Which College Course Is Right For Your Career?

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There are certain jobs that require you to have a degree. In other cases, you may not need a college education, however, it could greatly increase your prospects of landing that dream job. 

But just which types of courses should you choose? There are so many colleges, so many subjects, and so many different course variations to choose from that it can be difficult to know where to start. Finding the right college course to aid your career often involves working out your needs and then narrowing down your options. Below are just a few considerations that can help you to find the right course.

Should you take a specific course?

Some industries require candidates to have a specific course in a specific subject. For instance, to become a doctor, you need to have studied a US-recognized Medicine course.

In some cases, when hoping to break into very prestigious companies, it may even help to have a degree at a specific university. This is why Michigan law school continues to be a popular choice among budding lawyers – many of the top law firms may look more highly on a law degree from this college.

Should you go abroad?

A specific course may not be necessary for all industries. For example, while some top recruitment firms prefer you to have a degree, they may not mind which subject this is in – it could be anything from maths to history, so long as you have a college qualification.

Going abroad could allow you to keep your options open. Subjects like maths and English are popular because they can be applied to so many different careers. This may not necessarily be the case with something like marine biology or cloud computing. 

Can you go broad and specialize later?

If you’re unsure whether you want to go broad or specific, consider whether you can take a broad course with the option to specialize later. For example, there are English courses that can allow you to specialize in Journalism or Psychology later. These are a good choice if you do decide you want to specialize in a certain industry at a later date, while still giving you a broad basis to fall back on if that specialist career is not for you.

Should you take a sandwich course?

A sandwich course involves a work placement year on top of your studies. It can be a great way to obtain a college education and obtain work experience, which could be useful when applying to certain jobs that require some experience.

Is a sponsored course an option?

Some companies offer sponsored courses in which they will pay for your studies! These sponsored courses are rare and very competitive but can be worth applying for if you’ve got your heart set on working for a certain company and want to save money on your studies.

Are you eager to get your studies out of the way quickly?

Most college courses are three years, however, there are some colleges that offer accelerated courses lasting only two years. You’ll need to be prepared to cram three years’ worth of studying into years, which could be quite intense. However, ultimately you could obtain your degree faster, which is ideal if you want to get into a specific career fast. 

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