Could You Be Limiting Your Career Chances?


Could you be limiting your career chances? 

Many people do, as they don’t do those things that could help them skip rungs on the career ladder, and they don’t do those things that could help them move into a more fulfilling career. 

So, consider the following, because if they relate to you, it might be that you are knowingly or unknowingly hurting your career chances.

Ways In Which You Might Be Limiting Your Career Chances

1: You are staying in a job because it offers you security

There’s nothing inherently wrong with staying in a job that offers you security. If it makes you feel comfortable, be that for financial or practical reasons, you might be prepared to stay where you are. However, are you happy in your position? Do you feel as if you are moving forward? Or are you unfulfilled? Are you stuck in a rut? Sometimes, you need to take risks if you want to grow in your career, be that in your current industry or in another field entirely. So, ask yourself. Do you really want to be where you are in ten years’ time? If not, do those things that can improve your career chances, such as the next point on this list.

#2: You are reluctant to go back to school

To move up the career ladder or into a new job, you might need to go back to school. We aren’t necessarily talking about a college or university, as there are plenty of online learning opportunities too. However, you might be reluctant to take on a line of study, perhaps because you feel as if you don’t have the time, or because you don’t want to take on any more work. But here’s the thing. You will improve your skillset if you continue learning, and that could get you a promotion or a job in a career that better suits your needs and desires. There are also those courses that could move you into a new field within your career. 

#3: You’re not making the effort at work

If you’re not making the effort at work, chances are, you probably hate your job. This is a sign that you should do something to improve your career chances. But regardless of this, you need to understand that if your work ethic is poor, you are unlikely to move forward in your career. Your boss won’t consider you for a promotion, and they will be unlikely to write a good reference for you if you ever do decide to seek employment elsewhere. So, no matter your personal feelings about the job you are in, start to make more of an effort. Get to work on time, work productively, and focus on quality in all that you do. By making the effort, your boss will notice what you are doing, and they might bump you up the career ladder or write a glowing letter of reference for you in the future. 

Don’t Limit Your Career Chances

So, are you limiting your career chances? If you have related to anything we have said, you might be! Turn things around if you need to, as you will have the opportunity to find fulfillment and happiness if you remove those self-made obstacles that are holding you back.

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