjoyable they also need to be inclusive. It’s vital to plan an activity that everyone can take part in. Fortunately, there are also plenty of options for both in-person and remote teams. Here are some examples of more fun Corporate and Team Building Activities. Get your staff involved in planning activities, and give them the opportunity to input ideas.

Offer professional development opportunities

Employee satisfaction is often the key to morale, so always remember to empower your employees. Let them make their voices heard and listen to their professional goals. You can then offer them more opportunities such as tailored training courses in order to achieve these. Your staff needs to feel valued in order to maintain their interest at work. This will in turn help to boost employee retention and morale overall. Hold regular feedback sessions with your employees and speak to them about their ideas and any opportunities they may be interested in.

Encourage active commuting

If possible, try to encourage healthier habits relating to work. You could set up a bike to work scheme or offer more flexible options for those who are able to cycle or walk to work. There are many mental health benefits of active commuting. Starting the day with physical exercise will give your team an energy boost and improve their mood. Sitting in traffic often has the opposite effect. Lead by example and consider active alternatives for commuting to work. 

Coffee mornings and catch-ups

There are several benefits of a virtual coffee morning with colleagues, especially if you’re all working remotely. It’s a way to touch base before you start the day and to go over important tasks. You can also update your staff on your progress in particular projects, and reward them for a job well done. Maintaining this level of engagement, even in a more casual setting, will help to boost morale. It will also help to strengthen the relationships between other remote colleagues. 

We hope these morale-boosting ideas help get you started! If you have more ideas or activities that you’ve tried with your team, please let us in the comment section below!

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