Incorporating Recycled Goods Into Your Workplace


If you own your own business, you have complete control over the goods that you purchase for your workplace. If you are an employee, you may not have this same level of control, but you can always make suggestions to people in authority positions. Either way, it’s about time that you start thinking about some recycled alternatives to the products that are brought into the workplace. After all, if we’re going to make an effort to reduce our footprint and help the planet in our own homes, the workplace should follow suit. So, here are a few ideas to get you started!

Play Areas

Increasing numbers of workplaces are incorporating creches or some other sort of childcare facilities into their framework. This is brilliant, as it helps to support parents with young kids during times when they might struggle to find childcare elsewhere. But when you need to keep little kids occupied for the day, you’re going to need some sort of play equipment. A lot of the time this is plastic, as plastic is easy to clean and wipe down (and kids can be extremely messy). So seeing as it has to be plastic, why not invest in play materials made out of recycled plastic?
Recycled Paper

Regardless of what your workplace specializes in, chances are that you’re going to make your way through an awful lot of paper. While almost all forms of paper are biodegradable, obtaining new paper involves cutting down forests, which contributes to deforestation. Instead, why not purchase recycled papers? This means that the paper you use has been used at least once before, but has been remade into new sheets. Once you’re done with your own paper waste, make sure to recycle this too! You’ll essentially kick-start a cycle where everything you write on and print on is never brand new and doesn’t contribute towards the habitat destruction that comes hand in hand with cutting down trees.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Most companies have to post some sort of goods out to other locations. Whether you work for a company that actively sells goods or a company that merely posts out correspondence of sorts. But when’s the last time you thought about how green the packaging you used really is? Chances are you just use whatever is most convenient and easy to access. We’re all guilty of using plenty of bubble wrap, plastic bags, and tape. But there are alternatives out there. Why not consider Jiffy Green bags? They pad the package out with natural materials rather than plastic containing air. These also replace the plastic mailing bags that people tend to be so fond of. Alternatively, use recycled brown parcel paper and string.

These are just a few different ways that you might be able to incorporate recycled goods into your workplace. But there are plenty more out there. Just be proactive. Wherever you see plastic, try to find a way to replace it. Whatever you throw away, work out a way to recycle it. It’s as simple as that!

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