To Our Community: Our First Initiative in Support of Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

Dear Women’s Business Daily Readers,

I’ve learned a considerable amount in the last week from the Black Lives Matter movement. And I’m grateful to have the conversations I’m having and to have the opportunity to educate myself. I want to do everything I can to personally have an impact, but I also want to use Women’s Business Daily to amplify these conversations. We must keep having them. We must be vocal against racism, make donations to organizations that can help, sign petitions, talk with our families and friends about race, amplify the messages of black activists, and VOTE.

I wanted to take a moment to share with you our first step in getting involved outside of our social media posts. Posting on social media isn’t enough – we know this. As I thought about that fact earlier this week, and the importance of how we at WBD can keep the conversation going, we started to put together a new article series to share the stories of African-American female entrepreneurs in their own words. It’s the first of many initiatives that we will lead in our on-going support of Black Lives Matter, and it will be launching later this month.

Since 2007, the number of businesses owned by African-American women has grown by 164%. However, minority women are being shut out when it comes to access to capital. Only 2.2% of venture capital funding went to women in 2018 and that less than .1% of funding has been allocated to Black women since 2009.

If you are an African-American female who owns your own brand, is trying to raise capital, or has a story to share about your career, please reach out to us. We would be honored to share your story, spotlight your journey, and amplify your message.

We stand with you, and we will help.

With love and respect,

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Emily Sprinkle, also known as Emma Loggins, is a designer, marketer, blogger, and speaker. She is the Editor-In-Chief for Women's Business Daily where she pulls from her experience as the CEO and Director of Strategy for Excite Creative Studios, where she specializes in web development, UI/UX design, social media marketing, and overall strategy for her clients.

Emily has also written for CNN, Autotrader, The Guardian, and is also the Editor-In-Chief for the geek lifestyle site


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