From Blog to Brand: Emily Sanchez’s Journey with Classy Casita

Meet Emily Sanchez, the force behind the successful Latinx-owned brand Classy Casita.

Born and raised in Southern California, Emily’s brand Classy Casita is deeply influenced by her rich cultural heritage and the values instilled by her immigrant parents from Mexico. Starting as a blog back in 2019, Emily shared her passion for plants and home décor, which quickly resonated with a broader audience.

Today, Classy Casita extends beyond the confines of a website, with its stylish and personalized products available at major retailers such as Home Depot, Walmart, and Amazon. Nothing captures the diversity and vibrancy of Emily’s work more than her commitment to staying connected with her followers, offering them insights from her personal and professional world, and even extending her passion into other lifestyle domains like beauty and travel.

Adding a fresh layer to her community engagement, Emily recently launched the Happy Girl Club, a monthly meetup aimed at fostering powerful connections among women through shared experiences and mutual support. This venture not only speaks volumes about her commitment to her community but also showcases her dedication to promoting happiness and well-being.

Check out our full interview with Emily below.

Emily Sanchez of Classy Casita
Emily Sanchez / Credit: Lindy Lin Photography

Can you share the story of Classy Casita’s humble beginnings and its evolution into a thriving brand?

Emily Sanchez: Classy Casita started as a blog and hobby where I shared my love for plants and home decor. When I first started, I felt it could become more than just a blog because I knew I loved product and brand development. It soon became a fun project, and it developed into a brand within my personal brand. I love the fact that I can share more insights into the business on social media as well because it makes my brand a lot more personable.

How did your immigrant heritage influence the mission and values of Classy Casita?

Emily Sanchez: My parents migrated from Mexico, and I was always taught and saw firsthand from my parents about the importance of hard work. Not only that, but I strongly believe that as a child of immigrants, you want to succeed in everything you do because our parents did everything in order for us to have a good life. So, having the opportunity to turn my hobbies into a career, and the hobby is something that keeps me connected to my family and Mexican heritage, is so amazing, and I am so grateful for that!

What challenges did you face as a Latinx entrepreneur in the home décor and lifestyle market?

Emily Sanchez: When I first started creating content, I didn’t notice many other Latinx creators or entrepreneurs in the home and lifestyle market. It’s definitely something that has improved. And I’m so happy about that because it has allowed the Latinx community to be ourselves and be more expressive. I remember when I first started, I would be hesitant to share some of my lifestyles because I didn’t think many people would resonate with it, but as I shared more about myself and became more authentically me online, that’s when my Latinx community found me online. And I truly felt like I was making some positive impact.

Emily Sanchez of Classy Casita
Emily Sanchez / Credit: Lindy Lin Photography

How do you balance the demands of expanding into new markets like plant care, travel, and healthy living while remaining true to your brand’s core?

Emily Sanchez: It’s an interesting balance. But I learned that I cannot stick to anything too niche when it comes to my content. I want my audience and future customers to know who I am in many aspects and more as just a business owner and entrepreneur. I feel I balance things by making sure I share a little bit here and there of each niche and part of my life so that one thing doesn’t overpower another.

Could you talk about the importance of cultural representation in your products and branding?

Emily Sanchez: This is so important for the Latinx community because it truly is a way to bond with one another and connect instantly. Something as simple as using Spanish or Spanglish will instantly let people know that I am Latinx, and even if they aren’t themselves, the branding and products are still meant for everyone to enjoy. As I mentioned, it’s a great way for my audience and customers to instantly know who they are either purchasing from or consuming content from, so it makes for a stronger connection.

What strategies have been most effective in engaging and growing your community through Classy Casita?

Emily Sanchez: Definitely being my authentic self. It’s amazing how you can connect with others who you didn’t realize could have so much in common with you.

Emily Sanchez of Classy Casita
Emily Sanchez / Credit: Lindy Lin Photography

What inspired the launch of the Happy Girl Club, and what do you hope it achieves?

Emily Sanchez: Happy Girl Club was inspired by my audience! Girls often reach out for tips on how to meet people and express how they loved seeing me and my friends always out and about doing fun things together. So my idea was to create this women’s social club where girls of all ages can come together. Do some fun activities in a relaxed environment and create memories that spark that Happy Girl Moment. My goal is for Happy Girl Club to grow and have more chapters in major cities so more women can find a safe space to bond and create long-lasting friendships.

How do you see Classy Casita evolving over the next five years?

Emily Sanchez: I hope to see Classy Casita as more of a full lifestyle brand. Right now, my main products have been my plant care products. However, I would really love to expand into more home decor and lifestyle products that stay authentic to my Latinx heritage. I also want my blog within my shop to evolve and have my website be a reference to other things you may be interested in learning about and have it be relatable to my demographic of not only the Latinx community but all women who love home decor, travel, and living a happy and healthy lifestyle.

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs who want to follow a path similar to yours?

Emily Sanchez: My advice to any aspiring entrepreneurs is to stick to their authentic selves because that really makes a difference when you want to connect with your audience. People love getting to know the people behind the brand and learning why they do what they do.

Emily Sanchez of Classy Casita
Emily Sanchez / Credit: Lindy Lin Photography

Lastly, is there a specific mantra, quote, or affirmation that you hold close to your heart?

Emily Sanchez: Do what you love. Love what you do.

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