Great At Giving Advice? These Careers Are Perfect For You!

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Do you ever end up having long chats with people all the time? Does everyone always say how good you are at giving advice? If so, then you’re in possession of a precious skill. It makes sense to pursue a career based on the skills you naturally have at your disposal. If you’re an advice-giver, then maybe one of these careers is perfect for you:

Career Options for Those Good at Giving Advice

Use your advice-giving skills to pursue a career!

Social Worker

A social worker career is great option, because it can take you down so many different paths. You can be a medical social worker, a social worker at a school, or even a mental health social worker. It’s a job that’s built around the idea of sitting with people and giving them continuous advice to help them through difficult periods in their life.

From an academic standpoint, there are a couple of routes you can take. The obvious one is becoming a Bachelor of Social Work and taking it from there. From here you could pursue an online MSW to become a Master of Social Work which would open you up to more job opportunities. Or, if you already have a Bachelor’s degree in another field, you can possibly just go straight ahead and pursue a Masters in this field.

Aside from being a good advice-giver, you also need patience, empathy, and excellent problem-solving skills.


When you think about careers revolving around advice, you probably think about a therapist. This is the ideal job for people who live their life-giving constant advice to friends and family. If people keep coming to you for help with difficult life choices, then this might be a good career option for you.

To go down this path, you should get a Bachelor’s degree in psychology – or a similar subject to this. You could then pursue a relevant Masters to help proceed into a particular field such as being a mental health therapist or a child therapist.

Again, you really need to be empathetic and have a lot of patience to do this job. But, most importantly, you need to have the ability to assess different situations and still give great advice relating to each person you see.

Life Coach

This job may intrigue some of you, as you probably feel like a bit of a life coach to many of your friends! It’s a role that involves helping people overcome barriers in their life that may stop them from achieving their goals. A lot of business managers found their success thanks to life coaches!

The interesting thing about this job is there are no degrees that directly relate to this line of work. Instead, you can take various courses that give you the title of a life coach and certify you as such.

You should (obviously) be good at giving advice, but you also need to be good at asking questions that help people open up about potential hidden issues in their psyche.

The way I see it, why spend loads of money trying to learn about things that you’re not naturally good at. If you have a natural skill – like giving great advice – then look for jobs that relate to it! You may end up with a career you absolutely love rather than one you hate.

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