How to Measure Ring Size and Find the Perfect Fit

Finding your ring size can be daunting if you don’t know where to start. But we have a few tips to help you measure ring size and get the right fit!

A quick note, most jewelry stores will measure your ring size for you at no cost to you, and you can rest assure that their ring sizer is accurate. But if it’s something you rather do in the privacy of your own home (without pushy sales people around), then we’ve got you covered below.

Fun fact: The most common ring sizes for women are a size 6 and 7.

Find Your Ring Size At Home

There are a few ways to measure ring size at home. The first option is using the string method, and it’s as easy as you think:

String and Ruler Method: The string method is the most popular. To do this, you need to wrap the string (dental floss also works great) or a strip of paper around the base of your finger. Mark the spot where the end meets back up to the start of the string. Then measure the length from one end to the other with the ruler in millimeters.

Use our ring size chart below to find the perfect size.

Note: If your knuckle is larger than the base of your finger, make sure you measure your knuckle as well and go with a size that is in between the two measurements.

Ring Method: The ring method is just as easy. Using a ring you currently own, measure the inside diameter of the ring in millimeters with either a ruler or a piece of string wrapped around it. Use the chart below to find the perfect size.

Ring Size Chart

Buy A Ring Sizer: Amazon sells everything, including ring sizers. So if you want to be 100% sure you know your ring size (and you don’t want to go to a store to find out), you can order a ring sizer directly from Amazon.

Note: Make sure you measure your finger where the ring will go. This may seem obvious, but it never hurts to be sure. If it’s an engagement ring, it traditionally will go on your left ring finger.

Things to Keep In Mind When Measuring Ring Size

Cold Weather

Cold weather can cause your fingers to shrink. Whereas warmer temperatures can cause your fingers to be larger. Generally speaking, make sure your hands are warm and dry when you measure, that way you can be sure it will fight correctly and comfortably.

Note: Your fingers tend to swell after you’ve exercised or after you’ve had alcohol.

Time of Day

It’s recommended that you measure your finger at the end of the day versus the morning. Keep in mind that your fingers change size throughout the duration of the day.

Time of the Month

Approaching your period (and during your period), your fingers can swell. Your ring size may be different during these days of the month.

Left or Right Hand?

Your dominant hand will also be slightly larger, so don’t assume that a ring you wear on your right index finger will also fit your index finger on your left hand.

Whether it’s a gift for yourself or even wedding rings you’re in the market for (in which case, congrats!), we hope this guide has helped you determine your ring size and that you find a ring that fits! And if you are in the market for wedding bands, we highly recommend ordering a ring sizer from Amazon, for less than $10 dollars, it’s the best way to be sure you’ll have the perfect fit.

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