Scorpio Moon: Meaning, Characteristics, and Personality Traits

scorpio moon

In astrology, the moon is the symbol of your emotional self. It relates to hidden aspects of your life – your fears, hopes, and longings. A person with a Scorpio Moon is emotional and caring for the people in their lives — often too much so. They might not always get along with others because of this intensity.

Moon Sign

When you were born, the sun, moon, and stars were aligned in a particular configuration in the sky. Knowing the time and place of your birth helps determine your birth chart (and your rising sign, sun sign, and moon sign), which describes who you are astrologically.

Your moon sign is based on where the moon was when you were born. In order to know your moon sign, you have to know the day, time, and location of where you were born. Astrologists believe that this sign shows your true feelings and self on a deeper level, as the moon sign represents your subconscious, emotions, and instinctive needs.

Since the moon moves into different stages every 2-3 days, people born 2-3 days apart can be totally different, even if they share the same sun sign.

The Scorpio Moon

The Scorpio moon is the eighth sign of the zodiac and it symbolizes deep and intense emotions. A person with this moon in their astrological chart might be perceived as having a dark side that they feel they must hide. They are passionate about their desires and might not always show them in the best light.

Scorpios Moons tend to be guarded around others for fear of being hurt. They feel safest when they have a sense of control, so it takes time before they allow anyone to see behind the mask they wear for the world. They crave deep intimacy with others, and when finally find that relationship, protect that connection fiercely by building walls against outsiders trying to get too near.

As the only fixed water sign, Scorpios protect themselves at all cost. Their intuition and intensity are unmatched by any other zodiac sign.

They are also secretive people who will go to great lengths to keep those they love safe from harm or suspicion of wrongdoing – but this can come across as possessiveness that borders on paranoia. However, this doesn’t mean that individuals who have their moon in Scorpio aren’t capable of being loyal friends who will stand up for what’s right, no matter what kind of pressure or criticism comes their way.

Scorpio Moon Personality Traits

  • Passionate – They’re intense about life. It’s all or nothing. They’re also extremely emotional, immensely loving, and caring.
  • Jealous – When it comes to love, they don’t like sharing their partner with anyone else.
  • Suspicious – They’re always wondering what everyone else is up to.
  • Goals of Perfection – They hate feeling anything less than perfect: both literally and figuratively. For example, they like when their clothes fit well and they hold high standards for their own and others’ achievements.
  • Determined – Once they set their minds on something, it’s hard to dissuade them from going after that goal.
  • Powerful – They enjoy being in positions of power. They not only want to make sure things get done, but they also appreciate the authority and status that comes with being in charge.
  • Secretive – It’s hard to get close to them. It takes time to earn their trust, but once you have, they’ll keep you guarded and protected in the same way they guard themselves.
  • Moody – They can be unpredictable when it comes to their moods.

Full Moon in Scorpio

The Scorpio full moon is a powerful time for transformation. This celestial event can be a positive experience if you know what to expect. It’s often associated with deep emotional experiences and intense feelings of passion. So it’s important that you get grounded and take care of yourself.

When the moon is in Scorpio, there’s palpable sexuality in the air. For individuals in strong and committed relationships, this time presents an opportunity for a deeper sense of trust and sensuality. Take advantage of this opportunity to further strengthen your bond with your loved one.

The Most Intense of All Moon Signs

A Scorpio Moon is the most intense of all moon signs. Though some may see a Scorpio as bossy or demanding, these people are actually very sensitive and empathetic. This can make it difficult to say “no” when someone around them needs help.

If you’re looking for more detailed information, use our birth chart calculator to generate a free personalized birth report for yourself.

If you were born with the moon in Scorpio, we hope this article helped you to understand your emotional self a little better. And if you’re looking for how to channel that intensity into a successful career – you’ve come to the right place!

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