December Horoscopes

Are you ready for your December Horoscopes? 2020 only has one month left (thank God!), and this month brings some incredible opportunities to seize before 2021 arrives! This month provides the opportunity for reflection, self-care, and reconnecting with loved ones.

If you don’t fully relate to your horoscope and this could be because you don’t know your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs. Knowing all three is essential and can be a factor as to what your month will bring. Don’t know what your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs are? Find out here.

December Horoscopes for 2020

Horoscopes 2020 Sagittarius


December is a month of ups and downs, challenges, and obstacles. Things will be up in the air and may not always fall on a positive note. When it comes to your career, take each obstacle one at a time, and work through each situation with care. Don’t take chances if you aren’t prepared for the consequences.

On a personal level, challenges will be everywhere. Be wary of any health conditions that arise. Take care of yourself and seek medical attention if things start to get serious. Make positive lifestyle changes and try to focus on staying upbeat. Once you begin to focus on happier things, your situation will start to improve.

Horoscopes 2020 Capricorn


The world is at your fingertips. Set your course and full speed ahead. Your financial well-being is on track, and your career is moving forward. Set your sights on your goals and take the first steps to achieve them. You are well on your way to claiming your prize and earning that promotion.

Your health and emotional well-being are also in good standing. Personal affairs, if you are in a committed relationship, are well in hand. Have confidence in yourself and your abilities. With a little determination, you will be able to overcome any challenge you face. Go through life with a smile!

Horoscopes 2020 Aquarius


Your independent nature will serve you well. Being able to work well on your own means that you can forge ahead when others fall behind. Working by yourself all the time can get lonely, however. Take the time to bring along a few of your most trusted confidants and let them share some of the glory.

As far as your home life, take things one day at a time. Focus on the little things, and don’t let small challenges turn into large obstacles. The world is yours to enjoy, so take a long walk and enjoy the things you see along the path. Embrace your loved ones, and focus on the future.

Horoscopes 2020 Pisces


Pisces will experience both exhilarating ups and turbulent downs. Conflicts may lead to stressful encounters at both work and at home. Self-reliance rules and taking care of important matters on your own will be of the utmost importance. When it comes to your financial security, you are the one in charge.

Your personal life will be full of intrigue and excitement. Seek out people from other cultures. Learn as much as you can about different faiths and spiritual matters. Who knows? You may find the love of your life or at least make a few new friends. Life is meant to be enjoyed, so live it to the fullest!

Horoscopes 2020 Aries


For an Aries, December is all about money. You will be able to go over your portfolio and take an honest look at your investments and the planning methods you are using. Shaking things up a little might just what you need. With a bit of research, you will be able to uncover safe investing methods to help you in the long run.

Although the month may start a little on the chaotic side, you will be able to focus more on your financial and personal goals as the days pass. Your personal goals may be taking a backseat as you rework your finances, but everything will continue to move forward if you stay focused on the positive.

Horoscopes 2020 Taurus


December will bring plenty of changes for Taurus individuals. Two eclipses during December will be the catalyst for positive change. When it comes to matters of the heart, all of the things you have been worried about will come to light. Negativity will be released, and you will be able to move forward in a more positive and rewarding manner.

When it comes to finances, others in your household may have the opportunity to get themselves back on track financially. This will allow you to focus more fully on your own financial well-being and actually improve your state of affairs when it comes to money and investing goals.

Horoscopes 2020 Gemini Gemini

December is the time for Gemini individuals to shine. Take advantage of career opportunities. Your financial outlook is on point and, with a few sound investments, your portfolio will have what it needs to continue to grow. Stay focused on your professional goals, and the new year will continue to look up.

Love is in the air! Relationships that have started to lose their zing will begin to perk up. Identifying flaws and taking the time to improve them should be the goal for the month. Turn on the charm and let your personality shine. If you’re unattached, now is the perfect opportunity to take a chance on a new love.

Horoscopes 2020 Cancer


If Cancer individuals want to maintain their growth over the last few months, going it alone is not the answer. Collaborate with co-workers and join the team. Work with others that share the same goals that you do. Cooperation is the key and will get you further ahead than if you chased your dreams on your own.

When it comes to your personal life, go with the flow, and let things happen as they should. Forcing a situation may swing it out of your favor. Use a little tact and turn on the charm. Your personality will speak for itself. Give yourself a chance to put your best foot forward and have a little fun.

Horoscopes 2020 Leo


Your financial state of affairs will be in for a shock. Look at your investments and the methods in which you handle your money. Explore new financial strategies and make changes that you feel are necessary to maintain the financial growth you have been working toward. Things will continue to move in a positive direction if you stay focused.

Your personal life is also ready for a few changes. Lighten up a little. Try a new hairstyle. Give yourself a makeup and find a new attitude. Transform yourself into something new and exciting. The results will give you a new outlook. A renewed sense of motivation can mean fun and exciting times for the family.

Horoscopes 2020 Virgo


December’s focus should be on your well-being, both physical and psychological. Concentrate on the family and make their needs your top priority. Take a good look at what has been going on within the family dynamic and do whatever is needed to make sure your family is taken care of. Follow your emotional lead and do what is needed to feel secure and at peace.

Your professional life and career goals are coming in second this month. While they shouldn’t be completely ignored, your forward progress will carry on the momentum you have worked to build up. Take the energy you usually spend on your career and give your family the boost it needs.

Horoscopes 2020 Libra


Two eclipses throughout December will influence much of what Libra individuals do. This is a time when special care must be taken when dealing with marital issues over financial matters and spiritual affairs. Don’t upset the harmony of your relationship by letting squabbles get out of hand.

If you are single, this is a time to enjoy friendships and avoid looking for a long-term partner. By the middle of the month, you will want to sharpen your focus on your studies if you are a student. Personal matters will need to be closely examined as well, especially in areas where there may have been some trust issues in the past.

Horoscopes 2020 Scorpio


Scorpio individuals can look forward to many positive changes across the board in December. Your financial outlook will continue to improve, and your career will experience new growth. Opportunities will present themselves. Financial stability may also be in your future if you play your cards right.

Your family affairs will go smoothly on the home front if you pay attention to the little things. Things may seem out of control at times, but everything will work out in the end. Even if you’re single, you will be able to make the most out of any situation. Flash your smile and let your charisma take over.

We hope these December horoscopes give you a little extra motivation for the month ahead! Have a wonderful holiday season, and be sure to keep checking back for your monthly horoscopes in 2021!

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