How Successful Woman Can Accelerate Their Careers In HR

Whether you’re 16 or 60, a career in HR is a very attractive prospect. While it’s not going to turn you into a billionaire, the pay is pretty pleasing. Moreover, the territory comes with far greater stability than many alternative jobs out there. In the current market, this is a major selling point.

The job can be gratifying, especially as you get a chance to enhance the careers of others. Likewise, the knowledge that you play an integral role in driving the company forward can be very rewarding. Not least for those that love the responsibility.

Before worrying too much about helping the team, it’s vital that you plot your personal route to success. Focus on these points below, and you’ll rise to the top of HR in no time.

Develop Strong Communication

Great communication sits at the heart of all modern business activities. Still, those sentiments reach even greater heights when working in the Human Resources department. You simply cannot afford to skip this attribute.

Fail to express things clearly, and mistakes will surface throughout the business. Furthermore, you’ll be at fault. Actively investing in your communication skills is the only way to beat this problem. If working in an international company, learning a second language with Duo Lingo could pay dividends too.

Besides, good communication skills should help you create a bigger network. In turn, this keeps your name in the conversation when opportunities arise either internally or elsewhere. Without that visibility, you will inevitably struggle.

Have A Vision

HR is a fairly broad term regarding career paths. If you’re ever going to take the right pathway to success, you’ll need to know exactly what you’re aiming to achieve. Aside from having the dream job, you should think about the ideas that you wish to incorporate into a company. Letting the employer dictate everything isn’t the only way to tackle the job. As long as your ideas, such as focusing on people, brings increased profits and efficiency, they’ll be happy to let you do it.

It won’t only make the job itself feel more rewarding. The quantifiable successes can be your biggest selling points when seeking a future pay rise or promotion.

Don’t Forget Your Applications

Posting job vacancies and handling the recruitment process could form a significant part of your future role. However, the most important application you’ll ever encounter is yours. Forget this fact at your peril.

Whether you’re starting a new career in HR or merely want to find a better role elsewhere doesn’t matter. Investing in your CV and cover letters can go a long way to making the right first impression. It may be worth setting up a personal blog to share your expertise in the industry. After all, employers will do their research.

With this in mind, it’s equally vital that you learn to take care over your social media posts. Given your role, the company cannot afford to accommodate someone that posts things at conflict with their brand image.

Invest In Your Look


On the concept of making a good first impression, it’s imperative that you look the part too. Employers will judge you on your looks, not least because you are the person that staff members will have to deal with. While you do not need to look like a model, maintaining a professional vibe at all times is essential. This means wearing the right attire as well as using the right beauty rituals.

Whether you like it or not, keeping your body in good shape will unlock greater opportunities too. That’s simply the harsh reality of modern business, and not only in HR.

Embrace The Changing Workspace

The way that business operations are handled has evolved at a rapid rate. Teams can now be split over several premises from various cities. In fact, it’s even possible for the company to hire full-time employees that work exclusively from remote locations. This is the new workforce.

Understanding the DNA of a modern workforce is vital, and a host of new skills must be developed to unlock your full potential. BIt’ll also make you a far better candidate when seeking promotions.

Unfortunately, staying loyal to the outdated ideas and methods will no longer suffice. Besides, embracing the modern approach should keep things more entertaining on a personal level too.

Appreciate Finance

There are many ways to define success in HR. Nonetheless, it’s important to accept that your bosses are primarily focused on money. If you want to implement something that costs, you should look to propose changes that can save money elsewhere. This could include showing projections on how the new concept will pay for itself within a set period of time. Prove that the best interests of the business are in mind, and approval rates will soar.

Using all available tools to make the most of the HR budget is the hallmark of an excellent HR strategist.

Think Outside The Box (Room)

The last thing you want to do in your HR role is to leave staff members feeling intimidated or unable to contact you. In many cases, it’s not even the thought of speaking to a person that drives that fear. Instead, it’s the idea of visiting the HR department.

Whatever the issue might be, most employees dislike HR. Furthermore, they will feel more comfortable in more relaxed surroundings. Rather than forcing them to visit your small workspace, why not attend their workspaces instead? Aside from removing the intimidation, they’ll get to know you in the process. This can only aid those ongoing work relationships.

It’s still worth encouraging an open door policy so that disgruntled employees can actively bring their problems to you. Nonetheless, learning not to restrict interactions to this space could be one of the boldest, smartest moves of all.

Keep Progressing


Once you are settled in a good HR job, it’s very easy to settle for what you have. In reality, striving for more is the key attribute of any career-driven person. Use the one-hour rule to put aside an hour for personal development. This could mean looking at new roles on Indeed or reading articles to gain a new perspective on key items. Either way, doing something productive that means you’re not standing still is crucial for long-term success.

Otherwise, you may find that opportunities pass you by or that you get left behind by others. Nobody is going to put success on a plate. Take greater responsibility today. You won’t regret it.

Aim To Inspire

While creating the best career on a personal level is crucial, there’s no doubt that HR revolves largely around others. Serve them well, and the personal rewards are sure to follow. Above all else, you should want to inspire them at every turn. Do this, and success is assured.

You don’t merely want to enforce the rules. Instead, you should aim to work with employees to help them appreciate the benefits of your presence. This way, you can have a far more significant leadership role. Lead by example, and they’ll naturally work better. If nothing else, the enhanced atmosphere can only have a positive impact.

This won’t go unnoticed by your bosses either, meaning that the rewards you crave should become more likely than ever. When added to the personal satisfaction of doing a great job, your future in HR will be brighter than ever.

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Emily Sprinkle, also known as Emma Loggins, is a designer, marketer, blogger, and speaker. She is the Editor-In-Chief for Women's Business Daily where she pulls from her experience as the CEO and Director of Strategy for Excite Creative Studios, where she specializes in web development, UI/UX design, social media marketing, and overall strategy for her clients.

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