How to Get Motivated

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How to Get Motivated

After five days of kicking butt, it’s sometimes hard to stay motivated after 5:00pm and over the weekend. How do you muster up the energy to get more done after you’ve spent eight hours working?

Instead of spending the weekend scrolling through social media and getting nothing done, it’s time to super-charge and stay motivated to productively tackle your weekend.

Recharge With Friends and Family

Sometimes dealing with clients and coworkers can leave you drained. This exhaustion with human contact can lead to a lack of motivation. While we might think it’s a good idea to hide under the covers and shut out the world, that might not help you recharge.

Find people who inspire you and spend time with them. Whether you’re having e-tea time with an aunt in another state or a wine and cheese night with a friend, spending time with people you love can help you focus on the positive and give you the social energy to speak with the type of people who drain you.

Get Some Good Endorphins

Everyone always talks about what an important role exercise plays in energy levels, but after working long hours five days a week, exercise could be the last thing you want to do.

While it might seem impossible to squeeze in a long run, even fifteen minutes of mindful yoga could recharge you. Use a free app like Inner Timer to pick from thousands of meditations and stretch lightly to get your blood flowing.

These small steps could have long term benefits and get your feeling motivated for a more productive week.

Start the Day Right

The way you start your morning will impact the rest of your day. Setting goals, picking a mantra, and doing a bit of journaling will help you center yourself.

If you start the day rushed and stressed, the day will only continue to go downhill, leaving you feeling unmotivated and upset.

If you start the day by saying:

  • My goal today is to do ___;
  • I am strong, powerful, and capable;

You will have these positive thoughts to lean back on when you start to lose your motivation flow.

Journaling will help you actualize your thoughts, giving you a way to organize yourself and take control of an overwhelming situation.

Go, Fight, Win (But First, Self-Care)

Sometimes getting back on your feet and getting motivated means spending the weekend shutting off your phone and hiding away from the world.

But this can’t be your only coping mechanism.

Stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new could give you the energy you need to conquer the next week.

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