Great At Giving Advice? These Careers Are Perfect For You!

Advice Giving Careers

Do you frequently find yourself giving advice and engaging in lengthy conversations? Have you received compliments for your exceptional advice-giving abilities? If so, you possess a valuable skill that could potentially be transformed into a career. It might be worth considering pursuing a vocation that allows you to utilize your natural talent for giving advice.

If you’re an advice-giver, then maybe one of these careers is perfect for you:

Career Options for Those Good at Giving Advice

Social Worker

A social worker career is a great option because it can take you down so many different paths. You can be a medical social worker, a social worker at a school, or even a mental health social worker. It’s a job that’s built around the idea of sitting with people and giving them continuous advice to help them through difficult periods in their life.

From an academic standpoint, you can take a couple of routes. The obvious one is becoming a Bachelor of Social Work and taking it from there. From here, you could pursue an online MSW to become a Master of Social Work, opening you up to more job opportunities. Or, if you already have a Bachelor’s degree in another field, you could possibly just go straight ahead and pursue a Master’s degree in this field.

Aside from being a good advice-giver, you also need patience, empathy, and excellent problem-solving skills to be a good fit for this type of work.


Another potential career option for those good at giving advice is a counseling job. Counseling is the art of listening to people’s problems and providing them with expert advice on how to solve those problems or work through them.

You’ll need to possess empathy, active listening, and critical thinking skills for this to be a good fit for you. Plus, you should be prepared to deal with a wide range of issues.

Most counseling positions require you to possess a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology or a related field in order to practice as an independent professional.


Being a therapist is the next career option. You might be wondering the difference between a counselor and a therapist. A counselor tends to offer short-term care, whereas a therapist usually offers long-term care.

A therapist is a mental health professional that helps people work through emotional, psychological, and social issues. You will need a Master’s degree in psychology or a related field, in addition to being licensed or certified depending on your state regulations. And similar to counseling, you will need empathy, active listening, and problem-solving skills.

Life Coach

Being a life coach may sound the most intriguing, as you probably feel like a bit of a life coach to many of your friends and family! It’s a role that involves helping people overcome barriers in their life that may stop them from achieving their goals. A lot of business managers have found their success thanks to life coaches!

The interesting thing about this job is that no degrees directly relate to this line of work. Instead, you can take various courses that give you the title of a life coach and certify you as such.

You should (obviously) be good at giving advice, but you also need to be good at asking questions that help people open up about potential hidden issues in their psyche.

Good advice is something that everyone values and seeks out. There are several careers you can pursue if you have a talent for giving great advice, such as the ones above. If helping and advising others is something you’re passionate about, consider exploring these careers further!

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