3 Examples of Successful Employer Branding At Top Organizations

The concept of the world becoming a global village has been around for decades now. However, there hasn’t been a time when the world has been as connected as it is, and it’s expected to get even more connected. 

As the world gets more connected, access to talent has become much more competitive as top organizations seek to hire and retain top talent from any part of the world. 

As a result, employer branding has become just as important as marketing, and companies are investing in creating a reputation that will attract and keep top talent.

What Is Employer Branding? 

Employer branding refers to the efforts made by an organization to improve the face of the organization as a great place to work. Some employers confuse employer branding with an employee value proposition, but there is a distinct difference between the two. 

An employee value proposition is an organization’s promise to an employee in return for a commitment to work with the organization. On the other hand, employer branding, often done through branding videos and pictures, is a promise made to everyone who comes into contact with the brand to let them understand what to expect when working for the organization.

Examples of Top Organizations That Excel at Employer Branding

  1. Google 

Google is a global leader in the tech world. That said, it is a dream employer for many people in the tech industry. On average, Google receives over three million resumes yearly, but there may not be many slots to fill in a year. 

With so many people looking to work for Google, you would think they would not care much about employer branding. This would only be true if they were looking for average talent. Google makes public its perks to employees to attract top talent despite the negative press it gets consistently. 

Some of the most outstanding perks offered by Google to employees include generous parental leave policies, generous 401k plans, onsite wellness activities, three gourmet meals a day, and continued employee learning and growth. 

  1. Starbucks 

Starbucks is a Seattle-born coffee giant that has become a household name in America. Starbucks has a fine resume in the world of most admired companies, earning itself a spot in the top ten list in Fortune’s 2022 list. 

The company’s performance as an admired employer doesn’t just happen. They invest quite a lot in creating an online presence. The company uses its vast online reach to showcase its employees sharing their authentic experiences at the company, which serves two purposes: attract new talent and showcase a culture that is appealing to customers, which keeps customers flowing. 

The company has, over the years, been a great advocate for inclusivity in all its branches, which means top talent from all colors, genders, and sexual orientations find it a safe environment to work in. 

  1. Microsoft 

Microsoft is another world leader in the tech industry that makes it to the list of companies with the most excellent employer branding strategies. Its strategy rides on its exceptional social media presence across all platforms. 

A great example is Instagram, where the company has over three million followers, which it uses to share with its audience important company updates and a sneak peek into the company’s work culture. 

The company also has an employee-run blog that gives its employees a platform to showcase their experiences working at the company and what the company is all about, which paints the company in a positive light to prospective candidates. The content doesn’t have to be about Microsoft as a brand; it features several content categories, from cooking to sustainability and skills. 

Final Words 

While you may not be able to offer the perks offered by the companies on this list, you could borrow a leaf from their strategies to use in your organization to stand out from other employers in your field. Remember, your company can only be as great as the quality of your employees. 

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