5 Tips For Hiring New Employees For Your Small Business


Hiring new employees for your business can create anxiety. This is because you are bringing in someone new, and you want them also to value your business as you do. Also, you want to take a chance on someone who you feel will help your business grow. So how exactly can you be sure that you are hiring the right person for the job? Here are a few tips:

Check Certifications

When you are hiring, the first thing that you will need to check is their certificates. A certificate verifies that your potential hire has been trained for the job. If you hire someone who does not have the right certificates, you will be assigning them tasks, but they do not know where to start. This will create a strained relationship at work and reduce functionality and performance in the long run. No matter the type of job, potential hires need to have undergone some training. Even before someone is certified to service gas lines and natural appliances, they will need some advanced training. Your business is your livelihood, and to avoid running it down, always find people certified for the job.

Understand the Law Regarding Employees

There are labor laws that govern the workplace. When hiring, you need to be aware of such laws to avoid getting sued. Before dismissing someone, you will need to have a good reason. You will be required to discuss with your employee, explaining to them the reason for their dismissal. You are also required to give them a minimum of one-week prior notice before letting them go. Always have a contract ready stating the terms of the employment. Research on the right pay for someone in that position, then settle on the salary. Also, it is crucial to openly communicate with your employees on your expectations so that you both work on achieving the same goal.

Use Your Network

Use social media apps to find new employees. The most common social network for career professionals and businesses is LinkedIn. The app has over 500 million members from all over the world. You can use it to narrow down candidates with the particular skills that you need. You can also check on their hobbies to get an idea of their personality and whether they are fit for the position. Social media also helps you filter out undesirable candidates. You can learn someone’s character from their social media post. Use it to filter off candidates you do not find suitable for the position.

Interview Like a Pro

Prepare for the interview session. Show up on time and make the candidate feel comfortable. When asking questions, go beyond the usual ‘why should I hire you?’ question. Dig deep but also maintain boundaries. You can ask about their former work environment and how it has contributed to their career growth. If you have flagged anything odd in their resumes, ask them about it. You can ask about the period gap that has not been accounted for and what they were up to. You will also need to work on your listening skills so that the candidate feels encouraged to keep talking.

Make Sure you Have the Right Insurance

There are risks involved when it comes to hiring employees for your business. In case the employee slips and falls, they might sue you for negligence. You need to protect yourself by taking insurance that will cover any cost related to the injury. It has been estimated that about 22% of slip/fall incidents will lead to employees taking over 31 days off work. That means that should your employees be injured for more than a month; they will not be coming to work. It would be best if you find a way to cover for that.

When it comes to hiring, you need to make the best decisions that will ensure your business’s growth. Even when you get a suitable candidate, make a point of retaining employees. It helps you on saving the recruiting cost.

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